11. Precautions for cat foster care

       We will also usher in our annual National Day holiday. I believe that many people will not miss this opportunity to travel. For the parents who raise cats, foster care is the choice of most parents. However, foster care is not a simple thing. Parents should take the cat to the pet store to check the environment before they foster the cat. The matters needing attention are as follows Point:

       1. You need to choose a reliable store. Of course, it is the best choice to know a reliable pet store.

       2. Check the environmental hygiene of the pet store and whether the store’s care for the cat is professional.

       3. It’s better to find a professional cat shop for accommodation, not the environment where dogs and cats live together.

       4. Clearly explain the care to the store owner and leave a contact number.

       5. If there is any special matter, such as feeding medicine to the cat, feeding specific feed, canned food, etc., it should be explained to the store owner in detail.