How to do if pregnant woman is bitten by cat

       Pregnant women should pay special attention to everything during pregnancy. If the expectant mother continues to raise cats or dogs during pregnancy, they must pay attention to safety issues. If they are bitten by cats, they should not worry. First, the wounds should be disinfected, and then they should go to the hospital for vaccination as soon as possible, so as to prevent the cats from being infected with bacteria.

       The relevant standards formulated by the World Health Organization and the rabies prevention and control program issued by the Ministry of health of China clearly stipulate that there is no contraindication for rabies vaccine. In other words, once a person is bitten by a dog, including pregnant women, the wound should be disinfected and cleaned first, and then rabies vaccine should be given as soon as possible. Previous statistical data show that there is no significant difference in the incidence of adverse reactions between pregnant women and ordinary people. On the other hand, vaccines are generally divided into inactivated vaccines and live vaccines. The rabies vaccines used by people are all inactivated vaccines, also known as dead vaccines. They are viruses that lose infectivity and toxicity but retain immunogenicity. They can only produce antibodies but not cause disease. From the perspective of biosafety, all rabies vaccines currently used in clinical practice have been tested for Biosafety and have no side effects on fetal development.

       Of course, early pregnancy is a sensitive period, at this time the immune function is relatively low, so it is generally not recommended that pregnant women should be injected with various vaccines in the early pregnancy. However, no matter pregnant women are bitten by cats, dogs and other animals at any time of pregnancy, the advantages and disadvantages must be weighed and vaccinated according to the conventional use of rabies vaccine.

What symptoms indicate abnormal delivery of cats

       Affected by fertility, birth canal, and fetus, cats may have dystocia during childbirth, which is more common for first-time cats. If the cat has dystocia, be sure to midwifery in time, otherwise the female cat may die due to dystocia.

       1. The expected date of delivery has arrived and the omen has appeared, but the number of contractions is few and weak. The fetus is still not delivered within 24 hours, or the second fetus is not delivered after 4-6 hours of delivery of one fetus.

       2. Normal uterine contractions, fetal water outflow after 2-3 hours of fetal delivery, or part of the fetus into the birth canal and can not be delivered, vaginal outflow of black brown color with a foul odor secretion. In addition to the above, the affected cat also showed listlessness, increased heartbeat and breathing, and purred in pain. When the fetus is in a state of putrefaction and prolonged absorption of toxins, the fetus will suffer from prolonged dystocia.

       3. Some female cats do not eat or eat less, frequent urination, more times and small urine volume, Nuzhen uneasy, or constantly look back at the abdomen, like to lie, from the vulva out of dirty red and smelly liquid, pollution tail, hind limbs; some female cats often use tongue licking her vulva, then kick abdomen or frequently roll on the ground; some female cats abdominal contraction obviously, but no kitten output.

How to deal with abnormal delivery of female cats

       Many cats suffer from obesity due to lack of exercise and excessive nutrition. Obese female cats are more likely to have abnormal childbirth during childbirth. If not handled in time, it is likely to threaten the life of female cats.

       Rescue method:

       1. Massage the abdomen

       For women with weak contractions and dystocia caused by excessive fatness, lack of exercise and excessive number of fetuses, press the abdominal wall with the palm of the hand with the frequency of abdominal contraction of the female cat, from light to heavy, so as to strengthen the contraction and give birth to the fetus.

       2. Drug delivery

       In order to promote the contraction of uterine smooth muscle and the opening of cervix mouth, the female cat with dystocia could not give birth to the fetus by massaging the abdominal wall for more than 30 minutes, 5-10iu of pituitrin and 0.5-1mg of diethylstilbestrol were injected subcutaneously to promote the contraction of uterine smooth muscle and the opening of cervix.

       3. Traction of fetus

       If the fetus has been exposed for more than 5 minutes but still fails to produce, the female cat should lie on her back, with her left hand against the cat’s shoulder, and her right hand to hold the exposed part of the fetus and gently put it into the pelvic cavity, and then gently rotate the fetus and pull it out.

