How to buy exotic short hair cats

       Exotic kittens are cute and cute in appearance and gentle and sticky in character. They are very suitable for girls to feed now. However, the prices of good exotic kittens are relatively expensive. For unfamiliar people, they do not have the ability to distinguish good from bad. What should we do then? How can we buy exotic short haired cats?

       1¡¢ How to distinguish pure exotic short haired cats

       1. Overall situation

       It has moderate physical development, strong muscles, thick limbs without bending, normal walking, and strong reaction by pulling legs and feet with hands. It is normal for kittens to protrude slightly. He was fluffy and fluffy, and had a reaction immediately when he heard the call. After being teased, he had a desire to play, and he had a strong appetite for the smell of meat. All parts of the body are well developed, the bones are strong, and the reaction to the surrounding is very sharp when feeding. Touching a cat with your hand can feel that the cat’s body is strong and strong. If there are muscles in the shoulder, chest and North, then the cat is in good health.

       2. Variety testing

       If you choose to be a kitten, you may not be able to tell whether the cat is a good breed or not, whether it will grow up in good shape, and whether it can grow more beautiful, then you can go to see the cat’s parents. If the parents are pure, beautiful foreign short hair, then the kittens born after the appearance will be very beautiful Oh.

       3. Consult a professional cat expert

       Friends who like exotic short hair cats must make preparations before selecting them, or consult professional cat experts to accompany you to the market to buy cats, so as to avoid being confused by cats with similar appearance and different breeds on the market. Choose a good exotic short haired cat.

       2¡¢ Buy exotic short haired cats

       The main reason why exotic short haired cats are very popular is its nose! But we all stubbornly believe that the shorter the nose is, the better. In fact, it is not. Although it requires a line of nose and eye, it does not mean that the shorter the nose, the better! The upper end of the nose of a cat should not be beyond the corner of the eye. If the kitten is selected, the nose of the two month old kitten will be very close to the face and there is no distance between it and the face. Most of the noses will not grow well when they grow up.

       Besides, have you ever noticed the ears of exotic short haired cats! The foreign short hair cat’s ear position must be low, the distance between the two ears is wide, only then can have the very wide frontal bone, the ear must be small, the best ear tip forms the circle!

       Many people are very concerned about the color of the foreign short hair cat’s fur, but never pay attention to the richness of the coat. In fact, the color of the cat’s fur does not play a decisive role in the game, but if the richness of the fur is not enough, it can make a good foreign short haired cat lose the game! In the cat game, this item also accounts for a high proportion of competition points!

       The eyes of all cats, no matter what color they are, are blue when they are very young. As they grow up, they gradually grow into the color that the breed should have. Before adulthood, the color of their eyes has been getting better and better. It’s hard to choose a kitten’s figure and eyes when they are young. It depends on their parents. If their figure, posture and eye color are very good, the kitten’s must be correct!

       3¡¢ Price of exotic short hair cat

       The relative reproduction rate of exotic short haired cats is low, and the survival rate is lower than that of other breeds of cats. During lactation, breeders need to invest a lot of energy, so the price is higher than other breeds of cats. And this breed of cat requires a lot of appearance, and the height difference is also very large. Considering the current domestic market, it is normal for a short cat with a price of more than 1500-20000. Generally speaking, foreign short hair cat products with extremely low prices are generally fair. Of course, tens of thousands of them have CFA certificates.

       Before buying exotic short hair cats, it’s better to have a look at it and determine which one you like best.

Application of insulin glargine in cat diabetes mellitus

       Insulin glargine is an insulin analogue synthesized by E.coli using DNA recombination technology. The insulin molecule was modified by replacing asparagine with glycine at site 21 and adding two arginine to the end of the insulin B chain. Glycine arginine replacement is named after glycine. This modification changed the isoelectric point of insulin and made insulin soluble at pH4. When the pH of subcutaneous tissue was 7.4, the acidic solution was neutralized and insulin formed particles and then released stably. Insulin glargine slowly released into the systemic circulation, producing a sustained effect. The formation of microparticles depends on the interaction between acidic insulin (pH = 4) and relatively neutral subcutaneous tissue (pH = 7); therefore, insulin glargine should not be mixed with other insulin or diluted with liquid before use.

       Insulin glargine is designed to be used once a day, regardless of its hypoglycemic effect, to enter the market with no peak insulin. However, according to the blood glucose and insulin glargine concentration curves made by diabetic cats and healthy cats, there was a low blood glucose level and a peak insulin level. In cats, clinical experience has shown that insulin glargine is effective for a long time. Compared with other insulin, stable cats usually do not have significant hyperglycemia at the next insulin injection.

