Taking care of a pregnant female cat requires major problems

       The cat is pregnant after estrus mating, and then will give birth to a healthy baby cat. During pregnancy, the cat needs to supplement enough nutrition to meet the development of the fetus in the cat’s abdomen. The owner should give the cat a healthy diet and sufficient water during the pregnancy. Of course, the health and care of the cat should also be paid attention to.

       1. Three weeks after mating, check the pregnant omen cats, and have a 90% chance of pregnancy after mating. The gestational period is 63 days, but it is generally considered to be 56-65 days. Three weeks after mating, the cat’s nipples swell and turn pink. This is the first sign of pregnancy. Cats rarely “vomit”. However, they will have mild vomiting 4-17 days after mating, and their preference for food has also changed. It basically lasts for 2-3 days. After 4-5 weeks of mating, the stomach bulges slightly. The size of the stomach varies from fetus to fetus. During this period, cats are prone to miscarriage, so don’t touch their bellies. Short hair varieties, due to the role of hormones, hair color is very shiny. After 7 weeks, the stomach was more obvious and the mammary glands were opened. The body weight increased by 1-1.5 kg, and the movement was also slightly slow.

       2. Pregnant cats, which are rich in protein and calcium, have increased appetite at 4 weeks of fetal development. For the cat with appetite, you can double the amount of food, but you can’t give too much at a time. You should give it 3-4 times. Food should be rich in protein and calcium necessary for fetal growth, such as liver, lean meat, eggs, milk, cheese, dried fish, etc. should be fresh and easy to digest. Severe diarrhea during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, so pay attention not to have a full meal or indigestion.

       3. Consult the veterinarian about the diseases and abnormal conditions during pregnancy. If you get sick after pregnancy, you can’t take medicine for the cat without authorization. You should consult the veterinarian. At this point, the most important thing is to tell the veterinarian the exact time of mating. In addition, the pudenda should be observed frequently. Once blood is found, even if it is rare, it should be checked by a veterinarian immediately. If the cat can be treated quietly, even if some of the fetus died, the rest can still be saved. When pregnant, moderate exercise is also necessary, but jumping from a high place or being with a male cat may lead to miscarriage, so take care of it carefully.

How to get rid of your cat’s fur

       When the season changes, cats are most likely to lose their hair. Short haired cats are OK, especially long haired cats. Almost every corner of the house has cat hair, which makes many parents particularly troubled. Here are some good ways to deal with cat hair loss, so that you can avoid the suffering of cat hair loss.

       I. sprinkling and dragging

       Before sweeping the floor, spray a small amount of water in the air and on the ground. First, wipe the smooth surface of the table, bedside, bookcase with a wrung out rag, and then wipe the floor with a wrung mop. Sprinkling water is to reduce dust “raising hair” and to facilitate the condensation of hair.

       Maonu recommended: cotton mop is a more economical and convenient tool among all kinds of mops. Towel mop also works well. It is necessary to wring water with hands (so gloves are necessary). There are all kinds of high priced “hair sucking” mops on the Internet, which can also be tried by wealthy cat slaves.

       Suction and sweeping

       Only a vacuum cleaner can help you with the cat’s fur that falls on the bed, carpet, cloth sofa, curtain or plush toys. Hair long-term adhesion to these fabrics or fluff, will easily absorb dust, bacteria, breeding mites, etc., so be diligent in cleaning. Do not neglect the turning point of sofa, wrinkles and the corners and fringes of fabric products when vacuuming.

       Cat slave recommended: sweeper robot is a good choice, at least the cat hair and dust on the ground can be cleared. Of course, the curiosity that will kill the cat will make the cat turn the room full of automatic robots as toys, enemies and prey. However, their curiosity generally does not last long, and they will be bored in a few days. What needs to be reminded is that the quality of sweeping robots in shopping malls and on-line varies from good to bad, and the price ranges from hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan. It is advisable to do research before starting.

       3. Sticking and rolling

       Deal with clothing, bed, sofa surface of cat hair, you can use sticky wool roll, a little bit of force, a roll, most of the hair will be rolled away. However, the roll of paste paper to be often replaced. This technique is not recommended to be used on smooth surfaces such as tabletops and floors. First, it is not very useful. Second, it is not easy to force. It is easy to stick on the floor, making the floor sticky.

       Maonu recommended: a more simple way is to directly use large sealing glue, transparent glue to glue. If you tear off a piece and stick it repeatedly on the surface of your coat and sofa, you can clearly see your achievements; when the viscosity decreases, throw it away and replace it. This method is low cost and easy to operate.

