How to train cats to use the toilet

       I don’t know how the cats at home usually go to the toilet. Not all cats will find the toilet themselves without training. There must be many cats urinating at home, which makes the house stinky. The owners hate to gnash their teeth every time, but they can only do nothing to clean up the excrement and urine. As a result, for the cats who do not change after repeated education, the master will continue to do so You can only lock it up and let it out for a while after the cat has cleaned the poop.

       It’s time to train a cat to go to the toilet from the first day it steps on the door. Early training is good. Cat toilets should be set up in corridor corners and balconies where cats can freely enter and exit. Cats who are not used to the new house will fidget when they feel like defecating. This is a good time to train to go to the toilet.

       1¡¢ Toilet for training cats

       Cats are very smart animals. Cats like to clean themselves and excrete in fixed places. It is very easy to train cats to use toilets. If the toilet in your home is a squatting toilet, you just need to remove the litter pan and tie the cat to the side of the squatting toilet. You can teach your cat to excrete in the squatting toilet in two or three days. The kittens who have just arrived at home for 3 or 4 months should pay attention to their excretion behavior, and they can do so almost once. If it is a toilet, the training time is a little longer. At first, the cat litter basin can be gradually moved to the toilet, and then placed in the toilet, must be placed stably. Gradually reduce the amount of sand every day, and finally remove the litter basin. The whole training process lasts about half a month. After training successfully, you will feel that kind of relieved excitement.

       However, if you put the cat in the prepared special toilet at the beginning, it may climb out (repeat several times). The owner should not be discouraged, just whisper to it: “the toilet is here”, and then repeat it several times. Put the sand and tissue with cat excrement smell into the toilet, so that the cat can feel at ease when it smells its own smell. When the cat is finished, don’t forget to praise it for “doing well”. As long as this repetition training will be very effective, even some cats will specially run back to the toilet outside.

       2¡¢ Use of cat litter Basin

       Generally speaking, cats have the nature of burying their own feces. Most cats instinctively find the litter basin (or sand, soil, ashes, etc.) to defecate in the sand basin and bury the poop after defecation. Some cats learn how to use litter when they follow their mothers when they are young. Because the newborn cats don’t defecate on their own, they rely on their mothers to lick the excrement out with their tongues. Therefore, the kittens who left their mothers long ago may not use the litter. At this time, it is up to the cat parents to teach the kittens how to use the litter basin.


       If the cat is excreting in a place where it should not be excreted, the owner should use toilet paper to take the excreta into the litter basin (if it is urine, suck urine into the toilet paper and put it into the sand basin), hold the cat in the sand basin, let it smell its own excreta, and grab the cat’s paw to scratch the litter to cover the discharge. Don’t scold cats. Cats are rebellious animals. They may have rebellious psychology. Instead, they should praise them gently when they teach them to bury sand. If they do well, they should be rewarded appropriately. Remember, cats are animals that remember to eat or not to beat, so when cats do well, they must be given appropriate rewards. After a few repetitions, the cat will learn to use the litter basin.

       In addition, the place where the cat defecates must be cleaned up, thoroughly cleaned with detergent or 84 disinfectant, and must not leave any smell, otherwise the cat will excrete in the smelly place again according to the smell.

       3¡¢ So how long will it take to train well?

       This is mainly about watching cats. It is basically not controlled by the cat’s parents. It is said that some cats can take less than three weeks, while others take three or four months. Generally speaking, it takes three or four weeks. At the same time, if there is more than one cat training, the slowest one.

       If there is an accident (the cat randomly urinates), don’t give up easily, insist and have confidence. Don’t punish the cat. Don’t force it. It does well to encourage it, reward it (spirit and material).

       Cats that are easy to train like to please their owners. They are brave and adaptable. If a cat is a maverick and very independent, you know you want him to use the toilet (as cats all know), but if you don’t, it’s very difficult to train. Cleverness is an independent cat. If the cat is timid and cautious, it will resist using the toilet for fear of falling down. If the cat’s adaptability is poor, a small change will make him uneasy, then it will take a long time for him to accept.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pine litter

       There are many kinds of cat litter. Different kinds of cat litter have different effects. It is not very easy to choose a suitable litter. In addition to good results, whether the cat is used to it is also a very important factor. Pine cat litter is a kind of cat litter. What are the characteristics of this kind of litter.

       1¡¢ Advantages

       1. Pine litter has good moisture absorption, deodorization and antibacterial properties. It can quickly absorb water in pet excreta and decompose ammonia molecules in excreta. It has better effect than traditional cat litter.

       2. Because the particle size of pine litter is relatively large, it can be saved by two-thirds compared with traditional cat litter.

