An analysis of the character of Chinese civet cat

       Chinese cihuahua cat is our native cat, which has a history of thousands of years. In the streets, we can see its shadow. Compared with other kinds of cats, what’s the personality of cihuamao? Let’s take a look at the following series.

       Cihuamao’s personality is independent, like sports, very cheerful. If the surrounding environment changes, it will be very sensitive, it depends on the host very high, if it is replaced by a host, its psychology will be hurt. Cihuacat to adult don’t like to play with people very much, but it will always walk in your line of sight. It is a very reserved cat, and full of confidence in itself, very loyal to its master.

       High dependence

       Cihuamao has an independent personality and is fond of sports. If the surrounding environment changes, it will be very sensitive and highly dependent on its owner. If it is given a new owner, its psychology will be hurt. (keeping civet cats needs perseverance)

       Loyalty to the master

       Although the new year’s cat doesn’t like playing with people very much, it will still walk in your sight at any time. It is an implicit animal, and confident in itself, very loyal to its owner, so if you like such a pet, then it will be your first choice.

       In the family, the problem of feeding civet cat is very simple. It does not need anything else, as long as there is very clean water and suitable rations for it, which is the prerequisite for its happy life. Cats have evolved over thousands of years, and ordinary ailments won’t trap them, because they have very high self-regulation ability and immunity.

What are the habits of puppet cat

       Muppet cat is a kind of cat with relatively large body size and weight. It is also a kind of sticky cat. They are gentle and quiet, friendly to people, and patient, so many people think they lack pain. In addition, the shape of the puppet cat is also very beautiful, a mufei cat named muffie is loved by many people because of its appearance. However, generally speaking, the price of Muppets is not cheap, which requires a certain economic basis.

       Muppets are gentle, quiet and sociable. They can get along well with dogs. And the call is gentle, emotional, loving, like to be accompanied by people, very friendly to people. The whole body is particularly flabby and soft, with strong tolerance for pain, so even if they are slightly injured, we may not be able to see anything unusual in their behavior. For Muppet cats, it’s not suitable to take them out to play. They are usually kept indoors. They can live in peace with children, dogs and the elderly, and they like to be with human beings very much. They will greet their owners at the door and follow them around. They need some time to take care of them. Therefore, if you are a busy office worker and don’t have much time to accompany them, you’d better not choose to raise this breed, otherwise it may make the cat feel too lonely and suffer from depression. In addition, puppet cats generally like to play on the ground, and are not keen on jumping up and down.

       Muppets are extremely gentle and lack of instinct to protect themselves, so they are more suitable for indoor breeding. In general, they should be sterilized and provided with appropriate living environment, such as equipped with cat scratch board to adapt to their scratching habits. These are the basic conditions for maintaining their health, longevity and happiness.

       Muppets are very considerate of their owners’ busy life rhythm, so they lick and comb their own silky hair of medium length. If you want to comb their hair, you can use a steel needle to comb, but most puppet cats do not need to comb. They rarely shed their hair, they rarely have hair balls, they are elegant and eager to please people.

       Puppet cats are good at pleasing their owners, and they are always inseparable from their owners. This kind of cat is very quiet, but also likes to play with toys and like to participate in the daily life of the family. It is a strict indoor cat. They are highly artificially bred. They are not suitable for survival in the wild and are not suitable for outdoor free breeding.

       Muppets are a late maturing breed. Their coat color is at least 2 years old, and their body and weight are at least 4 years old. The whole body of the newborn kitten is white. After a week, the color of the face, ears and tail of the kitten began to change. The fur did not stabilize until the age of 2, and it was not fully grown until 3-4 years old.

       Generally speaking, puppet cat has a gentle character, a more sticky personality and a more outstanding appearance. Because of their docile character, they don’t know how to resist, so it is easy to suffer losses if they are raised separately. Therefore, it is recommended to keep them indoors. Spend more time with them, which will make your relationship more intimate.

Brief introduction of Muppet cat

       Puppet cat is also called bradol cat, doll cat, doll cat, Latin scientific name is ragdoll. Although the size and weight of Muppets are the largest of all cats, they are really quite gentle and big. They are very friendly to human beings and can be tolerant even in the face of children’s fighting, so puppet cats are favored by many families.

