What are the benefits of cat food

       It’s a common saying whether cats eat cat food or not. Many owners insist on feeding cat food, and many owners adopt the feeding method of what people eat and what cats eat. Everyone holds their own views. Xiaobian arranges for you whether it is better for cats to feed cat food or human food. Let’s have a look and hope it can help you Better raising cats.

       Why should cats eat cat food

       Cat food may give the impression of synthetic and single ingredients. But this impression is actually a misunderstanding. The cat food produced by reputable pet food manufacturers has been developed through years of efforts of researchers. The raw materials are collected from nature and contain all the nutrients needed by cats, and the proportion is appropriate. The method of disinfection and sterilization is reasonable, and the original nutrients are maintained.

       If you look carefully at the packaging bag of cat food, you will find that there is a detailed composition table and proportion on it,

       Take the Royal (sorry, I only have royal) indoor cat food as an example

       Protein 27%, fat 13%, carbohydrate 25.3% (ash 7.6%, fiber 5.7%, edible fiber 12%), and vitamin A, D, e, taurine And copper, iron, manganese, zinc and so on. The sources of these ingredients are: rice, corn, poultry meat, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, dehydrated poultry liver, beet pulp, yeast, vegetable oil, fish oil, minerals, DL Methionine, L-lysine, taurine, trace elements and vitamins.

       Cat food is the real balanced food, not a single food that people often misunderstand. It is not the “instant noodles” that pet owners “lazy” will give to cats.

       In addition, many people think that the taste of cat food is single, which has wronged the cat. It’s not. The cat’s taste is very poor, much worse than people, can not taste several kinds of taste. In contrast, cats have a much better sense of smell than dogs. Therefore, a good cat food manufacturer emphasizes smell rather than eating, because cats like to eat when they smell delicious. There is no difference between fish and cat food when they eat fish in their mouth. Why is there a single taste? They like to eat canned food and wonderful fresh package. In fact, it is not difficult to find out how fishy they smell and what they taste like? Raw fish is light! More parents find that their children don’t like “overnight cans” taken out of the refrigerator or thawed in the microwave oven because the temperature changes destroy the odor molecules. Of course, it is also possible that the cat found out that the can had been rotten overnight before us Parents really feel sorry to eat one kind of cat food every day, so they can eat it for a change. Now the royal family alone has so many flavors to choose from, not to mention the colorful cans as the backup.

       Of course, there are also some problems with cat food. The problem of preservatives is eternal. However, compared with malnutrition, parasites and bacterial infections, the two evils should be taken lightly, which is correct. What’s more, after the advent of cat food, the life span of pet cats has been significantly prolonged rather than shortened. The data also support the benefits of cat food.

       To sum up, feeding cat food can ensure balanced and reasonable nutrition, reduce the probability of parasite and bacterial infection, and is easy to store. All kinds of data show that it is conducive to the health and longevity of cats. I can’t find a reason to replace cat food with cat food or home-made food.

       What are the hazards of cats eating human food

       Cats are carnivores, which have different nutritional needs from human beings. Many owners often feed cats meat, fish, liver or carrots and other foods. They think that these foods are nutritious, and cats like them. They do not know that their nutritional composition is very unbalanced, which will bring health risks to cats! If people feed too much food, it may cause health problems. For example:

       1. Milk is food, it can’t replace water. As a food, milk does not provide comprehensive and balanced nutrition. Cats are intolerant of large amounts of milk, which may cause diarrhea in some cats.

       2. Adding raw eggs to cat’s diet will cause vitamin H deficiency. Symptoms of vitamin H deficiency include inflammation of the skin, hair loss and slow growth.

       3. Eating raw fish will cause vitamin B1 deficiency. Symptoms include anorexia (complete loss of appetite), abnormal posture, weight loss, sudden heart disease and even death.

       4. Although cats like meat, meat is not a balanced diet. Raw meat may contain parasites, cooked meat may have high fat content, and the nutrient content is not balanced.

       5. Daily feeding a large amount of raw liver may cause vitamin A poisoning in cats. It is obvious that if the cat is fed a balanced diet, it already contains enough vitamin A.

       6. Some soft bones (such as pork ribs and chicken bones) should not be fed to cats because they can scratch or get stuck in the cat’s mouth or throat.

