Measures to solve the problem of cat hair loss in spring

       The cat has been depilated in spring, and the cat itself will feel very worried, so as the owner can not ignore, some simple methods can let the cat happy through this embarrassing season, make the cat more comfortable life.

       1¡¢ Always bathe and groom cats

       Sometimes it’s not just when the season gets warmer or colder. If you give them a bath with the wrong shampoo, it will also produce hair removal phenomenon, even more serious than natural shedding. Therefore, if you don’t want your cat to lose hair due to skin disease, you must use a special pet bath to bathe them. Buy a special brush for cats and use a special comb for pets. Some cats and dogs with long hair need to brush their hair once a day, while those with short hair can comb once a week. Let the natural hair fall off in the brush, one-time processing, rather than let their hair tangled after running around the room, so that the hair will not be scattered in the furniture cracks and air.

       2¡¢ Pay attention to the cat’s diet

       Do not give them salty food, control salt intake, too much salt intake, will lead to pet hair loss.

       3¡¢ Pay attention to the cat’s mood

       Don’t let the cat in the mood of excitement, tension or fear, which can reduce the possibility of their hair loss. Moreover, it is the owner’s responsibility to provide a quiet environment for small animals.

       4¡¢ Keep cat skin healthy

       Often take cats out in the sun, and let them run, so that the cat’s health. Healthy cats rarely lose their hair in general. Choose the right lotion. A good bath fluid may protect your pet’s fur, reduce the amount of hair loss, and prevent skin diseases. Because of skin disease or parasitic large number of dog lice and fleas caused by depilation, it is best to find out the cause first, consult the relevant pet doctor or experienced person to suit the medicine to the case.

       Cat’s health lies in the owner’s experience of care, especially in the cat’s special period, at this time for the cat’s hair, can enhance the feelings with the cat oh.

What are the causes of abnormal depilation of cats?

       Mischievous cats like to jump up and down. If a healthy cat is naughty, then the owner must like it very much. If it is a hairless cat running around the house all day long, causing trouble to the family, whether the cat’s hair loss will cause health hazards? The important thing is, if the cat does not shed hair normally, what will be the reasons? Generally speaking, there are many reasons for abnormal hair loss of cats, such as parasites, skin allergy or other diseases. But there is a kind of many people are ignored, is the cause of birth control. If your cat is not yet mature, castration or contraception surgery may make the cat’s sex hormone secretion insufficient, which will cause the cat’s genitals to gradually depilate around the pudenda, especially in female cats. Some male cats even depilate their tail, and the depilated parts are sparse, which affects the beauty of the cat. If because of castration contraceptive problems, generally to the hospital injection of 1 ~ 2 hormones can be cured. However, it is better to castrate the cat for contraception at least 6 months after birth, and the development is relatively perfect, which can avoid the occurrence of the disease.

