What should be paid attention to when training kittens

       Grooming a kitten is not necessarily to make the cat smarter, sometimes it is just to make him more integrated into family life. The training of kittens should be carried out step by step, and the following matters must be paid attention to:

       1. The trainer must be patient and confident, step by step, never tire of failure, and insist on training cats.

       2. The training of cats should start from the period of kittens. Because the kitten is the most active, curious and interested in anything new, it is most suitable and easy to train at this time.

       3. The best time to train the cat is before feeding. Because cats are close to people when they are hungry, and they can listen to people more vividly. At this time, they can use food stimulation to train cats effectively.

       4. In the process of training and training, we should combine all kinds of stimulation and means organically, neither being tough nor letting them be free. We should be both rigid and flexible, and combine leniency and strictness. But when training a certain movement, we should not use too many ways, so as not to know what to do.

       5. In the process of training, you should be kind and don’t rush. Because the cat is stubborn and has strong self-esteem, it is not willing to be manipulated by others. Therefore, the trainer should have a kind attitude and play with the cat during the training. Otherwise, the cat will have an aversion reaction to the training, which will affect all the training process.

       6. The rewards and punishments should be clear in the training. A small amount of delicious food should be given to those who have completed the action requirements, and they can also be touched with their hands to show praise; those who disobey the command or fail to complete the action requirements should be given appropriate reprimand to show punishment.

       7. In the whole training process, special personnel must be responsible for the training. It is not allowed for several people to train the cat at the same time, so as to avoid distracting the cat’s attention. The training should be carried out in a quiet environment, and no loud noise and sudden movements are allowed, so as to scare the cat away or refuse to accept the training.