       4. Stillbirth and dystocia

       If the fetus’s eyeball does not rotate, it reaches into the mouth (without sucking reflex) or into the anus (without contraction), and if there is dirty red smelly secretion in the vagina, the female cat will lie on the horizontal position (generally lying on the natural floor). The small finger thick rubber tube is put into the cervix of uterus through the vulva. The external rubber tube is connected with a funnel or a 100ml syringe, and 2% – 5% salt solution (plus 0.2-0.5g chlorhexidine) is injected until dissolved The fluid flows out of the vulva of the female cat (generally about 500-800 ml), and the dead fetus can discharge itself within 5 hours. Hypertonic saline in the cat uterus to form a hypertonic environment, prevent the absorption of uterine content, chlorhexidine sterilization, prevention and treatment of endometritis. A large amount of solution can lubricate and promote uterine contraction.

       5. Cesarean delivery

       In case of uterine twist, cervical atresia, pelvic stenosis, deformity or uterine rupture, cesarean section can be used. However, if the female cat is suffering from critical illness and can not give birth to the fetus, it is not suitable for operation, and non-surgical midwifery should be used as far as possible.

Taking care of a pregnant female cat requires major problems

       The cat is pregnant after estrus mating, and then will give birth to a healthy baby cat. During pregnancy, the cat needs to supplement enough nutrition to meet the development of the fetus in the cat’s abdomen. The owner should give the cat a healthy diet and sufficient water during the pregnancy. Of course, the health and care of the cat should also be paid attention to.

       1. Three weeks after mating, check the pregnant omen cats, and have a 90% chance of pregnancy after mating. The gestational period is 63 days, but it is generally considered to be 56-65 days. Three weeks after mating, the cat’s nipples swell and turn pink. This is the first sign of pregnancy. Cats rarely “vomit”. However, they will have mild vomiting 4-17 days after mating, and their preference for food has also changed. It basically lasts for 2-3 days. After 4-5 weeks of mating, the stomach bulges slightly. The size of the stomach varies from fetus to fetus. During this period, cats are prone to miscarriage, so don’t touch their bellies. Short hair varieties, due to the role of hormones, hair color is very shiny. After 7 weeks, the stomach was more obvious and the mammary glands were opened. The body weight increased by 1-1.5 kg, and the movement was also slightly slow.

       2. Pregnant cats, which are rich in protein and calcium, have increased appetite at 4 weeks of fetal development. For the cat with appetite, you can double the amount of food, but you can’t give too much at a time. You should give it 3-4 times. Food should be rich in protein and calcium necessary for fetal growth, such as liver, lean meat, eggs, milk, cheese, dried fish, etc. should be fresh and easy to digest. Severe diarrhea during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, so pay attention not to have a full meal or indigestion.

       3. Consult the veterinarian about the diseases and abnormal conditions during pregnancy. If you get sick after pregnancy, you can’t take medicine for the cat without authorization. You should consult the veterinarian. At this point, the most important thing is to tell the veterinarian the exact time of mating. In addition, the pudenda should be observed frequently. Once blood is found, even if it is rare, it should be checked by a veterinarian immediately. If the cat can be treated quietly, even if some of the fetus died, the rest can still be saved. When pregnant, moderate exercise is also necessary, but jumping from a high place or being with a male cat may lead to miscarriage, so take care of it carefully.

Introduction to the history and culture of cats

       Cats are very familiar with this kind of animal. From the original rat catcher to the family pet now, cats are also evolving a little bit. Many families regard cats as family members, not as a rat catching animal. Many parents know that cats love to be clean and easy to raise. But, do you know the history of cats?