       If your cat’s nutrition is comprehensive, and there is no health crisis, then to reduce the amount of depilation, raise a healthy and good hair, the owner should understand the growth law of cat hair, and give it effective management. Generally speaking, the growth rate of cat’s hair is 0.16cm-0.21cm per month (the hair of short hair cat is about 5.08cm, and the hair of long hair breed (such as Bosi cat) is as long as 12.7cm), and the cat will lose dozens of hair every day. Of course, each cat will have individual differences, and the number of hair loss is more or less. When your beloved cat loses too much hair during the hair changing period When, the owner might as well try the following ways to see if there are some improvements: 1. Strengthen combing. First of all, it is a very normal phenomenon that the cat will lose its hair. The owner does not need to worry too much. And we can reduce the impact of hair loss on the normal life of owners and cats by strengthening combing and bathing regularly. For short haired cats, it may not take much grooming, but long haired cats need to comb their hair frequently. It is suggested that the owners comb the hair once a day, and this good habit should be developed in the kitten stage. Once the cat is used to combing, it will not only make its hair healthier, but also become a special “intimate moment” between you. The grooming process is also a great opportunity to check the cat’s skin for lumps, rashes, faeces or any signs that indicate that it is not healthy enough. Once a health hazard is found, consult your veterinarian in time. 2. Balanced nutrition comprehensive and balanced nutrition is the basis of cat’s metabolism. Cat’s demand for water, protein, fat, carbohydrate, mineral and vitamin is different at different ages. The lack and excess of nutrients are reflected in the gloss and quantity of hair. Feeding a pet food with a complete skin disease is not possible. Therefore, easy to digest and absorb protein, vitamins A, B, e, sunflower oil and fish oil polyunsaturated fatty acids, as well as minerals such as zinc, copper, as important nutrients, need to be regularly and quantitatively supplemented by the owner. At present, the brand cat food on the market provides comprehensive and balanced nutrition, supplemented by scientific and reasonable taste matching, which can provide the nutritional needs of cats at all stages of growth. 3. Gentle bathing. Sometimes, the hair washing essence used during bathing stimulates the cat’s skin to produce allergic phenomenon, which will also cause the cat to have accidental hair loss, even more serious than natural shedding. Therefore, if you don’t want your cat to lose hair due to skin disease, you must use a special pet bath to bathe them. At ordinary times, we must also pay attention to the cleanliness of the cat itself and the health of the home environment, only in this way can we avoid the breeding of fungi and parasites. 4. Give it a good mood. Once the cat is depressed, scared or nervous, it will also cause psychological hair loss. Cats will try to adjust their mood by licking their fur due to excessive pressure. However, excessive licking often causes depilation of the limbs (especially the outer thighs) and abdomen in the absence of skin diseases. In severe cases, the cat will even pull out the hair with its mouth. Therefore, remember to give your cat a quiet living environment, and often take the cat out in the sun, let them exercise, not only can make the cat happy, but also can improve its own immunity, make it become more healthy and active.

Analysis of three reasons for cat hair loss


       Summer is coming, many cat owners will have a headache, that is, cats shed a lot of hair. There is no way to stop this kind of depilation caused by the weather. We should accept it or accept it. But this does not mean that we have to compromise. Although we can prevent hair loss, we can try our best to improve the hair loss situation! Let’s learn today!

       1. Cat hair loss caused by weather change

       When the weather changes, the hormones of pet cats will change. There is no way to stop this kind of depilation, except to accept it. As long as you are diligent in combing, carefully cleaning when combing, and carefully rubbing when bathing, you can roughly clean up the cat’s hair that will fall off normally, so as to avoid pet cat fur all over the house.

       2. Hair loss caused by excessive salt intake

       If you don’t pay attention to your diet and take in too much salt, it will cause the kidney burden of the pet cat and dry hair of the cat. Don’t give your pet cat human food, and don’t give it meat because of its pathetic expression. If there is no condition to feed pet cat food, salt and other condiments should not be put in when making cat rice, so as to ensure the healthy diet of cats.

       3. Feline hair loss caused by malnutrition


       Through the above three points, I hope to find out the reasons for your cat depilation and make corresponding countermeasures!

Some knowledge about cat genes and hobbies

       People’s impression of cats is that they are capricious, sleepy, clean and even like to scratch things. However, what else do you know about cats? Pet experts believe that scientific breeding cats can make people develop a good sense of time, help to improve the family environment, so that children know what is a sense of responsibility and more benefits, we will focus on the theme of this article to explain in depth.

       1. Yin Yang eye

       In fact, yin and Yang eyes are a kind of Baizi, so it should only happen to white cats. Generally speaking, the iris in the eyeball will have pigment to present color, and different species of cats will have different color presentation, and Baizi is a congenital defect of pigment deficiency, and the iris without pigment color will present light blue.

       For example, the iris of purebred Persian cats is orange red. If white Persia has semi albinism (half of the albino gene), one eye will be orange red and one eye will be light blue, forming the so-called “Yin-Yang eye”. If it is a different breed of white cat, of course, one eye will be light blue. If it is completely white, both eyes will be light blue A total defect can lead to a defect in the inner ear, which is deafness. And the iris pigment can protect the eyes from light and ultraviolet damage, so albino white cats of course will be very sensitive to light and ultraviolet rays, eye vision will be worse than normal cats. As for the cat with Yin and Yang eyes, can you see ghosts? I think only heaven knows.