       At present, most of insulin glargine in China is 3ml 300iu. For example, the lowest adjustment range of insulin glargine is 1iu, which makes the adjustment of dosage more difficult. Although there are some problems in this respect, according to the use of insulin glargine on the control of blood glucose in diabetes is better than other insulin. The following table is the dosage adjustment table of insulin glargine.

       Parameters of dose adjustment

       Dose change

       Stage 1: initial dose and dose in the first 3 days

       25 IU / kg q12h

       The cat had a history of ketoacidosis, and the blood glucose concentration was more than 17 mmol / L after 24-48 hours

       Increase 0.5 IU

       If the blood glucose concentration is less than 2.8 mmol / L

       According to the dose of insulin (< 3 IU / cat or > 3 IU / cat), reduce the dose by 0.25 ~ 0.5 IU

       Phase 2: increasing dose

       If the lowest blood glucose level > 17mmol / L

       5 IU every 3 days

       If the lowest blood glucose level is 11-17 mmol / L

       According to the level of cat insulin dosage, it increases by 0.25 ~ 0.5 IU every 3 days

       If the lowest level of blood glucose < 11mmol / L, but the peak value > 11mmol / L

       According to the level of cat insulin dosage, it increases by 0.25-0.5 IU every 5-7 days

       If the blood glucose concentration is less than 2.8 mmol / L

       According to the level of cat insulin dose, reduce 0.25 ~ 0.5 IU

       6 mmol / L at the second insulin injection

       Determine which method is most suitable for each individual:

       1. Feed the cat and reduce the dose by 0.25 ~ 0.5 IU according to the insulin dosage

       2. The cats were fed for 1-2 hours, and the normal dose was given when the blood glucose concentration increased to > 5.6 mmol / L. If the blood glucose concentration does not increase within 1-2 hours, reduce the dose by 0.25 IU or 0.5 IU

       3. Split dose: when the cat was fed, the majority of each dose was given immediately, and the remaining dose was given 1-2 hours after the blood glucose concentration rose to > 5.6 mmol / L

       Stage 3: maintenance dose, to maintain blood glucose concentration between 2.8 and 11 mmol / L throughout the day

       If the blood glucose concentration is less than 2.8 mmol / L

       According to the level of cat insulin dosage, it can reduce 0.25 ~ 0.5 IU

       If the lowest or peak blood glucose level is more than 11 mmol / L

       According to the level of cat insulin dosage and hyperglycemia, it will increase by 0.25 ~ 0.5 IU

       Stage 4: dose reduction. According to the dose, the dosage was gradually reduced by 0.25 ~ 0.5 IU

       When the cat regularly (for at least one week a day) the lowest blood glucose concentration is within the range of healthy cat blood glucose, all below 5.6 mmol / L

       According to the level of cat insulin dose, reduce 0.25 ~ 0.5 IU

       In a few days, the lowest blood glucose level was 2.2 ~ < 2.8 mmol / L at least three times

       According to the level of cat insulin dose, reduce 0.25 ~ 0.5 IU

       If the peak blood glucose > 11mmol / L

       Immediately increase insulin to the final effective dose

       Stage 5: mitigation. No insulin was used to maintain normal blood glucose concentration for at least 14 days.

       Author: Wang Jiangwei, doctor of veterinary medicine, China Agricultural University; Cao Yan, master of veterinary medicine, China Agricultural University

How to prevent captive cats from escaping

       Many people have different ideas about whether to raise cats in captivity or in captivity. However, many families still keep cats in captivity, which can not only prevent the loss of cats, but also ensure the health of cats. Therefore, it is suggested that cats should be kept in captivity. Parents who think that free ranging can make cats happy and free can think about which kind of breeding is more suitable for cats.

       1. Prevent cats and cats from escaping suddenly

       1. When leaving home, make sure that the doors and windows are closed (if you want to breathe, you can isolate the cat in other rooms that do not open the window and do not open the door, one by one).

       2. When leaving the house, pay close attention to the cat’s movement and try to keep the cat away from the door. After going out, make sure that the cat doesn’t follow out before leaving.

       3. Before you go home and open the door, make all mental preparations. Usually, open a crack in the door. If the cat stands at the door, yells or stomps loudly to frighten it back a few steps. Then you quickly enter the door and close the door. Make sure the cat is at home and lock the door.

       There are many ways to make a cat happy. If you don’t let it go, it will be happy. If you stay at home, it will be unhappy,

       1. Fur ball (cats always love this. If you leave home, throw it to them. They can play all day by themselves).

       2. Cat Teaser stick (this good thing is very good for training cats and people. Everyone can have a good time. You can make your cat happy as long as you spare ten minutes.).

