How to clean your cat’s ears

       Cats are very clean animals, but there are always some parts beyond reach, such as the cat’s ears. The owner should often remove the earwax for the cat, and pay attention to observe whether the cat has ear disease at the same time, so as to better care. Step 1: cleaning tools should be prepared to clean earwax related tools. For example, cotton swabs, gauze or soft paper towels or towels, olive oil or professional ear drops, Elizabethan circles, etc. Ellie’s white circle is mainly aimed at uncooperative cats. Step 2: remove the earwax. If the cat refuses to remove the earwax, the owner can bring it an Elizabethan ring and gently pull up the cat’s ears. Dip a cotton swab with olive oil or ear drops and let the oil flow into the ear along the wall of the ear canal, then massage gently. Step 3: massage the ears. After 1-2 minutes of massage, the grease is fully in contact with the earwax, and the stubborn earwax begins to soften. When you loosen the cat’s ear, you should leave as soon as possible, because the cat will automatically shake its head and throw the softened earwax out of the ear. Step 4: clean the cotton swab. Then the owner should use a clean cotton swab to gently penetrate into the ear canal of the cat and gently wipe the wall of the ear canal to remove the residual earwax. Step 5: contour wipe after removing the wax in the ear canal, you should also use a towel to wipe the outer contour of the cat’s ear. Use a soft gauze or napkin to wipe the external ear canal and auricle grease.