Is there really cat language?

       Spring and autumn are the seasons of cats’ oestrus. At this time, the stray cats in the community will continue to sing as if they have made an appointment. Not only that, but also the pet cats at home will follow. Is this the way of communication between cats and cats? Do cats really understand what each other is saying? Now let’s talk about it: does cat language really exist?

       1¡¢ The meaning of cat’s calls

       1. The cat suddenly barked and then stopped. It was the cat’s politeness, which was to say hello. For example, when I saw you back, I said, “Hello, master.”. After that, I’ll play my own game.

       2. Cat purr means like. It snores when you hold it, touch its chin, go to bed in the middle of the night, or stretch your limbs and be lazy, and snore when it is sick or in pain. In addition, snoring can be friendly.

       3. The cat’s low and gentle bark is to ask for something. In particular, when it stares at you, nine times out of ten, it asks for hugging or eating what you have on your hand. My cat likes to bark and rub your legs, sometimes holding them directly. Cats like people to pet it, especially kittens.

       4. The sound of tiger and tiger can be heard when the cat is barking, indicating threat. It’s a sign to attack. When you touch him with your hand, you can feel the hair on its back stand up.

       5. The newly adopted cat barked incessantly, indicating uneasiness. This is a kind of fear. The lost kitten barks like this. It’s urgent and fast. Don’t disturb it at this time. First, it gets familiar with the environment. This situation will soon improve. The kitten’s ability to integrate into the new environment is very fast, unless it is sick.

       6. It’s needless to say that the cat is crying for spring. It sounds like goose bumps all over the place. If you want to sterilize children’s shoes, you have to wait until after the first estrus, so you must pay attention to the cat calling spring. It sounds like a child crying, and calls all night. The time is spring and summer, that is, the cat calls spring.

       2¡¢ Body language of cats

       Animals have their own ways of communication. Some use sound, but most of them use movement. “Language expressed through the body” is called body language. A common body language used in many animals is that when they are afraid, they will curl up their bodies much smaller than they actually look, and when they want to frighten others, they will arch their bodies very large. For example, when the cat is afraid, it will crouch on the ground and curl up, even its ears will droop, making itself much smaller than it actually looks, as if to convey: “I am a very small and weak cat. I know you are strong, so don’t attack me

       On the contrary, if you want to intimidate others, you will arch your body so that you look very strong, as if you are saying, “I will give you a good look as soon as I make a move. So don’t come and annoy me. ” At that time, the cat would support the ground with its claws, arch its back in an arc, erect its roots and hair, and even its tail. We think this is a sign that it is “angry”. In fact, to be exact, it should be that it sends out the threat of “come back again and I will attack you”. In other words, as long as it is no longer close to it, it will not be attacked. Whether it is the posture of fear or the posture of threatening, it conveys a message of “don’t attack”. The difference is whether it is in a timid state or a strong state. By communicating this degree of timidity or strength, you decide the outcome. Unless both sides are in a strong state, there will be no fight.

       The cat is like a naturally born spoiled master. If the cat calls gently and makes a gentle attack on you, I believe many owners will fall. This is the cat’s language. Although we can’t understand the cat’s call, we can understand its meaning. Maybe this is a tacit understanding between the cat and its owner!