Cat’s accident at home

       Friends who have cat friends around should often hear about all kinds of sudden situations when cats are at home, such as accidental electric shock, etc. cats are always like a little children, who don’t know anything, are curious and playful, and don’t know what can and cannot be touched. Therefore, on the one hand, we should help cats to prevent these accidents When these accidents happen, how do we give the cat first aid, this can not be careless, I think these first aid methods you still need to know. Cat family accidents: Although parents may not notice, but cat electric shock is a relatively high incidence of cat family accidents, especially in families with young cats. Cats love to bite thread things, so it is easy to cause accidental electric shock. It is common for cats, especially young cats, to get electric shock. The main reason is that the cat gnaws the rubber skin of the wire and contacts the metal inside the wire to cause electric shock; some cats get electric shock because the cat is in estrus and urinates in the socket or patch board. Therefore, the cat’s family must put the wire, patch board and other items into good storage, in order to prevent accidents. When the cat is found to have an accidental electric shock due to biting the wire, the owner must not rush to rescue the cat, but should quickly pull out the power plug or pull down the switch before going to see the cat, otherwise the owner will get an electric shock because the cat bites the wire. If the breathing and heart beat of the touched cat stops, the owner should immediately perform artificial respiration and heart massage for the cat. The method is similar to the first aid method of human beings Open the cat’s mouth with your hand, pull out the cat’s tongue, and blow air into the cat’s mouth. At the same time, press the cat’s chest with the other hand. When the cat breathes again, the cat will be sent to the hospital for examination. If the cat is shocked by the electric shock, shortness of breath and severe heart beat, the cat should be allowed to lie on his back, open its mouth, pull out its tongue, and let it breathe freely. When the cat gets better, take the cat to the hospital for a comprehensive examination. PS: due to the space limitation, we will sort out some common emergency treatment methods for cats in life. Let’s talk about this one today. To know the emergency, a correct rescue method, may be able to save your cat’s life, so the owner should pay attention to it.