What are the causes of abnormal depilation of cats?

       Mischievous cats like to jump up and down. If a healthy cat is naughty, then the owner must like it very much. If it is a hairless cat running around the house all day long, causing trouble to the family, whether the cat’s hair loss will cause health hazards? The important thing is, if the cat does not shed hair normally, what will be the reasons? Generally speaking, there are many reasons for abnormal hair loss of cats, such as parasites, skin allergy or other diseases. But there is a kind of many people are ignored, is the cause of birth control. If your cat is not yet mature, castration or contraception surgery may make the cat’s sex hormone secretion insufficient, which will cause the cat’s genitals to gradually depilate around the pudenda, especially in female cats. Some male cats even depilate their tail, and the depilated parts are sparse, which affects the beauty of the cat. If because of castration contraceptive problems, generally to the hospital injection of 1 ~ 2 hormones can be cured. However, it is better to castrate the cat for contraception at least 6 months after birth, and the development is relatively perfect, which can avoid the occurrence of the disease.