       The origin of the Muppet cat is the United States. It was bred in the 1960s by ANN Baker, a woman who lives in California. It was recognized in the United States in 1965, and then gradually entered other countries. Puppet cats came into China late, only 10 years ago, but puppet cats became popular in China in a very short time, which is inseparable from their outstanding appearance and excellent personality.

       If you like clingy cats, Muppets are definitely a good choice. They love to be around their owners, and if you’re busy, they won’t disturb you, because Muppets are very soft and most of the time, they keep quiet. At the same time, besides being very friendly to their owners, puppet cats are very friendly to strangers, children and other animals. Therefore, the owner does not have to worry about whether the puppet cat will harm the guests or other animals at home.

       In addition, Muppets are highly adaptable to the city. They can not only endure the hot summer, but also safely spend the cold winter. Because the Muppet cats have no body odor and do not drool, they will not bring much trouble to their owners’ daily life. Moreover, puppet cats have strong trainability. As long as the owner can guide them properly, they will respond accordingly according to the instructions.

       However, the fur of puppet cat is longer, because the owner needs to comb the cat’s hair regularly, which can not only alleviate the situation of cat’s fur flying at home, but also make the cat’s hair more healthy!

What kind of cat is the best

       Raising cats has become a fashion now. Cats talk about hygiene. They don’t have to walk cats like dogs every day. It’s a good pet companion for office workers. However, in the face of what kind of cats to raise, everyone seems to have no idea. The following is a brief introduction of several kinds of cats for your choice and reference.

       First of all, what kind of cat is easy to keep. In everyone’s consciousness, short haired cats are easy to raise because they are not affectable, cheerful, stable, independent, willing to contact with people. This kind of cat is strong, stable personality, strong ability to adapt to the environment, most of the requirements of the breeder is also low, for parents, this type of cat is relatively easy to raise.

       Close to humans, obedient: in this regard, purebred cats have incomparable advantages, because their personality is taken into account when breeding, and only select relatives to breed, so as to ensure that the temperament of each generation of kittens born are basically similar, guarantee that they are very clever, love their owners, and are like good children of big families. However, the breeding of native cats is random, so they have different personalities. In short, they are relatively wild.

       Long cute: the so-called “cute” everyone has their own love, some like big head, some like long hair, some like fat butt, some like thin arms and thin legs. If you have a purebred cat, you can go to CFA’s official website to see the looks of all kinds of purebred cats and choose the one that can most sprout you.

       Strong survival ability, easy to feed: it is generally believed that purebred cats are not as good as native cats. This is because the breeding of purebred cats is a very complicated issue. The closer the pedigree of big cats is, the more likely the kittens born will be weak and sickly. However, if the pedigrees of big cats are far apart, it is difficult to guarantee the pedigree and purity of kittens. Therefore, if you want to raise a healthy and high-quality purebred cat, you must first find a responsible, knowledgeable and capable breeder. This I’m lucky in China.

       If it is recommended simply according to the breed of purebred cat, it is recommended to compare:

       Short hair: American, British, exotic, Scotch, Siamese.

       Long hair: jinjila cat, puppet cat.

       For example, the native cat is a common hybrid cat. This kind of cat doesn’t have any precious lineage, but it has strong body, strong body resistance, no affectation, and cheerful and active personality. Compared with other valuable cats, this kind of cat is more simple and convenient to raise. The most important thing is that the native cat can better adapt to the rough management of parents and better adapt to the changes of environment and life.

       Many people tend to breed cats. In fact, there are advantages and disadvantages in raising cats. Whether it’s pure cats or rural cats, cats bring us the same joy, so we don’t have to worry about it.

The characteristics of Norwegian Forest Cat

       Norwegian Forest cat has two layers of fur. The outer layer is bright, waterproof and easy to dry. The inner layer is soft, fine and warm. The inner coat will fall off in summer. It is similar to the Maine cat in appearance, but in particular, it is an inverted equilateral triangle on the front, which is easy to distinguish from other large fur cats. High IQ, easy to train, like to be close to human beings.