       About 200 million years ago, the world’s first mammals appeared. Around the same time, the first dinosaur appeared; but the real protagonist of mammals was millions of years after the dinosaurs disappeared. About 60 million years ago, the bobcat appeared in the forest. It is the ancestor of all carnivores. Its offspring include bears, weasels, raccoons, beavers, beavers, foxes, wolves, badgers, pandas, dogs and tigers, and the trained tabby cat. About three million years ago, the genetic genes of feline family were established, and all the cats at present were gradually evolved.

       It’s a shocking fact – cats are the earliest ancestors of reptiles. It may sound strange to us that the sharp contrast between reptiles is the cat, but it is true. A group of small animals (about 30cm), with sharp teeth, live in the forest, or on trees or on the ground. They are called little ancient cats. They have long bodies and tails, and are mostly carnivorous. These animals eventually adapted to the changing seasons and evolved into the various carnivores we see today (cats, dogs, etc.).

       The real domestication of cats was quite late, about 4000 or 5000 years ago. In contrast, dogs were domesticated much earlier, about 20000 to 15000 years ago. The young of African wildcat is easy to domesticate. It is generally believed that it may be the main ancestor of domestic cats.

       The ancient Egyptians attached great importance to the African tiger spotted wildcat because it was quite easy to domesticate, and could be used to sacrifice to the moon god and the goddess of best to replace the lion worshipped in the past. When the cat died, Egyptians shaved their eyebrows as a sign of mourning. And there is at least one ancient Egyptian cat, much like today’s Alpine cat species.

       In Europe, the cat is no longer used as a sacrifice to gods, but a symbol of “freedom”. One of the reasons why cats are popular with Europeans is that in the 11th century A.D., cats helped people eliminate the black death’s germ carrying mice.

       In the middle ages, the number of cats was greatly reduced, because of the rise of elegant religion, people used it to worship the devil. Even today, there are many superstitions about cats. For example, if the black cat crosses the route you are going to go, evil will happen.

       After thousands of generations of reproduction, the physiological changes caused by domestication in cats are similar to those in dogs. Including smaller body, shorter claws, smaller brain and cranial cavity volume, extended ears and tail posture, as well as the color and texture of fur. However, unlike dogs, cats maintain a large degree of independence in human society, so they rarely form certain behavioral characteristics needed by human beings due to selective external pressure. Therefore, the appearance of domestic cats is not much different from that of their ancestors, and it is difficult to distinguish them in early archaeological discoveries.

       Cat remains have been found near various prehistoric human sites, including the Neolithic site in Israel about 9000 years ago and the Indian Valley site in Pakistan 4000 years ago. However, the remains are probably wild cats killed for fur or meat. Interestingly, eight thousand year old remains of cats and mice have been found on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea. They can only be brought to the island by human immigrants. Although the cats may not have been fully domesticated, they were deliberately brought to the island to deal with rodents.

       After thousands of years of evolution, cats have been gradually accepted and loved by us. Nowadays, there are many kinds of cats, and each family has different breeds. No matter what kind of breed or purebred or impure, cats bring us more joy than we can imagine.

What are the benefits of cat food

       It’s a common saying whether cats eat cat food or not. Many owners insist on feeding cat food, and many owners adopt the feeding method of what people eat and what cats eat. Everyone holds their own views. Xiaobian arranges for you whether it is better for cats to feed cat food or human food. Let’s have a look and hope it can help you Better raising cats.

       Why should cats eat cat food

       Cat food may give the impression of synthetic and single ingredients. But this impression is actually a misunderstanding. The cat food produced by reputable pet food manufacturers has been developed through years of efforts of researchers. The raw materials are collected from nature and contain all the nutrients needed by cats, and the proportion is appropriate. The method of disinfection and sterilization is reasonable, and the original nutrients are maintained.

       If you look carefully at the packaging bag of cat food, you will find that there is a detailed composition table and proportion on it,

       Take the Royal (sorry, I only have royal) indoor cat food as an example

       Protein 27%, fat 13%, carbohydrate 25.3% (ash 7.6%, fiber 5.7%, edible fiber 12%), and vitamin A, D, e, taurine And copper, iron, manganese, zinc and so on. The sources of these ingredients are: rice, corn, poultry meat, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, dehydrated poultry liver, beet pulp, yeast, vegetable oil, fish oil, minerals, DL Methionine, L-lysine, taurine, trace elements and vitamins.