       7. Residual food on the table can not provide balanced nutrition, so it can not meet the nutritional needs of cats.

       Cats and dogs are not allowed to eat salt, and many of our human food are salty. It’s good for cats not to eat too much. If you eat it for a long time, it will cause certain harm to the body. Therefore, we suggest that you feed high-quality cat food to cats.

Feeding requirements for KONIS curly cat

       KONIS curly cat is more lively and active, greedy cat (in fact, there are no small animals that are not greedy). When feeding KONIS curly cat, you should not only choose high-quality and delicious cat food, but also pay attention to the interests and hobbies of this active cat. If you are not careful, it will scratch your furniture. The following editor will nag with your cat friends.

       1¡¢ Selection method of high quality cat food:

       1. Ensure grain quality

       Choose quality cat food, it is best to go to pet hospital or regular store to buy, to ensure product quality, or supermarket can also accept it. Don’t go to the vegetable market to buy it, and don’t buy some bulk cat food. The cat food there is really cheap. However, the raw materials are all plants. After eating for a long time, KONIS curly cat will have heart disease or more serious disease. Cats are carnivores. The raw materials must be meat and necessary nutrients.

       2. Taste selection

       Now there are many brands of cat food and dog food on the market, which have different tastes, such as “beef flavor”, “chicken flavor”, “mutton flavor” and so on. When a pet food label says “beef” or “chicken,” how much beef or chicken is in it? We don’t know.

       The ingredients in professional pet food are listed in descending order of weight. For example, if chicken ranks first in the label list, it means that chicken is the main ingredient in the pet food and its content is higher than other ingredients.

       Therefore, you must pay attention to the ingredient ratio in the ingredient list when you buy it. If a certain cat food is written with “chicken flavor”, but chicken is not in the first place in the ingredient ratio behind it, it proves that this cat food is not high in chicken content.

       It’s normal for pets to prefer a certain taste, but it’s better for the owner to change the taste or mix the flavors regularly. This can avoid picky eating. What’s more, you won’t be in a hurry when the food of this flavor is out of stock.

       2¡¢ How to train KONIS curly cat not to scratch furniture

       1. KONIS curly cat always likes to pick at the same place or the same part when catching objects. This is because there are abundant glands on the cat’s feet, which can secrete viscous and flavorful liquid. During the process of scratching, the liquid adheres to the surface of the object being caught. The smell of the mucus will attract the Cornish curly cat to the same place again. In addition, KONIS curly cat wake up after stretching, often pick and scratch behavior. According to these habitual movements of KONIS curly cat, corresponding measures can be taken for training.

       2. Before training, a wooden post should be prepared, which is 70 cm long and 20 cm thick. It should be upright and fixed near the cat’s nest to facilitate the claw of KONIS curly haired cat. The wood post should be solid in texture.

       3. Training should start with kittens. During the training, KONIS curly cat was brought to the wooden post, and the cat’s two front legs were grasped with both hands, and placed on the wooden post to simulate the cat’s pawing action, so that the secretion from the glands on the cat’s feet could be smeared on the wooden post.

       4. After a lot of training, coupled with the smell of the secretion, the cornes curly cat would go to the wooden post to scratch. Develop such a habit, it will not pick on the furniture, so as to protect the tidiness and beauty of the furniture.

       5. For KONIS curly fur cats who have developed the habit of picking and scratching furniture, they should first cover the outside of the scratched parts with plastic boards and wooden boards, and then place a solid wooden column or board in the appropriate position in front of the picking parts. The same method can be used to train the cats to scratch on the wooden columns or boards. After the Cornish curly cats get into the habit, they can slowly move the wooden posts or boards, To the place in your mind. The distance of moving the board each time should not be too large, 5-10 cm is appropriate, and should not be done too quickly.

       In the breeding and training of KONIS curly cat, Xiao Bian said so much. Some cats may be picky about food, but it is very rare in KONIS curly cat. Cornes likes any kind of cat food and has a good appetite. This can cause problems in weight control, so carefully control their diet. In terms of training, cat friends must not rush, each cat’s ability to accept is different, patience and correct training methods can make the cat’s training twice the result with half the effort.

How big is a cat? How old can a cat eat into cat food?

       Many owners have cats, but they don’t know about cats. As we all know, the food for young cats is different from that for adult cats, but many owners are not sure when to replace them with cat food. Is it OK after the cats are in estrus? Now let’s discuss how big a cat is, and when can a cat eat cat food?