       IV. static electricity

       There are special electrostatic brushes sold in supermarkets and roadside stalls, which are more suitable for flat areas such as sofa surface. Once brushed, the cat’s fur is sucked away by the brush, and the cleanliness is very good. But sometimes the cat’s fur, which is too tight, won’t come off. At this time, we need to use the sealing glue. Defects: very effective for hair, weak for large particles of dust removal effect.

       We all know that static electricity will absorb dust or hair. We can use the principle of static electricity to remove cat hair. We can use a plastic bag to cover the broom hair and tie it tightly. In this way, the static electricity generated by the friction between the plastic bag and the ground can absorb the cat hair on the ground, so as to avoid cat hair flying around with the broom.

       It is inevitable that cats lose their hair. Since they have chosen to raise cats, they should be responsible for their whole life. For the situation of cats’ hair loss, not only the above four methods can be used to solve the problem, but also the cat’s diet can be adjusted appropriately. The serious hair loss of many cats is also related to diet.

Introduction to the diet of cats of different ages

       Cat is one of the most popular breeds of domestic pets. We know a lot about cats. Every cat has its own eating habits and the best way to eat. But I don’t know whether parents know the diet and dosage of cats of different ages. The following four points are detailed for you.

       1. Young cats

       First of all, healthy and lively growth of kittens requires adequate and balanced intake of nutrients. The food prepared for the cat must contain enough protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, and the nutrition should be matched according to the situation suitable for the body absorption of the kitten. For newly weaned kittens, according to the principle of less food and more meals, they need to be fed 4 to 5 times a day. The growth of cats is very fast. According to the growth speed and condition of kittens, the number of feeding meals per day can be gradually reduced and the amount of food per meal can be increased. The amount of kitten feeding per meal can be judged according to the owner’s experience, and the kitten can feed as much as he can. Generally speaking, male cats eat more and grow faster than female cats. When cats are 8 to 9 months old, they can arrange a week or so, and gradually over feed adult cats’ cat food.

       2. Food intake of adult cats

       Because the size and weight of cats are different, the amount of activity and the amount of food they feed are also different. If your cat is not obese, you can feed the cat according to the normal and balanced diet. If the cat is obese, then the owner should properly control the cat’s diet.

       3. Countermeasures for the old cats

       When the cat reaches old age, it will also be the same as people, and the amount of activity will be reduced. Therefore, the food for feeding cats should be reduced accordingly, so as to prevent the old cats from becoming obese again and causing some diseases. In addition, cats enter the aging stage, digestive system function decline, they may not be able to absorb all the nutrients in the food, and their body is thin. Cats like this should eat less and eat more.

       4. For female cats in breeding season

       Cats, like humans, need special care and a reasonable diet during pregnancy. Unlike other pregnant pets, females begin to eat and gain weight within a week after successful mating. The reason why female cats eat so much is that they have to store enough energy in their bodies for use during pregnancy and lactation. Let the kitten after birth to eat more, more healthy nutrition. During the last two months of pregnancy, a female cat will eat twice as much food as usual to meet her own and her kitten’s needs. Its food should be delicious and nutritious. By the fifth or sixth week of lactation, a female cat needs three times as much food as before mating to ensure that she can give her kittens the most nutrition.

       This food supply should be maintained for female cats before weaning, and then the feeding amount should be gradually reduced until normal. The feeding amount can be adjusted by observing the weight change of the female cat. Therefore, it is necessary to take special care of the female cat who is just in pregnancy or has just given birth to a baby, especially in the dietary dosage. Otherwise, you can delay the health of two cats at once.

Analysis of three reasons for cat hair loss


       Summer is coming, many cat owners will have a headache, that is, cats shed a lot of hair. There is no way to stop this kind of depilation caused by the weather. We should accept it or accept it. But this does not mean that we have to compromise. Although we can prevent hair loss, we can try our best to improve the hair loss situation! Let’s learn today!

       1. Cat hair loss caused by weather change

       When the weather changes, the hormones of pet cats will change. There is no way to stop this kind of depilation, except to accept it. As long as you are diligent in combing, carefully cleaning when combing, and carefully rubbing when bathing, you can roughly clean up the cat’s hair that will fall off normally, so as to avoid pet cat fur all over the house.

       2. Hair loss caused by excessive salt intake

       If you don’t pay attention to your diet and take in too much salt, it will cause the kidney burden of the pet cat and dry hair of the cat. Don’t give your pet cat human food, and don’t give it meat because of its pathetic expression. If there is no condition to feed pet cat food, salt and other condiments should not be put in when making cat rice, so as to ensure the healthy diet of cats.