       Cat food is the real balanced food, not a single food that people often misunderstand. It is not the “instant noodles” that pet owners “lazy” will give to cats.

       In addition, many people think that the taste of cat food is single, which has wronged the cat. It’s not. The cat’s taste is very poor, much worse than people, can not taste several kinds of taste. In contrast, cats have a much better sense of smell than dogs. Therefore, a good cat food manufacturer emphasizes smell rather than eating, because cats like to eat when they smell delicious. There is no difference between fish and cat food when they eat fish in their mouth. Why is there a single taste? They like to eat canned food and wonderful fresh package. In fact, it is not difficult to find out how fishy they smell and what they taste like? Raw fish is light! More parents find that their children don’t like “overnight cans” taken out of the refrigerator or thawed in the microwave oven because the temperature changes destroy the odor molecules. Of course, it is also possible that the cat found out that the can had been rotten overnight before us Parents really feel sorry to eat one kind of cat food every day, so they can eat it for a change. Now the royal family alone has so many flavors to choose from, not to mention the colorful cans as the backup.

       Of course, there are also some problems with cat food. The problem of preservatives is eternal. However, compared with malnutrition, parasites and bacterial infections, the two evils should be taken lightly, which is correct. What’s more, after the advent of cat food, the life span of pet cats has been significantly prolonged rather than shortened. The data also support the benefits of cat food.

       To sum up, feeding cat food can ensure balanced and reasonable nutrition, reduce the probability of parasite and bacterial infection, and is easy to store. All kinds of data show that it is conducive to the health and longevity of cats. I can’t find a reason to replace cat food with cat food or home-made food.

       What are the hazards of cats eating human food

       Cats are carnivores, which have different nutritional needs from human beings. Many owners often feed cats meat, fish, liver or carrots and other foods. They think that these foods are nutritious, and cats like them. They do not know that their nutritional composition is very unbalanced, which will bring health risks to cats! If people feed too much food, it may cause health problems. For example:

       1. Milk is food, it can’t replace water. As a food, milk does not provide comprehensive and balanced nutrition. Cats are intolerant of large amounts of milk, which may cause diarrhea in some cats.

       2. Adding raw eggs to cat’s diet will cause vitamin H deficiency. Symptoms of vitamin H deficiency include inflammation of the skin, hair loss and slow growth.

       3. Eating raw fish will cause vitamin B1 deficiency. Symptoms include anorexia (complete loss of appetite), abnormal posture, weight loss, sudden heart disease and even death.

       4. Although cats like meat, meat is not a balanced diet. Raw meat may contain parasites, cooked meat may have high fat content, and the nutrient content is not balanced.

       5. Daily feeding a large amount of raw liver may cause vitamin A poisoning in cats. It is obvious that if the cat is fed a balanced diet, it already contains enough vitamin A.

       6. Some soft bones (such as pork ribs and chicken bones) should not be fed to cats because they can scratch or get stuck in the cat’s mouth or throat.

       7. Residual food on the table can not provide balanced nutrition, so it can not meet the nutritional needs of cats.

       Cats and dogs are not allowed to eat salt, and many of our human food are salty. It’s good for cats not to eat too much. If you eat it for a long time, it will cause certain harm to the body. Therefore, we suggest that you feed high-quality cat food to cats.

Is the puppet cat gentle?

       Muppet cat is a very beautiful breed, and now it has become a variety that many cat lovers are competing for. Many people will ask, is the character of puppet cat good? The answer is yes. Muppets are gentle and friendly to human beings. They are good pet companions. However, Muppets are not only good in character, but also very sticky. So if you want to raise Muppets, you should be prepared.