       1¡¢ Age conversion of cats

       Generally speaking, one year old cat is equivalent to seven years old, which is the simplest way to calculate the age of a cat. Of course, there are some more accurate calculation methods, which can accurately divide the age of a cat. Generally, this classification method is more complicated. This is true for most cats, but it can’t be calculated for some purebred cats, because each cat has different sexual maturity age and life expectancy. If you want to know, you can check it by breed.

       2¡¢ How old is a cat?

       Generally speaking, a cat is considered to be a mature cat after 12 months, while a cat may be in estrus after about six months, but it can not be mated at this time. At this time, the cat’s body has not yet fully developed and has not reached the state of pregnancy and birth. When the cat is in estrus for the second time, the owner can consider mating for the cat.

       3¡¢ How old can a cat eat?

       It is an excellent owner’s job to change the cat food in time. Generally speaking, the young cat food is not suitable for the adult cat. The main reason is that the energy value of the young cat food is high, and the adult cat food will lead to obesity and other symptoms. Each kind of cat food has different definition for the time of changing into cat food, but generally, it takes 12 months as the dividing line. Eat the baby cat food from January to December, and start eating it after 12 months It should be noted that even cat food of the same brand may cause discomfort to the cat when it is replaced. Therefore, there should be a buffer time when changing food.

       Early replacement of cat food will have a certain impact on the development of the cat. The owner should try to replace the cat food after the cat has reached 12 months. If you want to sterilize the cat, this is also a good time. After the first estrus, the cat’s body condition is stable, and then the sterilization operation can be carried out.

Cat lovers often make ten mistakes

       The adoption of the first cat is a big step, which should not be underestimated. Although cats are famous for taking care of themselves, the fact is not “no need for care.”. Before rushing into the window of a pet store (which is a mistake in itself), take the time, dear kitten, to do your homework so that the new owner of the cat can avoid making these common mistakes in the first place.

       In advance, experienced cat owners can avoid mistakes. The result is a happy and healthy cat that accompanies another creature for a long time without even dreaming about it.

       1. Hasty adoption

       If you buy a new wallet or a new T-shirt on impulse, you can return it if you find it’s the wrong color or doesn’t fit. No harm, no fouls, of course, the purse can not be rejected. But adopting a living object, an intelligent creature, such as a cat, and becoming a member of the family, is totally different. The adoption of a cat should be carefully considered before making a decision.

       2. Be responsible for the expenses of cat and pet shop

       Adopting a cat is almost as good as adopting a child. No responsible adoption agency will give up a precious child to a person who is not financially prepared for his or her best care. Some shelters and cat adoption groups have not done such surveys, and you should meet the basic needs of cats and prepare for emergencies.

       3. Failed sterilization

       Every day I read about people who plead for help because their cats have not been sterilized: the male’s Musk splashes all over the house or runs outside to fight with other male cats; the female cats howl with their voices during estrus; or worse, “surprised” to give birth to unwanted kittens. The problem facing the society is that the number of cats is overwhelming, only sterilization. By avoiding increased medical problems, there is no reason not to do so.

       4. Neglect necessary veterinary treatment

       Although cats can recover quickly from a minor illness, they can also die quickly if the emergency is not recognized in time. Cats need to be vaccinated and checked every year. If they are sick or injured, they absolutely need and should be cared for by a veterinarian. Don’t hesitate to choose (and hire) a good veterinarian.

       5. False economy of grain selection

       The money saved by buying cheap cat food can be spent hundreds of times on veterinary treatment. Cats are natural predators and need a good source of meat protein. They don’t need a lot of food stuffing, especially corn, which is a cheap source of protein used by many cat food manufacturers. Learn how to choose cat food and choose the best cat food you can afford. You’ll find that your cats eat less high-quality food because they don’t need to overeat to get the nutrients they need.

       6. Claw removal is not true

       Many new owners of ignorant cats have gone to claw surgery. When veterinarians ask, “do you want to claw your kitten when we sterilize it?” some veterinarians think that clawing is a “routine” surgery, while cat advocates think it’s cruel, inhumane and rarely necessary. So that you can make a wise decision.

       7. Allow the cat to walk freely outside

       Some people believe that cats should live outdoors in freedom, fresh air and plenty of sunshine, but others can also provide evidence that cats can be happy and healthy when they live completely indoors. Outdoor danger, indoor simple, these two views can not be debated. Fortunately, there are many compromises that give you and your cat the best of both worlds while keeping him safe and happy.