       3. Feline hair loss caused by malnutrition


       Through the above three points, I hope to find out the reasons for your cat depilation and make corresponding countermeasures!

How to judge whether a cat is fat

       In recent years, the obesity rate of cats is increasing, which has attracted many people’s attention. Because cats like to be quiet and exercise less, they are more likely to get fat than dogs. We need to understand that cat obesity may bring a variety of diseases, and even endanger the cat’s life safety. Therefore, our excrement removal officers should pay more attention to the method of judging whether the cat is fat or not, which is also very necessary.

       Method 1: touch

       You can identify your cat by touching it. This is also the most convenient way. Touch from the base of the cat’s neck, and use a little bit of force (pay attention not to hurt the cat). If you can clearly touch the cat’s skeleton, it means your cat is too thin. Don’t just give him dry cat food, but mix some canned food or special fresh package for the cat. If you can vaguely touch the bones of a cat, it means that your cat is fat and thin, and you should continue to keep the current way of raising cats. If you can’t touch the bones of your cat, it means that your cat is too fat (don’t say you don’t feel it), which is very harmful to the health of the cat. If you want to cut down a little food, you’d better choose cat food that can lose weight.

       Method two: look

       This needs to have very high appreciation rate, myopic people do not use this method. Let the cat squat in a place and look directly at the cat’s body from the cat’s head. If the cat’s head completely covers the body or only leaks out a little bit, it means that your cat is too thin, to strengthen nutrition. If the meat on both sides is exactly 1.5 ~ 2 times of the head, it means that your cat is fat and thin, which is very good. If you show a big piece, almost three times the head, it means your cat is going to lose weight.

       Method 3: quantity

       The amount I’m talking about is not the weight of a cat, it’s the amount of water the cat drinks every day. If your cat drinks less than 200 ml of water a day, it’s too fat. If it is between 500 ml and 700 ml, it is normal. If it’s over 750, it’s too thin. Drink less water.

       After we have determined whether the cat is obese, we need to take further measures to control the weight. Remember to help cats lose weight is a step-by-step process, to use scientific methods, reasonable diet control and appropriate exercise, let the cat more healthy weight loss.

The knowledge of feline midwifery

       From pregnancy to giving birth to a baby cat, every stage needs our careful care, especially in the production of a cat, which may lead to dystocia. At this time, the owner’s help is needed to ensure that the cat can give birth to the kitten smoothly. Here are some tips for helping the cat to give birth to the baby cat in case of any unexpected need.

       Be sure to prepare a satisfactory nest for the mother cat, especially when it is due to give birth, you need to pay close attention to it. If you don’t come out of the nest for a long time, you need to see if you’re starting to give birth. We need to prepare a basin of warm water, a clean towel, a sterilized scissors, a pair of medical gloves, some sterilized thread, cut into 10cm long.

       When a cat gives birth to a baby, it is not painful. When it lies down on its side and licks the pudenda, it can also see that the cat mother is exerting force, and there will be gray water flowing out. At the same time, when you see something coming out, it is a cat baby. Don’t worry about it. Generally, it will come out smoothly. If half of the kitten is inside and half is outside for more than 10 minutes, we need to help it. Put on thin sterilized medical gloves and gently pull the kitten outside. When the kitten comes out, it may be wrapped with a thin layer of fetal membrane. Mother cat will lick it off. We can also use a towel dipped in warm water and then wring it out for the kitten to wipe it gently. Some kittens come out and their fetal membranes are almost invisible, but there will be an umbilical cord connected. If we are not there, the mother cat will bite off. If we are present, we can first tie the cat at 1.5-2CM away from the kitten’s body to tie the knot. Then, cut with scissors 1 cm away from the tie line.

       The kitten leaving the mother’s body is wet, eyes are also closed, wipe its nose and mouth to prevent water or other things blocking the breath. Kittens are also afraid of the cold, after all, how warm the mother’s belly is. You can dry it and put it under the cat’s mother’s stomach. The kitten will be very tired after a lot of tossing.

       However, kittens are very powerful. They drill around and have a little rest. They will be sucking. There may be smell that makes kittens find their mother’s nipples and bite them. They also push and press them with their front feet to stimulate their mother’s milk secretion. It is more powerful than human babies.