       The characteristics of puppet cat

       Ragdoll cat, English name ragdoll, also known as doll cat. The origin of the Muppet cat is the United States, also known as the Braddock cat, is a cat breed bred by ANN Baker, a California woman. The cat is the largest in size and weight. Their ancestors are white long haired cat and Berman cat. They began breeding in 1960 and were recognized in the United States in 1965.

       The whole body of the puppet cat is very loose and soft. Like a soft puppet, it is gentle and quiet. It is very friendly and patient. It has a strong tolerance for pain and is often mistaken for lack of pain. Very tolerant of children’s play, so named puppet cat, is a very ideal family pet. This kind of cat is not suitable for them to play outside. They should be kept indoors. They can live in peace with children, dogs and the elderly, and they like to be with people very much. They will greet their owners at the door and follow them up and down. So if you are a busy office worker and can’t spend too much time with them, it’s better not to raise this breed, or you will make them very unhappy.

       The coat color of puppet cat is not much, usually with seal key color and three or two colors. The cat is large in size, long in body, muscular, broad in chest, thick and short in neck, with long development period. It takes about three years for the kitten to fully mature. It is characterized by large and wedge-shaped head, flat head, dark blue eyes, round snout, slight depression on short nose, V-shaped stripes on some faces and long hair on neck. Some species of Muppet cats seem to wear gloves on their forefeet. The two gloves are white in color and similar in size, and do not exceed the angle formed by the legs and soles. The white boots on the hind legs extend up to the ankle joint, and the whole body is white from chin to tail, which is the boutique of puppet cat.

       2. The character of puppet cat

       He is gentle and quiet, and has great tolerance for pain. Therefore, the injury may be ignored. This kind of cat is not suitable for them to play outside. They should be kept indoors. They can live in peace with children, dogs and the elderly, and they like to be with people very much. They will greet their owners at the door and follow them up and down. So if you are a busy office worker and can’t spend too much time with them, it’s better not to raise this breed, or you will make them very unhappy.

       Muppets are very close to people. They will run to the door to welcome you back, follow you from room to room, lie down on you, sleep with you, and love you with all your heart. They are very tame, often careful not to scratch people, and get along well with children, old people and dogs. Puppet cats generally like to play on the flat ground, and are not keen on jumping up and down. They think that people prefer a light meow to a loud howl, so they sound soft and sweet.

       Muppets are smart and docile. We don’t have to worry too much about them in the process of breeding. However, the fur of Muppets is a little longer, so the owners need to take care of and comb them regularly to prevent their hair from knotting and causing skin diseases. In the process of carding, we should not hurt the Muppet cat. Although it is gentle, it can not bully others.

What is a unicorn?


       There are countless cat breeds in the world. In the process of species reproduction and evolution, cats have gradually evolved many strange characteristics. As the ancients said, cats float in the world and need a long prescription to stand on. So Kirin cat is named for its peculiar tail. Kylin tail, a cat of the top grade, is nothing, the ancients thought it was a symbol of wealth. Kirin cats are smart and brave, and often occupy the leading position in the cat group, so there is the saying of “Elvis”. ??

       If the tail of an animal is not straight but curved, some of it can be wound in one or two circles, which are called “kylin tail”. Especially, the cat is more popular and has special ability. Moreover, the small tail around the tail is very cute. Kirin cats are characterized by their tail breaking into an oblique “n” shape or coiled into an “s” shape like lightning, while short tailed Kirin cats usually droop slightly and erect when excited. Have a strong sense of territory. But as long as you treat it well, it will also show a gentle side. The first reason for the appearance of the Kirin tail is a gene mutation. After many generations of reproduction, the mutant gene gradually becomes a normal gene with stable sequence, and the Kirin tail has become an acceptable congenital malformation. ??????