       8. Ignore the cat litter tray maintenance

       A cat always uses a sand pan. If it can keep it very clean, the sandpan has no fragrance or unpleasant to be destroyed by cat’s paws. Maintain the cat’s tray to ensure that you do not face any performance problems. Warning: if your cat suddenly begins to urinate outside the sand pan despite your careful maintenance, you should immediately suspect urinary tract problems, which is an urgent problem for veterinarians.

       9. Consider the attributes of a cat

       When you join the ranks of cat lovers, you will soon find that we usually treat our cats as family members rather than “pets.”. Although cats may be legally considered “property” at the end of a term in some jurisdictions. You no longer have more cats than you have one person. If you haven’t figured out the difference, your new cat will let you know how to order quickly. In fact, many cat lovers describe themselves as owned by their cats.

       10. It is not allowed to think that a cat is just a cat

       A cat is not a child and a cat is not a dog. The cat’s unique way makes them attractive animals. On the other hand, some of their characteristics may show frustration because we don’t understand their needs. Cats instinctively seek high places and sharpen their claws because they are cats, not because they are stubborn and rebellious. Our job is to adapt to these needs in an acceptable way.

How to judge a cat’s real age

       Knowing the age of your cat will play a big role in raising cats, such as: what kind of cat food do adult cats eat? What kind of cat food the old cats eat is decided by their age. If you don’t know the age of your cat, you’ll be more or less sorry. Most owners know the age and birthday of their pets. However, some cats are not sure about the age of their pets because they are adopted or given away by stray cats. What methods can be used to determine the age of cats?

       Generally speaking, a cat has no teeth after birth. As it grows up, its teeth will grow quickly. Note that when a cat is about five months old, it begins to change its teeth. At this time open the cat’s mouth, you can often see the cat canine part of the gums slightly red, this is a sign to grow new teeth.

       There are certain rules in the growth of cats. To judge the age of cats, we can judge them according to the growth rules of cats. Of course, although the cat’s actual age can not be accurately determined, but the approximate age can be determined. For example, 6 months after the birth of a cat, it means that it has grown up with new hair. When it is 6-7 years old, it will enter middle age. At this time, the old cat may grow white beard in its mouth, and in old age, white hair will grow on the back of its head.

       As the cat grows up, when it is about 1 year old, because of the diet, the front teeth of its jaw begin to wear. Every year after that, the more serious the tooth wear. When the cat was about 5 years old, the canine teeth began to wear, 7 years later, the mandibular incisors were rounded, and more than 10 years later, the maxillary incisors were round. Note that the older the cat, the more serious the wear of its teeth, the darker the color of the teeth, and there will be shedding.

Feeding requirements for exotic kittens (Garfield)

       Before raising the exotic short haired cat (Garfield), I prepared a nest, a bowl, a water bowl, a toilet, cat litter, ear lotion, nail clippers, and cat scratch board. These are necessary things besides cat food. Let’s talk about the maintenance and feeding of exotic kittens (Garfield).

       Feeding of exotic short haired cat (Garfield)

       How to choose cat food for exotic short haired cat (Garfield)

       Royal, the advantages of convenient and safe purchase, moderate price and complete varieties. Commonly used are k36, bc34, Persian adult cat and young cat, gastrointestinal sensitivity, palatability is good. K36 some cats will be allergic laxity, attention! If you have a good supplier who can buy authentic imported cat food, you can also choose: Mercer kitten and adult cat. The advantage is that the natural cat food has good palatability. Generally, cats with gastrointestinal sensitivity can also eat it. Xiaobian’s friend bought the first Meishi adult cat is expired, the color is light yellow brown, cats do not like to eat. Recently I bought an authentic American cat. I only knew that the color should be dark brown. Cats like it very much. Due to the negative news of melamine in cat food recently, many domestic dealers have stopped doing it, so don’t buy it! The price of Evo is more comprehensive, but the price is not good. A cat friend bought a bag to try, the result is a collective refusal to eat. Ochos, organic. Never used. Longing, natural food, used by kitten parents. The cat likes it very much and is very fat. I don’t know anything else. Ha ha. Amos, the quality of American origin is relatively good, but the recent swine flu in the United States is very frightening, we should be cautious!