       3. Cat climbing frame (what better Castle than cat climbing frame? They can grind their claws, hide and scare people to play. When they are tired, they can lie down and rest. The key is that the cat won’t scratch your furniture and sofa any more.

       4. Fish tank (there is no more lovely fish than the fish that comes and goes).

       In fact, even if you pinch a small paper ball, they can be happy.

Is purring a disease

       A cat friend said that her cat snored very loud when she was sleeping. She said that she could have bronchial problems like human beings. Is this a disease, or is it just a simple snore? Let’s take you to know about it.

       When a cat is resting, its throat often purrs. Some people think it’s a cat snoring, but scientists have found that it’s one of the ways cats treat themselves. The frequency of a certain course of animal orthopedic stimulation can be pointed out by scientists in the Department of orthopedics. The effect of purring from the larynx of feline animals is just like that of human beings exposed to ultrasound.

       First of all, cats are the most frightened. A cat can be frightened by calling a cat suddenly with a loud voice, or by using too much force when opening or closing the door, the ringing of the doorbell and the noise of a friend who suddenly comes to visit.

       Second, cats hate being looked at for a long time. When a cat is being watched, it will feel threatened by attack and become nervous or angry. Third, cats hate to be disturbed when they sleep. Sleeping accounts for two-thirds of the cat’s time every day. If you want to make love or play with a cat when it is sleeping, it is a big mistake!

       Finally, older cats like to be quiet. When it is far away from people and stay in a quiet environment, it is best not to disturb it. Don’t mistakenly think that it is in a bad mood or something. If you hold it, playing with it will only increase its burden.

Cats can eat less and more meals to lose weight

       Any animal is very greedy. When it comes to delicious food, it will never be enough to eat. When many owners feed cats, because they can’t bear the innocent look of the cat, they will feed the cat a lot. In fact, this is an important reason for the cat to get fat. In order to make the cat healthy, the first thing is that the cat should not be fat. For the fat cat, the owner can implement less Eat many meals.

       1. According to a 400 page survey report written by the American Academy of Sciences, 25% of European and American cats and dogs are “obese” to varying degrees. Like humans, they also face the threat of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The report reminds pet scientists, pet food manufacturers and pet breeders that it’s time to lose weight for dogs and cats! Cats and dogs can make vitamin C in their bodies, so they need to add it to their meals, the report said. In addition, cats are carnivorous animals and need to eat meat frequently, but dogs are not. They are still strong and strong after eating a well-balanced vegetarian diet for a long time. Cats and dogs can’t be fed on the same diet because they need different combinations of protein and carbohydrate.

       Generally speaking, cats are more picky than dogs. The report recommends that cat owners should adopt a multi meal system, that is, 12-20 times a day, with very little food at a time. For dogs, they only need to eat once a day to get the energy they need to sustain the whole day. The report warned cat and dog breeders that they must control their pets’ food intake and should not let them eat as they like. At the same time, cats and dogs also need a lot of fresh drinking water, which also helps them lose weight.

       3. The report also provides a series of data standards for judging whether cats and dogs are overweight, but the simplest way is to touch their abdomen. If they can’t touch the ribs, they should be considered overweight. For cats and dogs that are already overweight, the report suggests that they should eat less and that owners should feed them some bad food to reduce their appetite.

What causes cats to lose weight? How to solve it?

       The most healthy body shape of a cat is that it is uniform and not excessively obese and emaciated. Nowadays, many owners dote on cats and lead to their obesity. However, some cats are also emaciated. Excessive weight loss of cats is an unhealthy performance. Let’s take a look at the reasons why cats are thin?

       Parasites, such as Ascaris lumbricoides, tapeworms, nematodes, etc. These parasites live in the intestines of cats to absorb nutrients to maintain their own growth. In this way, the growth of the cat needs nutrients can not be met, so the cat can only become emaciated. To resolve this problem, the most important thing is to expel insects as soon as possible. Then slowly adjust the cat’s diet, so that it can eat enough nutrients for the growth of the body, so that it becomes healthy.

       Chronic gastroenteritis, when you find that the cat in the change of food is still persistent mild diarrhea, it means that the cat may be infected with chronic gastroenteritis. For this reason, the cat spirit is depressed, appetite is affected, the body will become thin and weak. To get the cat back to health, it is necessary to treat the disease for it in the first time. Let the emaciated pet cat recover slowly.