       Since ancient times, many people have been very curious about the tail of the unicorn. According to the scientific theory, the tail is caused by a gene mutation or a so-called recessive gene, but according to folklore, it is believed that it is owned by the cat entrusted with the responsibility by Kirin. According to the folklore, “there are mice on the beam, dazzled by the tail, dizzy and helpless.”. It means that if a cat is born with a unicorn tail, it can charm a mouse. When the mouse sees the cat’s Unicorn tail, it will feel dizzy and fall off the beam. In addition, it has been said by the ancients that cats with Kirin tail have the special characteristics of Kirin. They are smart, agile and independent. Even if they are stray cats, they are not prone to accidents. Therefore, cats with Kirin tail also live longer than ordinary cats. ????

       Studies have shown that cats do not eat mice, night vision will be reduced, long-term loss of night activity. However, the night vision ability and claw power of the Kirin cat are very good. Especially the male Kirin cat, its strength is quite strong. In addition, it has a keen sense of hearing, and no mouse can escape. Therefore, it has a very powerful leadership style among the cats. Kirin cat is a favorite cat in the south. It is common to have a long tail. Generally, it is necessary to keep a cat to catch mice when opening a shop. The short tailed Kirin cat is a favorite pet cat in southern China. The number of the short tailed Kirin cat is much less than that of the long tailed Kirin cat, which is more gentlemanly. The short tailed Kirin cat is characterized by its fluffy chest hair, which is generally stretched by muscles, and has hard to find stripes, but it is still snow-white all over the body. ????

       Liang Shiqiu, a great literary master and translator of our country, was lucky enough to have a qilin tail at that time. The Kirin, with both a benevolent mind and heart, is the essence of others. Jin Xiangyu’s eyes are not clear. He thought that “benevolent, benevolent, Zhe and kitten” are the best and most beautiful of people. ????????


What are the habits of puppet cat

       Muppet cat is a kind of cat with relatively large body size and weight. It is also a kind of sticky cat. They are gentle and quiet, friendly to people, and patient, so many people think they lack pain. In addition, the shape of the puppet cat is also very beautiful, a mufei cat named muffie is loved by many people because of its appearance. However, generally speaking, the price of Muppets is not cheap, which requires a certain economic basis.

       Muppets are gentle, quiet and sociable. They can get along well with dogs. And the call is gentle, emotional, loving, like to be accompanied by people, very friendly to people. The whole body is particularly flabby and soft, with strong tolerance for pain, so even if they are slightly injured, we may not be able to see anything unusual in their behavior. For Muppet cats, it’s not suitable to take them out to play. They are usually kept indoors. They can live in peace with children, dogs and the elderly, and they like to be with human beings very much. They will greet their owners at the door and follow them around. They need some time to take care of them. Therefore, if you are a busy office worker and don’t have much time to accompany them, you’d better not choose to raise this breed, otherwise it may make the cat feel too lonely and suffer from depression. In addition, puppet cats generally like to play on the ground, and are not keen on jumping up and down.

       Muppets are extremely gentle and lack of instinct to protect themselves, so they are more suitable for indoor breeding. In general, they should be sterilized and provided with appropriate living environment, such as equipped with cat scratch board to adapt to their scratching habits. These are the basic conditions for maintaining their health, longevity and happiness.

       Muppets are very considerate of their owners’ busy life rhythm, so they lick and comb their own silky hair of medium length. If you want to comb their hair, you can use a steel needle to comb, but most puppet cats do not need to comb. They rarely shed their hair, they rarely have hair balls, they are elegant and eager to please people.

       Puppet cats are good at pleasing their owners, and they are always inseparable from their owners. This kind of cat is very quiet, but also likes to play with toys and like to participate in the daily life of the family. It is a strict indoor cat. They are highly artificially bred. They are not suitable for survival in the wild and are not suitable for outdoor free breeding.

       Muppets are a late maturing breed. Their coat color is at least 2 years old, and their body and weight are at least 4 years old. The whole body of the newborn kitten is white. After a week, the color of the face, ears and tail of the kitten began to change. The fur did not stabilize until the age of 2, and it was not fully grown until 3-4 years old.