       Conservation of exotic short haired cat (Garfield)

       Cat friends have just received an exotic short haired cat (Garfield cat) is to remember to deworming, generally once every 3-4 months, once a year cat triple vaccine. Daily care every 7-10 days to cut nails, clean ears once. It is recommended to take a bath once a month, once a half a month at most, and it is not suitable to take a bath too often. If the stool is soft or slightly diarrhea, you can feed mummy love to regulate the stomach and intestines. In case of severe diarrhea, it is recommended to feed pet fragrance + children Smecta or go to the pet hospital for treatment by a pet doctor.

How to judge kitten’s age

       There are more and more stray cats outside. Many caring people will choose to adopt and go home or give out cat food regularly. How to judge the age of a kitten is helpful to the feeding and growth of cats. So, we can use the simplest method to determine the age of kittens. 1. Umbilical cord: if you see a kitten whose umbilical cord has not fallen off, it should not be more than three days. 2. Eyes: Generally speaking, kittens open their eyes in about 10 days, which is an average number. 3. Ears: at birth, the ear canal is closed. It starts to open on the 5th to 8th day. It can stand up in 15-20 days. 4. Teeth: the order of long teeth is: front teeth (10-15 days), canine teeth (15-25 days), and grooved teeth (30-40 days). Finally, it is suggested that if the milk of a sucking cat does not have the milk from the mother cat to supply its physiological nutrition, it is necessary to pay attention not to feed milk from the middle of the cat’s mouth during artificial feeding, so as to avoid choking death.

Cat food shopping strategy

       In cat life, the most worrying part for owners is the purchase of cat food. We can often see many owners holding a brand of cat food and asking if this kind of cat food is good? Many people can only answer good and bad according to experience, but they don’t know the greasy. Let’s learn how to buy cat food.

       The cat’s preference for food depends on the flavor and palatability of the food itself. The food used to eat since childhood also likes to eat when it grows up. Cats, as carnivores, need more special nutrients than omnivorous dogs, such as high protein, high fat, taurine, calcium and fresh drinking water. If the intake of a certain item is too little or excessive, it will cause pathological changes of the cat, even paralysis and death. The diseases caused by diet accumulate over time and are very difficult to detect. When they are discovered, they are not easy to save. Therefore, the most appropriate and convenient way is to buy reliable cat food!

       1¡¢ Why insist on cat food for domestic cats? But you can’t just eat cat food?

       Cat is a carnivorous animal. It is difficult to digest and absorb food. The food is mainly starch, and the cat is lack of amylase. Cats need nutrients such as fat, protein (including aminoethyl sulfonic acid), minerals, vitamins, human D, e, B1, B2, B6, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, etc. In particular, the lack of an amino acid called aminoethyl sulfonic acid can lead to blindness in cats. Healthy cats can form vitamin C in their bodies, so they don’t need to eat vegetables. It should be noted that an adult cat needs five times as much protein as humans, and the content of phosphorus in meat is usually several times as high as that of calcium. However, the reasonable ratio that cats need is 0.8 when calcium is 1. Therefore, if the diet to meat as the staple food, then the intake of calcium will never be enough. It can be seen that if you want to give up cat food completely, you can’t match cat food yourself.

       There are mainly two kinds of cat food on the market: dry food and wet food. Dry cat food is condensed from ideal nutrition and contains almost no water. Due to the lack of water, it will not remain on the cat’s teeth for too long. It can prevent the formation of dental calculus, keep breath fresh and prevent the growth of oral gum bacteria. Hard cat food granules can help your cat consolidate and sharpen its teeth, and it can also promote your cat to drink more water. However, if many cats eat wet food such as canned food, they usually don’t drink much water. It’s not good for your teeth or your health.

       For example, a cat’s dry food is rice, which can last a lifetime, but eating only rice is too monotonous. And canned cat is cooked food or convenient food, delicious and convenient, but too much preservatives will lead to malnutrition. The fresh natural cat rice is big fish and meat. It’s OK to eat once in a while. Every day, people will get three high. So if you want your cat to eat healthily, you should match it reasonably like a person. Eating only one kind of food can’t guarantee the balanced nutrition of the cat.