       Diabetes, which is also one of the main reasons for cats to lose weight. It is not easy to treat the cat’s diabetes. When the cat has diabetes, the parents should take care of the cat’s diet and daily life according to the instructions of the veterinarian. To keep the cat healthy and not to be too thin, it is necessary to ensure the scientific law of daily maintenance.

       By scoring the animal’s physical condition, the owner can not only accurately understand the nutritional status and physique of the pet, but also be very important for the doctor’s disease diagnosis and treatment record and before and after comparison. The 5-point system and 9-point system are usually used in clinical practice. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, but on the whole, the former is relatively simple to evaluate, while the latter is troublesome. For the pet who wants to lose weight, it is more suitable for the 9-point evaluation system. A 9-point system was used to evaluate the body condition score. Fat deposition and bone condition of the cat should be examined. The details are as follows:

       Bcs1-4: too thin

       Bcs1: emaciation. Short haired cat ribs visible, no palpable fat, abdominal wrinkles, lumbar easy to touch.

       Bcs2: very thin. Short haired cat ribs easy to see, lumbar obvious and a small amount of muscle, abdominal wrinkles obvious, no palpable fat.

       Bcs3: thin. The ribs are easy to touch, covered with a small amount of fat; the lumbar spine is obvious; the back of rib arch is obvious; the abdomen is a little fat.

       Bcs4: underweight. The ribs were covered with a small amount of fat, the back of rib arch was obvious, the abdomen was a little wrinkled, and there was no abdominal fat pad.

       Bcs5: ideal. The body shape is symmetrical. The waist behind the rib arch can be observed. The rib arch is slightly covered with fat, and the abdominal fat is small.

       Bcs6 or 7: Overweight

       Bcs6: overweight. The ribs were slightly covered with excessive fat, the fat pads of waist and abdomen were discernible but not obvious, and the abdominal folds were missing.

       Bcs7: too heavy. The ribs are not easy to reach, covered with moderate fat; the waist is not easy to identify; the abdomen is obviously rounded; the abdominal fat pad is moderate.

       Bcs8 or 9: Obesity

       The rib of bcs8 could not be touched due to excessive fat coverage; the waist was not visible; the abdomen was obviously round with significant fat pad; fat deposition was found in the waist.

       Bcs9: severe obesity. The ribs are untouchable and covered with a large amount of fat; the fat on the waist, face and limbs is massive; the abdomen is swollen and cannot be seen at the waist; the abdominal fat is excessively deposited.

       Some parents don’t know how to raise cats scientifically. They give them cheap cat food or eat people’s food. For example, cats don’t eat properly. In this way, not only does the cat grow fat, but it also causes cat health problems. Cats, carnivores, get nutrients from fat and protein, and cannot get calories from carbohydrates, or grains.

       The cheap low-end cat food is made of cereal. The reason why cats love to eat is because there are a lot of additives in it. Cats can hardly get nutrition from low-end cat food; The meat soup with steamed bread, fish with rice and other food is mainly grain, with a small amount of meat added. Cats always eat a lot of such food, but it is difficult to really eat enough. Some parents told me that their cats eat a large pot of rice at a time, and pull a lot of stool every day, but they are not fat. When I ask what to eat, most of them eat soup bibimbap, but cats can’t mix from soup In the meal absorption nutrition, eats how many pulls, the cat certainly does not eat fat.

       If the parents want to make the cat chubby, they must meet the nutritional needs of the cat. The cat’s food should be mainly high-quality cat food or meat. When the cat’s nutrition comes up, it will not only become chubby, but also be healthier.

       If a cat is too fat or too thin, it is not good for health. When the owner finds that the cat is thin, he should find out the reason, so as to suit the medicine to the case and treat it as soon as possible, so as to achieve the recovery of the cat.

How to train cats to eat well

       The cat’s bouncing power is very strong. Climbing trees, jumping tables, attacking people, turning over walls and so on are all easy things for him. For animals, this is a cat’s strength, but for parents, the delicious food at home will suffer. If not trained properly, the cat may not eat on time. So today I’ll teach you how to train your cat to eat well.

       Training cats to eat well

       What are the rules for training cats to eat? Many owners often boast that his cat is so clever that he can stand up straight to get food. He also said that when he ate with people, he would sit in a chair and so on. This is not a good thing. After a while, the owner will start to be distressed, because the kitten will always come to ask for food, not to eat its own cat food, and more and more picky, even regardless of the full guests, like a wild cat who has not been disciplined, jumped on the table, looking for his favorite food, three or two times to make a mess, so that the owner is very shameless.

