How to judge a cat’s real age

       Knowing the age of your cat will play a big role in raising cats, such as: what kind of cat food do adult cats eat? What kind of cat food the old cats eat is decided by their age. If you don’t know the age of your cat, you’ll be more or less sorry. Most owners know the age and birthday of their pets. However, some cats are not sure about the age of their pets because they are adopted or given away by stray cats. What methods can be used to determine the age of cats?

       Generally speaking, a cat has no teeth after birth. As it grows up, its teeth will grow quickly. Note that when a cat is about five months old, it begins to change its teeth. At this time open the cat’s mouth, you can often see the cat canine part of the gums slightly red, this is a sign to grow new teeth.

       There are certain rules in the growth of cats. To judge the age of cats, we can judge them according to the growth rules of cats. Of course, although the cat’s actual age can not be accurately determined, but the approximate age can be determined. For example, 6 months after the birth of a cat, it means that it has grown up with new hair. When it is 6-7 years old, it will enter middle age. At this time, the old cat may grow white beard in its mouth, and in old age, white hair will grow on the back of its head.

       As the cat grows up, when it is about 1 year old, because of the diet, the front teeth of its jaw begin to wear. Every year after that, the more serious the tooth wear. When the cat was about 5 years old, the canine teeth began to wear, 7 years later, the mandibular incisors were rounded, and more than 10 years later, the maxillary incisors were round. Note that the older the cat, the more serious the wear of its teeth, the darker the color of the teeth, and there will be shedding.

How much is a Chinese civet cat?


       The most common cat in our family is cihuamao. It is not difficult to raise Chinese civet cat. For many new cat owners, Chinese civet cat is a good choice. So, how much does it cost to buy a Chinese civet cat? ????????

       Cihuamao is generally sold in pet shops and large cat houses. However, there are many civet cats that are not purebred, so the prices are different. The general price of cihuamao is about 1000-2000, but the price of cihuamao with bloodline certificate will be higher. ??????

       The cat has a very round head and wide cheek. The distance between the two ears is not very short. The size of the ear is very appropriate. It has a very wide root and a deep auricle. The tip part is relatively smooth. Its very large eyes are very bright, the shape is round apricot kernel, from yellow, gold to green color is recognized by people, eyes in general circumstances will have eyeliner. Nose color is brick red, long nose line. Cihuamao has a very moderate body, not only has a very wide chest, but also very deep, thick. The limbs, like the tail, are of moderate length and fit very well. They are very strong, strong and muscular. People have the impression that they have a very strong body. ????

       China is the origin of cihuamao cat. It belongs to the natural cat, because it is a breed that has been eliminated naturally for thousands of years. Chinese civet cat (5 pieces) is a natural elimination of a variety of breeds and retained. People are most familiar with the story of “cat cat for Prince” (Song Dynasty), but the introduction of civet flower in China is far before that. The 2003cfa China Great Wall Cat Club applied to the international community to show the Chinese civet cat as a unique cat species in China to the world. After seven years of efforts, it was approved at the CFA Houston board meeting on February 8, 2010. Cihuamao officially entered CFA. The international name of cihuamao still uses the Chinese name and pronunciation of “Chinese Lihua Mao”. Since then, China has its own native purebred cats. ????????????????