       2¡¢ Classification of cat food

       Cat food mainly includes dry food and wet food. According to the cat’s age, it can be divided into young cat food, adult cat food, old cat food, and special prescription food to deal with different physical conditions, such as sterile cat food, hairy cat food, etc. Cat food has a variety of tastes, a variety of choices, for different tastes of cats.

       solid food

       By cat food, we usually mean dry food. Compared with canned food and snacks, dry food has higher nutritional content, and is easy to store and not easy to deteriorate. Dry food is rich in fiber, good for defecation, and can reduce the odor of cat dung, and chewing dry food can also effectively prevent cat teeth calculus. The disadvantage is that the ash content is high, male cats are prone to urinary system problems. Dry food can be divided into natural food and commodity food (also known as economic cat food).

       Natural food: characterized by high protein, low fat and comprehensive nutrition. Natural cat food is made of non polluting Cereals, meat and other natural food materials. It does not add any chemical synthetic products, food additives, artificial synthetic spices, etc., and does not use genetically modified food. Of course, the price of natural food is more expensive, but it is durable and safe.

       Commercial food: with palatability as the main goal, low-end commercial food even uses corpses as raw materials for processing, which is often heard as “4D cat food”. In addition, in order to improve the taste, food additives and attractants, including synthetic spices, are often added to commercial food. Cats are often attracted by the fragrance and will show a preference for eating. The price of this kind of cat food is cheaper, but its safety is low.

       Harm of 4D cat food: 4D cat food is made of 4D animal meat. 4D means disabled, dead, dying and disease. The food containing this ingredient is equivalent to the small dirty stall on the roadside that we eat. Once we eat it, we can’t die. We may eat it every day.

       Wet grain

       Wet food is rich in moisture and tastes close to fresh food, so it is very popular with cats. It can be divided into three categories: canned food, fresh bread, cat pudding and some meat snacks.

       Canned food: canned food is the most common one. The most intuitive criterion for judging the quality of canned food is the amount of pure meat. You can also try a little to see how salty and fresh it is.

       Miaoshengbao: easy to carry, and more soup, no other advantages. The quality is almost the same, the price is between 2 yuan and 3.5 yuan.

       Cat pudding: there are other snacks. They are usually for cats to eat and play. They are fresh and can’t eat more because most of them have high salt content.

       Brief introduction of Kitten Food

       There are two periods in the growth process of kittens. First, the growth period is very fast, followed by sexual maturity, also known as rapid maturity. In these two periods, proper nutrition is needed to make the young cats grow into healthy and strong adult cats. The fast growing period of kittens is from 2 months to 6 months. After weaning, they enter the fast growing period, lasting for about 4 months. During this period, kittens need high-quality food with balanced nutrition and high protein and calories to supply various nutrients and energy needed for rapid growth. In terms of the energy required per unit weight, fast-growing kittens need twice as much energy as adult cats. However, kittens have small mouths, tender teeth and small stomachs, so they can’t eat and digest enough food in one meal. So fast growing kittens should eat at least three meals a day.

       After six months of age, it is the rapid maturity period until the age of December. At this time, their growth rate begins to slow down, and their activity will be slightly reduced. They eat a larger amount of food per meal, which can reduce the number of meals per day. Although the cat’s body shape is very similar to that of an adult cat, it will still grow up. Many cat owners will give their cats different foods when they reach sexual maturity; in fact, cats like to eat high-quality dry cat food; at this time, we can add a little nutritious canned cat food to the dry cat food to meet their different nutritional requirements due to their slow growth.

       Kittens need a lot of nutrition and heat energy to grow up, so they need to eat high-quality Kitten Food with special formula. This kind of high-quality Kitten Food is characterized by meat as the main raw material, and it is very easy to digest and contains a lot of nutrients, which can meet the special nutritional needs of young cats. We also mentioned that many brands of natural food have kitten cat food, which are good choices, such as royal and Guanneng. Just follow the way in the manual. Conditional, still can match pure goat milk to feed together.

       3¡¢ Tips for selecting cat food

       If you want to choose cat food for your cat, you should take health as the most important standard. However, it is not the more expensive the more high-grade, the better. It also depends on the fitness of the cat. Try to buy some dry food for cats without animal or poultry by-products. The best choice is meat, and the types of meat, such as chicken and mutton, should be listed. It is better to choose cat food treated with natural preservatives (vitamin C and vitamin E are the most common). However, it should be noted that the shelf life of many natural preservatives is shorter than that of chemical preservatives. Therefore, we should pay attention to the expiration date of the product when purchasing. Generally, the storage period of dry food is 1-2 years. Please look carefully at the last edible date on the packaging bag. Smell the taste of dry food when opening. If you find that the taste is abnormal or not fresh, do not feed the cat, but ask the manufacturer to return it.