       The character of Norwegian Forest Cat

       Norwegian Forest cat is introverted, independent, intelligent, alert and cautious. It likes to take risks and activities, and is good at catching and climbing trees and climbing rocks. It has the reputation of “capable Hunter”. Therefore, it is not suitable for long-term rearing indoors, and it is better to raise them in families with spacious courtyard and environment.

       Norwegian Forest cat is active and brave. It is almost the only cat that plunges down from a high place facing the ground without fear. Norwegian Forest Cat’s call is very strange. Short sentences are not ordinary “meow”, but bru. Long sentences are more like a mixture of songs, and the names of female and male cats are the same. Male cats are more intermittent, female cats are more coherent. Norwegian Forest cat is very smart, with a little training, it is as smart as a dog. Is a cat doctor who is often used as a pet therapy.

What are the personality traits of pomila

       Maybe even Pamela cats stand in front of you, you don’t know what kind of cats they are, but their elegant temperament and friendly personality will not arouse your disgust. In the absence of their owners, they show a high degree of independence. However, once the owners show up, they may act like kittens to tease their owners. Even if they are adults, this personality will not change.

       Pamela cats are good at communication. For example, they know how to play with their owners. When the owners are happy, they will ask for more touching or snacks. When the owners are angry and not in a high mood, they will let the owners quiet in their own space for a while, and then accompany their owners after a period of time. If the owner has enough time, it is better to have some interaction with pomila every day. If the owner is busy with his work, he should prepare toys for them in advance.

       Pamela’s superb communication skills are also reflected in getting along with children and other animals. Many cats can’t live peacefully with children or other animals, but Pamela is excellent in this respect. Therefore, if there are children or other animals in the family, the owner doesn’t have to worry that they will take the initiative to hurt children or fight endlessly with other animals ¡£

       Pamela cats are also lively cats. They don’t stay in a place for a long time like Persian cats. They like their owners to play with them. If they are at home alone, they will have fun by themselves. In short, they will not let themselves idle for too long.

What kind of cats like to do damage and why? How to stop them

       Petite body, steady pace, quiet and lovely, often whine cat how to think that it is the “king of destruction” at home! Compared with dogs, the cat’s sabotage is not as simple as tearing a few pieces of paper and cloth. If it is a newly decorated house, it must not be allowed to do so! So why does the cat like to do so? How can we solve the problem?

       I. The reason why cats do damage

       1. Because of the cat’s instinct, it will have the habit of destroying some things. These bad habits cause trouble at home. In fact, sometimes cat damage may be caused by the owner: when new pets or people (especially children) come to visit, life and rest time changes, cages are too small or change cages, feeding conditions or seasonal changes, urinary tract infections caused by drugs, especially bladder irritation or excessive urine production.

       2. The cat is a sensitive animal. When the work and rest time changes subtly, the cat will change its behavior, and the main mood will also affect the cat. All of these may become the motive of destroying and venting depression.

       2. Which cats like to destroy

       1. Young cats

       Although the little guys are small and thin, they often do the bad things. Because kittens are still in the learning stage, they are very active and extroverted. They like to contact new things and use all kinds of weapons to study them. However, they do not establish the rules of human life. On the contrary, they are more likely to cause damage.

       2. Stray cats

       Newly adopted stray cats can easily become the king of destruction. Because they are not adapted to the new life and have been hurt when living in the wild, some stray cats will do a lot of incomprehensible destructive behaviors. However, we must not abandon them for this reason. Instead, we should give them more love and help them join the ranks of cat angels as soon as possible.

       3. Grass cat

       Generally, grass cats are lively, independent, clingy, curious and like to chase their prey. If they are kept at home, they will be destroyed because they have no food. Of course, because of the genetic uncertainty, some of them may be quiet. When they are young, they can be a little aggressive. In fact, they regard people as playmates, so they will bite their owners.

       4. Old cats

       As the cat gets older, although its exercise ability is weakened, it is likely to become the king of destruction due to changes in personality and body. Some old cats have changed their life and rest because of their age. Some even have a bad temper and are more sensitive and irritable. At this time, what they need is our care and tolerance. The master should give more caress and reduce the loss.

       3. How to stop the cat’s sabotage

       1. First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the cat is damaged due to the disease. If so, seek veterinary examination. After determining the cause of disease, the situation can be improved by taking medicine to deal with the problem.