       3. The friction force between pine litter particles is large and it is not easy to roll. The stability of this kind of litter is better, so that the cat will not have the feeling of sinking. Cats with longer hair are more suitable to use this kind of litter, because it will not stick to the hair easily and will not be taken out of the litter basin after the cat is convenient.

       4. It is also convenient to clean up. It can be directly poured into the toilet for flushing and can also be directly burned.

       2¡¢ Shortcomings

       It is easy to get damp if it is not kept well.

       2. Many cats do not bury their stools after using pine litter.

       3. Some pine litter itself has a strong taste, and the cat may not want to use it.

What are the characteristics and precautions of cat litter

       Cat litter is a must-have product for many cat raising families. There are many kinds of cat litter. Different brands have different prices. Cat litter has coagulated sand, wood sand, crystal sand and so on. Of course, the efficacy of more expensive cats will be more suitable for cats. Therefore, if you have a certain economic ability, you must not be stingy and give it to the cat Use good litter.

       Characteristics of cat litter

       1. Generally, cat litter is made of paper pulp into small particles to simulate sand and provide water absorption. There are also particles with physical desiccant such as silica gel. It is a kind of green and environmental protection product for family pet cat, which has the advantages of deodorization, strong adsorption, non-toxic, no pollution and less garbage. Chemical products such as deodorant / preservative are usually added. When cat litter meets water, it will condense into a block. Although it is easy to clean, it is recommended to use a special leakage shovel. Most of the litter cats will get on their feet and take them to other places, so please clean them regularly.

       2. Cat litter is used to bury feces and urine by the cat owners. It has good water absorption. It is generally used together with the litter basin (or cat toilet). Appropriate amount of litter is poured into the litter basin. Trained cats will enter the litter basin and excrete on it when necessary.

       What should be paid attention to when cat litter is used

       1. The open litter tray is the most common and commonly used one. The cat can enter and exit from any direction, so it will not restrict the cat’s activities in the litter tray. Many cats prefer this type of litter tray, and it’s not easy for cats to dirty themselves with this kind of litter tray. They can quickly walk away from the toilet if they are threatened (such as when other cats, dogs or people are near). The cat litter tray is relatively cheap and easy to clean. When choosing this kind of litter tray, the height should be appropriate according to the specific situation of the cat, and it is not easy to get the litter out when the cat buries “poop”.

       2. Another kind of cat litter tray is the house type cat litter tray with a cover. It has only one outlet. This kind of cat litter tray can prevent the odor from spreading everywhere and the cat can take out the litter when burying “poop”. From our point of view, this kind of cat litter tray is better, but it may not be so popular for those cats who are sensitive to smell. In addition, those cats who are usually more cautious may not like to use this kind of litter plate because they have only one exit and feel that there are too few escape routes, especially those with dogs at home. However, when the cat is disturbed, they will not like privacy. Therefore, when you are not sure which type of litter tray your cat likes to use, it is best to place both types of litter tray for the cat to choose.

       3. How big is the litter tray? Usually, it should be at least 1.5 times the length of the cat, so that the cat can have enough space when pooping. If your place is big enough, the bigger the litter tray is, the better.

       4. If the cat litter tray is placed in a place that the cat doesn’t like, it will also affect the cat’s use of the litter tray. The simple principle is to put it in a place where the cat is easy to get in and out, and at the same time allow the cat enough privacy to feel “poop.”. First of all, there should be no washing machine, refrigerator or TV set next to the litter tray, because when the cat uses the litter tray, if the nearby electrical appliances suddenly start up, it will easily scare the cat away, which will give them a shadow, so that they will no longer use the litter tray; Secondly, don’t put the litter tray in the area where cats eat and sleep, because most cats don’t go to the toilet where they eat and sleep. It’s the same as people. It is also very simple to determine the proper place to place the litter tray. In accordance with the above principles, place several litter trays in different places of the home and let the cat choose what he likes.

       The function of cat litter is to absorb the urine and cover the feces of cats. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the litter regularly, clean and disinfect the litter basin to ensure that the litter basin has no peculiar smell. This will reduce the growth of bacteria and is beneficial to the health of the cat and the owner.

About the advantages of crystal cat litter

       Domestic cats are indispensable to choose a cat litter that is clean and popular with cats. Today, I’d like to focus on crystal cat litter. Crystal cat litter is a kind of cat litter that cat owners choose more at present. Crystal cat litter is also called silica gel cat litter. It is a new and ideal pet litter cleaner, which has the incomparable excellent characteristics of clay and other cat litter in the past. But in fact, will crystal cat litter really work?

       It is very easy to use for cat owners. Generally speaking, crystal cat litter has the following advantages,

       1. Lasting force. Silicone cat litter saves money and labor, and has a long-lasting effect. A 4-pound bag of cat litter can last a cat for about a month.