       Generally speaking, puppet cat has a gentle character, a more sticky personality and a more outstanding appearance. Because of their docile character, they don’t know how to resist, so it is easy to suffer losses if they are raised separately. Therefore, it is recommended to keep them indoors. Spend more time with them, which will make your relationship more intimate.

Precautions for keeping cats in the family

       Many people think that it is very safe to keep cats at home. It is true that in hot weather, air conditioning can be used to cool the cat, and a blanket can be covered for it when it is cold. There are various kinds of cat food at home for the cat. It can be said that all aspects can be taken good care of. However, life is full of unknowns, and cats are not comfortable at home. There are many potential dangers that will affect the health of cats Damage, or some of our bad behavior on the cat, so we should pay attention to and take precautions in peacetime.

       We should pay attention to the threat of wires in the home, to ensure that there are no exposed wires in the home. It is better to cut off the power supply when the host goes out and sleeps. If you need to leave the dog at home alone, you should keep it in a room without wires to prevent the dog from gnawing the wire when it is bored.

       There is also the need to pay attention to the rope and string at home, kittens and puppies are particularly vulnerable to rope and string attraction, and mistakenly think it is a toy. If swallowed carelessly, it will block the intestinal tract, and heavy may lead to suffocation. Usually they are playing with curtain ropes and blinds, and they may be entangled, or they may be injured or strangled. Therefore, it is best to clean up the rope and thread at home. Sewing needle and thread must be stored in the storage cabinet or drawer. Curtain cord must be knotted or shortened to prevent pets from pulling at will.

       The balcony and window of home, the city is mostly high-rise building, the window has the potential danger to the pet. In addition to the windows, most of the balcony design only considers the safety of people, many gaps have the risk of pet falling into the building. Therefore, it is necessary to heighten the fence of balcony and window, and the gap that is too wide should be enclosed with wire mesh. Try to avoid placing chairs or wooden boxes in front of windows and balconies that cannot be enclosed. Remember to close windows and balcony doors when you go out. Install fine wire sand net on the door anti-theft net, and install sand net on the glass window. If the balcony is allowed to be closed, please close it. The closed window also uses fine wire sand net. If the balcony is not allowed to be closed, please install fine wire mesh on the balcony railing.

       In daily life, cats hate to be scared, water bottles, clapping loudly or other sudden noises. These noises often frighten the cat, and then they will make trouble and other destructive behaviors.

       Many cat parents often boast that my cat is so smart that it will stand up straight to pick up food. He also said that when he ate with people, he would sit in a chair and so on.

       This is not a good phenomenon. Soon, cats will always come to ask for food instead of their own cat food, and they will become more and more picky. They even ignore the full number of guests. Like a wild cat who has not been disciplined, they jump on the table without authorization and look for something they like to eat. They make a mess of themselves and make their owners lose face.

       Therefore, it is better for parents to keep the atmosphere at home peaceful, and occasionally drill into the wall, move furniture and so on, which will make a loud noise, so as to arrange the cat first, so as to avoid the cat being frightened.

       At ordinary times, we should not over indulge the cat. We should plan the cat’s eating utensils and dining places. We must separate them from the dining table at home and form a relatively independent space. Moreover, since childhood, we should teach cats how to eat regularly, regularly and quantitatively.

       In addition, children’s toys can’t be played by cats at will. For example, Lego games like combination toys may not be suitable for them. Some are too small, some have sharp edges, and some may be bitten. It will be troublesome to swallow them carelessly.

       In terms of feeding, we should pay special attention to not feeding milk to kittens. The 8-week-old kitten can live independently, and he can eat cat food by himself. It is best not to give the kitten to drink milk, cat milk and milk ingredients are not the same, some cats have no digestive enzymes that can digest milk, eating milk will cause diarrhea. It is suggested that he only be given cat food for kittens.

       Pay attention to the cat’s character and habits, is very conducive to the growth of cats. I hope that the parents of cats will stay away from these restricted areas, so that the cat’s life will be more happy.