       After a while after the birth of a kitten, the mother cat will rest and force again. In a few minutes or 20 minutes, the placenta will come out. You must throw the placenta away. Otherwise, the mother cat will eat it. Eating it may cause diarrhea. It may be the protective instinct of cats. In the wild, the placenta will attract other animals to attack, but you didn’t notice that even if the cat eats the placenta Don’t worry too much. Sometimes, the placenta comes out after a few kittens come out.

       In ten minutes or more, the second kitten will be born. If it is a few kittens, the birth process of the mother cat will be several hours or shorter. If the mother cat is exerting force all the time, it means that there is a kitten in the stomach. It can help the cat touch the stomach and caress it from top to bottom, which can help the mother cat give birth quickly.

       If the mother cat stops exerting force for more than two or three hours, and there is obviously a kitten in her belly, she should not only help her touch her stomach from top to bottom, but also ask the doctor in the pet hospital to have a look. After all the kittens are born, they will be replaced with a clean nest and the cloth padded during production will be thrown away. When the cat mother is very hard, it will keep licking its baby, but also feeding, don’t forget to give it nutrition oh.

       Cats need more adequate nutrition in their diet after birth, so as to ensure that the mother cat has enough milk to care for the kittens. If you encounter problems that you can’t solve when delivering a baby, you must send the cat to the hospital in time, so as not to delay the production and cause the death of the cat.

[food strategy] homemade steamed rice with chicken breast

       Cats are very picky eaters and like meat food very much. They have little demand for vegetables. If you want your cat to eat some vegetables, you must use more meat to attract it. Today, we will make a meat staple food: chicken breast steamed rice.

       Applicable PET: cat

       Material preparation:

       chicken breast





       Small half root





       Operation steps:

       1. Chop all the raw materials, and fry the prawns first and then chop them up;

       2. Put all the raw materials except shrimp together and steam them in a pot;

       3. Put the steamed ingredients into a blender and mix them with prawns to serve them to the cat!


       1. Fresh water shrimp is the best choice;

       2. When making, all raw materials can also be stirred first and then steamed.

Ten common mistakes made by cat slaves

       Nowadays, many cat lovers may not be very considerate in raising cats. Most of the time, they simply adopt a cat or buy it from a pet store because of their love for cats. Although cats are famous for taking care of themselves, the fact is that they don’t need to take care of them. So, when you buy or adopt a cat, you must think about whether you really have the ability to take care of it.

       1. Hasty adoption

       If you buy a new wallet or a new T-shirt on impulse, you can return it if you find it’s the wrong color or doesn’t fit. No harm, no fouls, of course, the purse can not be rejected. But adopting a living object, a sentient creature, such as a cat, into a family is totally different. The adoption of a cat should be carefully considered before making a decision.

       2. Be responsible for the expenses of cat and pet shop

       Adopting a cat is almost as good as adopting a child. No responsible adoption agency will give up a precious child to a person who is not financially prepared for his or her best care. Some shelters and cat adoption groups have not done such surveys, and you should meet the basic needs of cats and prepare for emergencies.

       3. Failed sterilization

       The musk of male cats splashed all over the house, or fled to fight with other male cats; female cats howled with their loud voices during estrus; or even worse, “surprise” gave birth to unwanted kittens. The problem facing the society is that the number of cats is overwhelming, only sterilization. By avoiding increased medical problems, there is no reason not to do so.

       4. Neglect of necessary veterinary treatment

       Although cats can recover quickly from a minor illness, they can also die quickly if the emergency is not recognized in time. Cats need to be vaccinated and checked every year. If they are sick or injured, they absolutely need and should be cared for by a veterinarian. Don’t hesitate to choose (and hire) a good veterinarian.

       The false economy of cat food selection

       Buying cheap cat food can save money several times with veterinary treatment. Cats are natural predators and need a good source of meat protein. They don’t need a lot of food stuffing, especially corn, which is a cheap source of protein used by many cat food manufacturers. Learn how to choose cat food and choose the best cat food you can afford. You’ll find that your cats eat less high-quality food because they don’t need to overeat to get the nutrients they need.

       6. Claw removal is not true

       Many new owners of ignorant cats have gone to claw surgery when the vet asks, “do you want to claw your kitten when we sterilize it?” Some veterinarians believe that claw removal is a “routine” surgery, while cat advocates believe that it is cruel, inhumane, and almost no situation is necessary. Learn the facts so that you can make a wise decision.

