Why are puppet cats so expensive?

       Muppet cat is a noble among cats. Although it is a big man, it has a gentle character and soft hair. It is not only popular, but also attracts many cat slaves. However, the appearance problem of puppet cat puzzles us: the price of puppet cat is so expensive, what should we do in case the product of puppet cat is not good? Therefore, we suggest that before buying Muppet cats, we should know more about the products of puppet cats, ask more about the prices of some puppet cats, and try to buy the best puppet cats at the most reasonable price.

       1¡¢ Judging the appearance of puppet cat

       Puppet cats have blue eyes, strong body and fluffy fur. They like to be close to people. However, puppet cats mature slowly. They usually do not fully mature in weight and size until they are four years old. The colors on their bodies gradually deepen with age, and the qualitative analysis is not completed until two years old. As for the appearance of a cat, we can judge it from three aspects: head, body and fur color. Let’s talk about what kind of appearance is the best.

       1. Head: the head of the puppet cat has a broad modified wedge to form a slightly rounded outline, a slightly rounded forehead, a plane between the ears, and a medium-sized skull. On the side of the head, the forehead curve is soft, and the last segment of the nose is straight. The chin is well developed and strong, forming a straight line with the upper lip and nose. The ears are medium-sized, elongated by a modified wedge, with a wide base, slightly sloping forward, and rounded tips. The eye is blue, oval in shape and moderately wide. The line between the pupil extension and the inner edge of the ear root is a vertical line.

       2. Body: the trunk is medium to large, the whole chest outline is long and wide, the hip is slightly higher than the shoulder, the shoulder blade is broad and not protruding, the fat in the lower abdomen is acceptable, the fat in the buttocks and hind legs will be more, the bone is heavy and strong, the bone is dense, the length is medium, and the proportion with the body is balanced, the hind limb is slightly higher than the forelimb, the foot is big and round, the tail is long, and the length is equivalent to that from the shoulder blade to the back leg The length of the hips.

       3. Coat color: the hair is the longest at the neck and the edge of the face, forming a neck like appearance. The hair on the face is short. The length of the hair is gradually increased from the top of the head through the shoulder blade to the back. The hair on both sides and abdomen is medium long hair. The hair on the front legs is thick and short, and the hair on the hind legs is medium long. The thick, feathery and cluster feather like hair on the claws is the best. The wool is silky.

       2¡¢ Puppet cat products determine the price

       We all know that the price of puppet cat is expensive, but we often see that someone publishes several thousand yuan dolls on the Internet, and the appearance is super good. This situation is usually stolen by cat dealers, so don’t believe it easily. The price of the same pure blood Muppet cat varies greatly due to the different products. The gene of Muppet cat is very unstable, especially the two-color puppet cat with symmetrical reproduction is very rare. Therefore, a stuffed two-color puppet cat is more expensive than the key color puppet. We don’t have to say much about the price of match grade Muppets. This is not suitable for keeping pets at home. If you like Muppets, you can buy some pet grade ones, and the price will be much more reasonable.

       Although the pet business is not good, it is very real. Some puppet cat products are good, and the price is around 10000 yuan. It is easy to achieve. Some puppet cat products are slightly worse than others. It can be said that this is not cheap cat. If some puppet cat products are particularly excellent, tens of thousands of yuan are also available.