       For example, for an adult cat, the proportion of fat should not be too high, especially for the domestic cat which is kept indoors and has low amount of exercise. Some of the dry cat food on the market can be produced according to the different needs of cats, such as: hair ball formula, gastrointestinal sensitive formula, skin sensitive formula, tooth and meat health formula, anti urinary stone formula, long hair Persian cat formula and so on. It can be purchased according to different needs.

       Generally, cat food produced in the United States has the approval mark of the American Association of feed management officials (AAFCO) to prove that cat food is carried out, and through animal feeding test, the ingredients can provide 100% complete and balanced nutrition.

       Observe the cat’s reaction to dry food. After feeding for 6-8 weeks, we can judge from the growth of hair, nail, weight, stool / urine and overall health to determine whether the cat food is suitable for the cat. If the cat’s fur is dull and dry, itchy or depilated after feeding the new cat food, it may be that the cat is allergic to the ingredients of this cat food, or the nutrition is not suitable.

       During the change of cat food, please pay attention to the excreta of cats. The feces should be solid but not hard and loose. Usually, a few days before changing the cat food, the excreta of the cat will stink. This is because the digestive system can not adapt to the new cat food for a while, and it will return to normal in a short time. However, if the situation continues, it may be that this cat food is not suitable for your cat.

       4¡¢ Bad ingredients to be vigilant against

       Ingredients are the most direct way to see the quality of cat food, but many people can’t see it. However, they don’t know what effects or side effects each ingredient has. Let’s talk about a few bad ingredients that need to be paid attention to when buying cat food.

       Ground yellow corn, a cheap grain

       There is no problem with the above two ingredients, but it depends on their proportion in the grain. If they are ranked in the top two in the ingredient list, that is to say, the protein of this product is mainly plant protein. Kiss, your cat is not a monk! It wants meat! In addition, if the proportion of corn in the ingredients is too high, do not buy. Corn itself is a good cereal, but it is high in sugar, people should eat it in moderation, not to mention the cat sensitive to sugar.

       Corn bran meal

       A kind of cheap grain with low nutritional value and poor absorption effect, which is not easy to digest, it is better to eat it than not to eat it

       Chicken by product meal

       This source is arguably the worst of all grades of meat, very unsafe, low in nutritional value, and cheap. The following ranking is based on AAFCO’s definition of meat and its related products: for such ingredients, AAFCO’s nutritional health level is: Chicken > chickenmeat > chickenby-product > chicken by-product. In other words, chicken by-product powder is the worst meat product. The materials used are absolutely not edible by human beings. Generally, they are chicken head, chicken mouth, chicken feet, and even chicken feathers and feces. The nutritional value is very low and it is difficult to digest. Therefore, cats with sensitive intestines and stomach are prone to diarrhea. PS: you can buy a big box of fresh chicken liver for 6 yuan in the supermarket. Why do you have to pay for chicken excrement, friend?

       Animal fat reserved with mixed tocopherols (form of vitamin E) is a preservative extracted from animal fat

       The exact indication of a natural preservative really extracted from fat should be chicenfat. Animalfat is an artificial and unsafe preservative. More importantly, the extraction sources of animalfat are complex and difficult to control. They can be from human destruction or 4D animals purchased from some pet hospitals / stores. Preservatives from rotting animals? Believe it or not, I don’t believe it!

       Fish meal

       This fish meal also includes all the salmon meal, salmon oil and so on. If the grain manufacturers put the fish in the ingredients in the form of fishmeal and don’t clearly state what kind of fish it is, such as salmonmeal salmon meal, there is no doubt that the commercial products of this factory must be cheap fish, disordered fish, and the source of fish is chaotic and unsafe!

       This ingredient is usually used as a flavoring agent in grains

       Actually, it’s the so-called soup wrapped around the grain, but this notation indicates that the source of this ingredient can be any animal, any form of animal, including 4D animal.


       These are all pigments. There are many colors in this product. FDA believes that “if the pigment is not used too much, it is safe”. However, I think that the problem of pigment is not good, because the pigment will cause some problems, such as skin sensitivity.