       2. Cat grass

       Broadly speaking, as long as a cat is willing to chew on non-toxic grass, it is qualified to be “cat grass”. Cats are completely carnivorous animals. How can they like to eat grass? This is the self-treatment of organisms. When cats feel uncomfortable with their stomachs, especially when they have hair accumulated in their stomach, they will want to gnaw at the tip of grass. The grass tips they eat will stimulate the gastric mucosa and cause vomiting. This will make the hair spit out smoothly and make the stomach more comfortable.

       In addition, hirsutism can cause constipation, and the cat grass fiber ingested will also help to alleviate constipation. However, I do not recommend using this method to prevent or alleviate hirsutism, because long-term chronic vomiting will make gastric acid constantly erode the esophagus, and then lead to esophagitis and esophageal stricture. The best way to prevent or solve globus is to comb hair frequently and reduce cat licking The best way to prevent the intestinal obstruction caused by hirsutism is to use the hair removing plaster to prevent the intestinal obstruction caused by hirsutism. Do all cats and cats like cat grass? That’s not true. My cat often uses the cat grass that I have worked hard to grow as a pillow.

       Third, there are few trees in the sky

       It seems that many cats will be crazy about it. In fact, in nature, it is nothing more than making animals fly like fairies Things related to sex, and mutianliao contains a special ingredient and smell in the urine of female cats when they are in estrus. Therefore, when sexually mature male cats smell it, they will associate with the plot of a-film and feel very happy. What about female cats? In nature, animals respond to the odor of estrus both in male and female, so female cats will certainly indulge in sexual pleasure.

       Because mutianliao has such characteristics, it is widely used in the cat’s life. It can attract the cat to the specific cat scratch board to grind its claws, so that the travelling cat can ease the restless mood, and make the cat interested in specific toys. However, if your cat is in the restless mood of estrus, the use of mutianliao will make the cat’s sexual desire even more More serious. Can’t a cat’s beard be cut?

       A cat’s beard is like a radar. It has a good sense of touch and is very sensitive to the vibration of the air. Interestingly, the length of a cat’s beard is approximately equal to the radius of the body. When the cat runs rapidly in a space full of obstacles, the touch provided by the beard can prevent the cat from colliding with obstacles, especially in the dark environment. This function is more important ¡£

       If you cut off the beard, will the cat bump into something? That’s not true, because other hair of the body also has tactile function, so the impact is not too big, but the point is, how about cutting off the cat’s beard?

       Cats are born clean

       Cats like cleaning, which is an important reason why people are willing to keep cats. In fact, the cat’s grooming is entirely out of physiological needs. It’s easy to understand when cats like to groom. Cats usually begin to groom and groom their fur after eating and playing, or after chasing prey, exercising violently and waking up in the sun.

       In order to maintain a constant body temperature after the hot season, you must expel a lot of excess heat from the body during the hot season. Cats lick their fur with their tongue in order to make the fur fluffy, promote heat dissipation, stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, make the hair bright and smooth, not easy to be wet by water, and can lick a small amount of vitamin D to promote the normal development of bones.

       Cats spend time grooming their bodies every day. Rough tongue in licking body hair, can remove the hair off, but if the hair is swallowed, it will entangle in the stomach hair ball.

       The tricolor cat must be a female cat

       If you don’t believe it, you can have a look at the cat around you. As long as there are more than three kinds of fur colors on her body, she must be a female cat, but the pattern of tiger spot is only one kind.

       Generally speaking, the so-called three colors are black, red (Orange) and white. By the way, foreigners may be seriously color blind (joking). Therefore, the orange hair we see is defined as red. Therefore, the name of red tabby or red Persian is given.

       In addition, some special breeds must also be female cats, such as tortoise shell colored cat (some people call it hawksbill color) and blue cream cat (blue) If we look at these two kinds of fur colors, we can barely classify them as tricolor cats. But why must tricolor cats be female cats? Because the genes controlling tricolor are combined with genes that control gender, we call them sex linked genes, so tricolor cats must be female cats. Is there any tricolor male cat? There is nothing unusual in the world. Under the condition of genetic abnormality, male cats are still female cats There may be three colors, but most of them have reproductive problems.

       People who keep cats have to know these little things! Only understanding the cat can enhance the relationship with the cat. Just like people who don’t understand the function of a cat’s beard, they will cut it mercilessly when shaving and shearing cats.