How to prevent captive cats from escaping

       Many people have different ideas about whether to raise cats in captivity or in captivity. However, many families still keep cats in captivity, which can not only prevent the loss of cats, but also ensure the health of cats. Therefore, it is suggested that cats should be kept in captivity. Parents who think that free ranging can make cats happy and free can think about which kind of breeding is more suitable for cats.

       1. Prevent cats and cats from escaping suddenly

       1. When leaving home, make sure that the doors and windows are closed (if you want to breathe, you can isolate the cat in other rooms that do not open the window and do not open the door, one by one).

       2. When leaving the house, pay close attention to the cat’s movement and try to keep the cat away from the door. After going out, make sure that the cat doesn’t follow out before leaving.

       3. Before you go home and open the door, make all mental preparations. Usually, open a crack in the door. If the cat stands at the door, yells or stomps loudly to frighten it back a few steps. Then you quickly enter the door and close the door. Make sure the cat is at home and lock the door.

       There are many ways to make a cat happy. If you don’t let it go, it will be happy. If you stay at home, it will be unhappy,

       1. Fur ball (cats always love this. If you leave home, throw it to them. They can play all day by themselves).

       2. Cat Teaser stick (this good thing is very good for training cats and people. Everyone can have a good time. You can make your cat happy as long as you spare ten minutes.).

       3. Cat climbing frame (what better Castle than cat climbing frame? They can grind their claws, hide and scare people to play. When they are tired, they can lie down and rest. The key is that the cat won’t scratch your furniture and sofa any more.

       4. Fish tank (there is no more lovely fish than the fish that comes and goes).

       In fact, even if you pinch a small paper ball, they can be happy.