       Menadione odium bisulfite complex (source of vital activity) is referred to as VK3

       VK3 (note not VitaminK, K1, or K2!) It is a synthetic cheap chemical. Long term use will cause permanent damage and death to the body. The European Union has banned the use of vitamin K3 in anything for human use, and its harm is very great. So far, the most similar research results show that dogs who take 25-50 mg / kg of vitamin K3 for 4-33 consecutive days will suffer from severe anemia. Other studies on the consumption of vitamin K3 have used chickens or mice. When VK3 is used in pet food, it is often expressed in the following forms: “mendionesodium bisulfate”, “menadione odinium bisulfate”, “menadione methylimidinol butyl succinate”, “a source of vitaminkactivity”, “VitaminK supplement”.

       There are many kinds of cat food. Every business is launching a variety of different products. It looks dazzling at first sight, but as long as you understand the knowledge, it is very easy to choose.

What should be paid attention to when feeding cat food?


       British short cat food is not only dry food, but also has a strong preference for wet food and canned food. In addition, some owner-made food is also very suitable for British short cat food. Therefore, there are a lot of cat food suitable for British short. What should the owner pay attention to when feeding British short cat food? ??

       When feeding British short hair, you should pay attention to the fact that British short hair’s nose belongs to short nose. The cat food bowl must not be too deep. It is best to feed the canned food with a dish. Clean up the cat immediately after eating. 2-3 meals a day with less amount and more times. The canned food should be fed one can a day, and the dry food and canned food should not be mixed together. Be sure to change the water regularly and regularly every day. As for the kind of cat food, my suggestion is to feed high-grade food. Royal cat food is recommended. This kind of cat food has a good effect on the digestive system and oral hygiene of cats. ????

       It is very important to keep your own cat food. Cat food should not be in contact with the air for a long time. Dry food should be kept in a sealed box. There is a special sealed box for storing food on the Internet. This must be necessary. ????

       Cats also need to keep the leftover cans, cover them with pet cans, seal them in sealed boxes and put them in the refrigerator. When feeding again, be sure to heat it. A can can can can only be stored for two days even if it is put in the refrigerator. ????

       If you want to choose good quality British short cat food, we recommend bs34, which is specially tailored for British short hair cat. The unique “herringbone” granule can help reduce the risk of obesity and take care of oral health; triple nutrition energy can maintain the ideal posture and protect joint health; the compound nutrition formula can protect the heart health. Buy your beans in Boqi mall! ??????????


Notes on introduction of stray kittens

       For various reasons, you may encounter a stray kitten. Stray kittens are generally born by stray cats or abandoned by their owners. If the cats have not been weaned, the maintenance work of the owners will be complicated. For example, you need to prepare suitable food for them, feed them regularly, provide a good living environment, and even help stimulate the kittens to defecate. So make sure you can hold on to their lives before you plan to raise them. For example, white-collar workers from 9 to 5 may not be suitable for raising non weaned cats, because you can’t feed the cats during the day, and you can’t solve any problems when cats are at home alone. If you are not suitable for raising such kittens, you may as well give them to someone who is experienced and can keep cats, or seek the help of some organizations, etc.

       If the cat is weaned, the care of the owner may be a little easier. In terms of food preparation, you can give them Kitten Food. For the newly weaned cats who can not fully adapt to eating dry food, the owner can soak the cat food to them, and gradually let the cat adapt to eat dry food. If you want to give your cat homemade cat food, then you must pay attention to the nutrition ratio of the food, so as to ensure the healthy growth of the cat.

       Because cats are adopted, they may need some training in order to adapt to human family life. For example, some cats may be born with litter, but others are not. If cats can’t use litter, their owners should teach them to use litter; in the process of raising young cats, owners may encounter the problem of cats scratching randomly, so it’s the owner’s job to find ways to make them stop scratching. If there are children or other animals in the family, then cats still have to learn Will get along with children and other animals and so on. However, no matter how to train cats, do not take violence education. If kittens are severely punished in the process of education, they will not have a sense of trust in their owners, and their personality may become more withdrawn or irritable, so you may encounter more problems in later life.

       In addition, in order to make the cat more happy, the owners should also pay attention to the “spiritual life” of the kitten. When you have something to go out during the day, you can prepare some toys for your cat, so that they will not be too boring; if the cat is very sticky to you, don’t turn a blind eye to it, otherwise the cat may be “depressed”! It should be noted that in the process of raising kittens, once the cat is found sick, the owner should take them to the pet hospital for diagnosis and treatment.