       2. Cats hate fright, water bottles, clapping loudly or other sudden noises, such as the sound of a thick book hitting the ground. You can use these sounds to stop what you don’t want your cat to do. But you have to make noise at the same time that the cat is doing something bad, so that they can relate the annoying noise to what he is doing.

       3. When the cat does something wrong, push the cat’s face with the palm of your hand, and then say “no” in a loud and severe voice. The tone of the voice should be different from that when you touch them and play with them.

       In fact, the most important principle is the so-called “baby principle”. Cats, like babies, don’t have much behavioral control. When you have a cat, you can imagine that there is an extra baby in your family who is crawling all over the place and can’t find anything dangerous. Put the fragile things in the cupboard, put the food out of their reach, and replace the trash can with the hospital’s foot stepping type.

       Usually spend more time with the cat, occasionally buy them some gifts, make some homemade food for them, after all, they are emotional animals, can feel the surprise. Over time, they will find ways to please you, rather than make trouble for you, and eventually become the best company in your life.

Norwegian Forest cat breeding knowledge

       Norwegian forest cats are gradually known to all in their lives. Many cat lovers choose Norwegian forest cats not only because of their elegant appearance, but also because they are very gentle and smart. Norwegian forest cats are now the loyal pet companions of many families.

       First of all, the cat should be prepared for special utensils and food, and can not be changed at will. Because cats are very sensitive to the change of food and utensils, they even refuse to eat because of the change of utensils and food. Of course, after every meal, the owner should clean the utensils in time and disinfect them regularly. In addition, especially in the hot summer, it is best to eat the cat’s leftover food, easily rotten food out. If it is not bad food, in order to avoid waste, you can keep the food well and feed it to the cat next time when it is mixed with fresh food.

       Secondly, the daily diet time of Norwegian forest cats should be fixed and should not be changed at will. At the same time, cats don’t like to eat in noisy, bright environment. The host should choose a fresh and quiet place, so that it can eat normally and will not be affected by external factors.

       Third, in the process of raising cats, if they find bad habits such as urinating everywhere, picking food with claws or eating food out of the food plate, the owners should stop them in time, and immediately train them to correct this wrong behavior.

       Fourth, we should pay attention to keeping Norwegian Forest cat. It likes warm food, so we should keep the temperature of food at 30-40 ¡æ. Do not feed cold food or cold food to the cat, which is easy to lead to digestive dysfunction of the cat, suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, no significance to health.

       Finally, Norway Forest Cat body has thick hair, so in the hot summer, the owner should do a good job in cooling and heatstroke prevention work, to avoid the cat heatstroke. Although Norwegian Forest cat has many requirements for life, as long as the owner is careful and usually spends more time and energy on the cat, I believe it can grow happily and healthily without adding other troubles and troubles to its owner.

How to prevent cats from scratching furniture

       Cats often pick and scratch when they stretch, and they usually like to grab in the same place, which is not a good thing for our furniture, because the cat’s claws are too sharp, so it is easy to damage our furniture and cause serious losses. So how can we prevent cats from scratching furniture?

       Before training, a wooden post should be prepared, which is 70 cm long and 20 cm thick. It should be upright and fixed near the cat’s nest to facilitate the cat to scratch. The wood column should be solid in texture.

       Training should start with kittens. During the training, the kitten is brought to the wooden post, and the cat’s two front legs are grasped with both hands, and placed on the wooden post to simulate the cat’s scratching action, so that the secretion from the glands on the cat’s feet can be painted on the wooden post. After a lot of training, coupled with the smell of secretion, the cat will go to the wooden pole to scratch. Develop such a habit, it will not pick on the furniture, so as to protect the tidiness and beauty of the furniture.

       For cats who have developed the habit of picking furniture, when training, they should first cover the outside of the scratched parts with plastic boards, boards, etc., and then place a solid wooden column or board in the appropriate position in front of the picking parts. You can use the same method to train cats to scratch on wooden columns or boards. After the cat has formed the habit, slowly move the wooden pillars or boards until you have the place in your mind. The distance of moving the board each time should not be too large, 5-10 cm is appropriate, and should not be done too quickly.