       This is not a good phenomenon. After a while, the master will start to worry. Therefore, from childhood, we should teach cats the rules of eating regularly, regularly and quantitatively. Never give it human food. Cats must eat specially designed food for cats. Human food is not entirely suitable for its nutrition and growth. Before five months old, a three week old kitten almost always plays when he is awake. At this time, it is also the most lovely and interesting time. It is good to play with it or watch it on the side. After five months of age, its playfulness will decrease, but it often wants to play. Children’s toys, like Lego games of combination toys, may not be suitable for them. Some of them have sharp edges, some may be bitten, and it will be troublesome to swallow them carelessly.

How do Siamese cats like to express their feelings

       In addition to the cats in estrus, there are few cats who like to bark, and even less cats like to express their emotions with calls. Of course, it’s rare. In fact, there is a kind of cat, which is called logical cat. When the cat is in a good mood, it will make children cry and yell at its owner. Of course, logical cats use their tails to express their feelings in addition to their calls. 1. Tail up straight, tail curved: Siamese cat is very interested in something, but still a little hesitant. But the whole mood is still very happy. 2. Tail up straight, tail vertical: Siamese cat is very friendly to you, this is its way to express good intentions. It is often seen in the behavior of young cats to female cats. 3. The tail arch is semicircular and the hair is erect: This is the Siamese cat’s defensive state when it is in danger. The Siamese cat will attack the next step of this action. 4. Tail down, hair up: Siamese cat in danger, it is very nervous and afraid. 5. Tail up to draw a circle: the Siamese cat is curious about something and wants to get close to it. 6. Wagging the tail from left to right: it means that the Siamese cat is very angry and is about to attack. 7. Hide the tail between its legs: it means that the Siamese cat has encountered a strong opponent and is giving up and begging for mercy. Understanding and mastering the secret of tail language of Siamese cat is not a short time to discover. Only by staying with Siamese cats for a long time and being good at observing the behavior and actions of pet Siamese cats and summarizing the meaning of their actions, you will know the secret of their tails after a long time.

How to go out for a walk with the cat

       In the busy streets, you can often see the owner leading a variety of dogs walking around the corner. Have you ever seen people walking cats out? Of course, it is very rare to take a cat out, so how to train a cat to go out for a walk? Training cats to walk with their owners must start with kittens. First of all, make the cat adapt to wear collar and traction rope, but remember that the collar can not be tied too tightly or the collar itself is too heavy. At the beginning, the cat will repel the collar on the neck. Therefore, the cat should not wear the collar for too long, so as to avoid the cat’s resistance to the collar. It will take about 3 days for the cat to get used to the collar around the neck. The owner of the cat can start to walk the cat indoors for about 15 minutes each time. Then gradually train the cat to take a walk in front of his house. The cat owner can take the cat to a place far away from home for a walk, so that it can gradually adapt to the atmosphere of this walk. After the cat gets used to it, you can take it for a walk. If the cat does not want to, do not force, can try a few more times, step by step, one day will succeed.

Judging healthy cats by 6 points

       When you want to buy a cat, you must first consider whether the cat is healthy, so when purchasing, you should pay attention to the following points: first, observe whether the cat’s body is symmetrical, whether the spirit and reaction are sensitive, whether the appearance has wound, whether the fur is complete, and then observe several important parts of the cat carefully.

       1. Ears: cat ears should be clean and free of secretions. If the cat constantly scratched its ears or shook its head, it might have been infected with the ear scabies.

       2. Nose: the tip of the cat’s nose should be cool and moist with the back of the hand. There is no nasal fluid or secretion around the nostrils.

       3. Eyes: the eyes should be clear and bright. There should be no secretions at the corners of the eyes (except for Bosi and Himalayan cats (details). The third eyelid should not be exposed at the corners of the eyes (many cats are the first to appear the third eyelid).

       4. Anus: it should be clean and free from diarrhea, and the hair around should be clean and stain free.

       5. Abdomen: the abdomen of the cat should be slightly round, and the ribs can not be felt by hand. If the cat’s abdomen is enlarged, it may be a symptom of Ascaris infection or peritonitis.

       6. Hair: the most obvious health indicators of young cats are reflected in the hair. The hair of healthy kittens should be glossy, fluffy and erect. If the hair of a kitten is disordered and lusterless, it means that the cat has been infected with the disease or has just been cured.

       In any case, a healthy cat is always the owner’s first choice. It is quite common to bring back a cat with an ear scabies or moldy. It costs a lot of money to complain that the cat will become sick and disgusted after taking it home. Moreover, the seller doesn’t know how many times it has seen on the Internet. The conclusion is that care and care are more important than luck.