       Let the cat walk freely in the open air

       Many people believe that cats should live outdoors in freedom, fresh air and plenty of sunshine, but others can also provide evidence that cats can be happy and healthy completely indoors. Outdoor danger, indoor simple, these two views can not be debated. Fortunately, there are many compromises that give you and your cat the best of both worlds while keeping him safe and happy.

       8. Neglect the maintenance of cat litter tray

       The cat always uses a sand pan, if it can be kept very clean, the sandpan has no fragrance or is not unpleasant to be destroyed by cat’s paws. Maintain the cat’s sand tray to ensure that you don’t face performance problems. Warning: if your cat suddenly begins to urinate outside the sand pan despite your careful maintenance, you should immediately suspect urinary tract problems, which is an urgent problem for veterinarians.

       9. Consider the attributes of cats

       When you join the ranks of cat lovers, you will soon find that we usually treat our cats as family members rather than “pets.”. Although cats may be legally considered “property” at the end of a term in some jurisdictions. You no longer have more cats than you have one person. If you haven’t figured out the difference, your new cat will let you know how to order quickly. Many people, in fact, describe themselves as cats who love them.

       A cat is more than a cat

       A cat is not a child and a cat is not a dog. The cat’s unique way makes them attractive animals. On the other hand, some of their characteristics can be frustrating because they don’t understand their needs. Cats instinctively seek high places and sharpen their claws because they are cats, not because they are stubborn and rebellious. Our job is to adapt to these needs in an acceptable way.

The harm of feeding human leftovers to cats

       In order to save the cost and time of taking care of the pet cat, the owners will simply throw the human leftovers to the pet cat. After a period of time, the cat appeared a variety of symptoms of physical discomfort, to the hospital diagnosis only know that the pet cat is food poisoning. In fact, pet cats should have their own food instead of human food. There are too many threats and injuries to pet cats from human food.

       First: the salt intake of pet cats and humans is different. Human demand for salt is much higher than that of pet cats. When cats eat these excessive salt, it is easy to cause brain tissue edema, ventricular effusion, and even death.

       Second: in order to make the food more delicious, people will add various seasonings to the food. For example: onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, vinegar, pepper and so on. And this kind of material is highly toxic to cats. Pet cats can easily cause food poisoning, vomiting and diarrhea after eating.

       Third: food is not easy to rot in winter, but it is easy to breed bacteria in summer. If you put these foods for a period of time to the pet cat to eat, the cat will also appear food poisoning phenomenon. As a result of the invasion of bacteria, pet cats may also appear nerve paralysis and other symptoms.

       When a pet cat is kept at home, the breeder should prepare its own food. Should be in accordance with the cat’s body structure requirements, nutritional requirements to match food. To ensure the quality and nutrition of food. Instead of simply giving the cat the human leftovers.

Keep your cat clean at all times

       Cats are well-known in domestic animals. They are likely to be disliked by cats if their sanitary environment is not good. Cats like to live in a clean, warm and sunny environment. Owners should always keep their homes clean. Of course, the health of cats can not be ignored.

       No matter when and where the cat always likes to comb his fur clean, especially after eating, on the bedpan, or accidentally stepped on the dirty and wet place, always calm down and lick his whole body up and down with his tongue. In fact, there is an important physiological function of cat licking fur. When a cat licks its fur, it can stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, make the hair bright and smooth, and not easy to be wet by water, but also can lick a small amount of vitamin D to promote the normal development of its bones. In addition, the fluffy fur can also promote its heat dissipation. As long as you can pay attention to when cats comb their fur, it’s not hard to understand. Cats usually begin to groom and groom their fur after eating and playing, or chasing prey, exercising violently and waking up in the sun. In the hot season, many animals can emit heat by sweating. Cat sweat glands are not developed, can not evaporate a lot of water in the body, so the cat will use the tongue to smear saliva on the fur, the evaporation of saliva water can take away heat, play a role in relieving heat and cooling. When cats lick their fur, they can also promote the growth of new hair in the depilation season. In addition, by scratching and biting the coat, cats can prevent their hair from being infected with parasitic diseases, such as fleas and hair lice, and keep healthy.

       In addition, cats never urinate anywhere. They usually have a fixed toilet. After defecation, they have to dig soil to cover up their feces. This “health habit” of the cat benefits from its ancestor, the wild cat. In order to prevent natural enemies from finding it and tracking it according to the smell of its feces, the wild cats cover up their faeces. This habit has lost its original significance after it was passed on to domestic cats, but it has given them the reputation of being clean and hygienic.

       Cats are also very particular about food hygiene. The cat’s food basin and water basin must be very clean, otherwise, it may not eat or drink to protest.