       Training cats is different from training dogs. It may take us more time. This requires the owners to have enough patience to educate them. After a long time of training, I believe that cats will be able to get rid of the bad habit of scratching furniture.

The secret of good communication with a cat

       Cats are smart and intelligent animals. They give people the feeling that they are always lazy, but they are full of energy at night. However, many cat families have learned a lot about the maintenance of cats in order to make them adapt to human life. It’s important how to maintain and communicate with cats. After all, living under the same roof still needs to get along with each other. And the secret to a good relationship with a cat is to first understand its character.

       1. Independent and personality

       1. Born lonely and independent

       Cats are lonely by nature. Unlike dogs, dogs are group animals. They like to move freely and do not like any restrictions. Therefore, cats are more independent than dogs. They don’t often stick to their owners. They are more like friends.

       2. Only be the host’s friend

       There is no way for a cat to have a courtier relationship with its owner, because the cat will not yield to anyone. At most, he can only be a good friend with him, trust and respect each other, and will not blindly obey the master’s orders. This is where cats have personality.

       3. No arbitrary infringement

       Cats have their own territory in their owners’ home or surrounding environment, and other people or animals are not allowed to enter the territory at will. As long as there are intruders, they will launch an attack immediately. Therefore, cats often have disputes over their territory.

       2. The innate characteristics of cats

       1. Sleepiness is an instinct

       Cats are very sleepy animals. They sleep half a day, so they are often called lazy cats. However, they are usually in a shallow sleep. They will open their eyes and observe the surrounding environment as soon as there is movement.

       2. Strong self-esteem

       Although cats have a strong learning ability, they can’t do everything like dogs because they have a strong sense of self-esteem. If they are not interested in something, they will not do anything. Therefore, when dealing with cats, they must first gain their trust.

       3. Natural jealousy

       Because the cat is very smart, when it feels that the owner pays more attention to other cats and even children than it does, jealousy will occur. At this time, it will start to do unexpected and terrible things. Therefore, the owner must pay attention to his own attitude towards the cat.

       4. Formidable curiosity

       The cat’s curiosity is very strong. When there is a new thing in the house, it will attract its attention. It will often touch, smell or lick it. It is very sensitive to the changes around it. Anything that makes it curious can make it have a good time.

       3. The charm of cats

       1. Wisdom and wisdom

       Cats are very intelligent animals. They have strong learning ability and memory ability. What’s worse is that they can draw inferences from one instance. They know exactly what their owners will do at what time. They can also feel that their owners are going to travel far or on vacation. They are very good.

       2. Pay great attention to cleaning

       Cats are very clean animals. They are very hygienic. They wash their faces with their claws every day, comb their hair with their tongue, and urinate at fixed places. Although cats can take good care of themselves, their owners must help them.

       3. The cat will repay you

       Ordinary cats, when they feel that they are going to die, will first go to say goodbye to their owners, and then they will hide in a place where no one can find it. They die alone. They are very considerate and intelligent animals, which makes people hard to resist.

       4. The character of Cat Behavior

       1. Congenital timidity

       Cats who feel unsafe at home may have more scratching. Insecurity may be caused by the arrival of a new cat at home, or a change in the environment of the home (moving, moving furniture, buying new furniture, etc.)

       2. Habit becomes nature

       A lot of cats like to hang on wallpaper, probably because cats like to scratch wallpaper. For a cat, it is probably a great sense of achievement to dig its claws into the wallpaper and watch the small pieces of wallpaper fall down and become their toys. The thicker the wallpaper is, the more significant their achievements will be! Over time, grinding claws has become a habit, and the property of “victims” will spread all over the house.

       3. Family guard

       Many cats think that they are the owners of the house, so it is their duty bound duty to protect their homes. If cats often grind their paws close to the door, it may indicate that they think potential “intruders” will come in from here.

       No matter how to communicate with people or animals, we should first understand the character. If we don’t have the right personality, we will lose all our previous efforts. For the cat who always pays attention to principle, if he is angered, the consequences will be unimaginable. They are not afraid of heaven and earth, and they also become enemies with their owners. So if you want to get along with him peacefully and understand his character, it’s no harm to let him be three points.