       2. Easy to handle. Silica gel cat litter does not agglomerate, does not leave imprint, no dust, light weight, less garbage, can be treated as ordinary garbage; household use is convenient and safe.

       3. Strong deodorization. It can absorb the odor in urine or feces tightly and keep the air fresh in your room.

       4. Super fast moisture absorption. It can quickly absorb the urine and feces of pets in a very short period of time; the moisture absorption capacity is more than 80% of its own weight, but it still keeps its appearance dry.

       5. Strong antibacterial. Because the litter box is dry, it reduces bacterial reproduction. If you use antibacterial agent cat litter, it also has bactericidal effect.

Characteristics of different cat litter

       The same kind of litter can not meet the needs of all cats, so in order to cater to different cats, there are many kinds of cat litter. Different litter also has different characteristics, the owner can choose a suitable litter according to the actual needs of the cat.

       1¡¢ Crystal cat litter

       It is a translucent silica gel particle, which absorbs urine through the pores all over the particle, and locks the odor, and the excess water flows to the bottom. The use of “crystal sand” needs to be matched with a double cat litter basin, and a diaper pad is placed on the lower layer to absorb excess urine to avoid odor.

       This kind of cat litter has the advantages of strong deodorization and good absorption. Under normal use, there is no dust problem, it will not hurt the respiratory tract and cause diseases, and the weight is not big.

       The disadvantage is that it can’t wrap the poop well, so we should change the bottom diaper pad frequently, otherwise the bottom layer is easy to accumulate cat urine and breed bacteria.

       2¡¢ Mineral cat litter

       Its composition is mostly clay and all kinds of ores. Its gravel can contain feces, and it will coagulate into a lump when encountering urine. The advantages are good wrapping and condensation force, while the disadvantages are heavy weight and much dust.

       3¡¢ Sawdust cat litter

       It is made from the residual sawdust of wood. It has the advantages of natural and environmental protection. It can be directly flushed into the toilet or buried after use. It has less dust and its own smell can cover up a certain odor. The disadvantage is that the package is poor and the caking ability is not very strong.

       4¡¢ Paper cat litter

       It is made of recycled paper. After absorbing urine, it will appear dark and congealed into a mass. The advantages are strong water absorption capacity and good deodorization capacity. Because it is paper, so the weight is relatively small, no dust. However, the coating effect of this kind of cat litter is poor, and it is easy to expose stool and produce odor. It is easy to be affected by damp and should be kept properly. It is best to handle it in time, otherwise it is easy to stick on the litter basin.

How does cat litter come from

       Nowadays, there are many kinds of cat litter, including mineral sand, environmental protection sand and crystal sand. There are many cat litter brands. Who invented cat litter and how was it invented?

       The first inventor of cat litter was Mr. ed Lowe ed Roy (1920-1995) who lived in the United States. At first, ed just wanted to do a little favor for his neighbor. One winter, his neighbor’s wife, Cathy, complained to him. She usually dug sand in the yard and put it into the cat’s bedpan. However, after the winter snow, the land is frozen, so that she can’t dig sand for the cat to go to the toilet. She is very worried. Learn from other people’s household ash, but when cats go to the toilet and walk around the house, there are footprints on the floor, and Cathy doesn’t like it. She really wanted to have a kind of convenient litter. After the cat went to the toilet, the house was still clean.

       Ed, 27, worked in his father’s sawdust company, selling coal, sand and industrial absorbents. He thought of a bleached clay that he sold at home, which had good water absorption and was introduced to Cathy’s cat. The neighbors liked it very much. After using it, he came to ask ed for sand. Ed smelled the smell of business opportunities. In 1947, he took five pounds of bentonite into a simple brown paper bag and sold it at a local pet store for $65, called kitty litter litter.

       But the shop owner asked ed what to do if no one bought it. Ed asked the boss to give the litter to the guests for free. As a result, they all agreed that they had used it. Many cat owners came to their homes to buy it, and the cat litter business started.

Advantages and disadvantages of pine litter

       Pine litter is a common cat litter variety in the market now. It is mainly made of recycled pine wood, which is a relatively environmentally friendly cat litter. But for the picky cat, not all cats like pine litter, the small editor of Borch net will introduce the characteristics of pine litter for you. If you are also considering choosing a pine litter for your cat, you may as well refer to the following information.

       The basic function of pine cat litter is similar to that of crystal cat litter. This kind of cat litter is made of pine wood as the main raw material, supplemented by a small amount of natural binder granulation. It has no dust or very small dust, will not cause air pollution, and has strong anti permeability ability, and has good agglomeration and odor absorption functions. Direct absorption of urine, can be directly discarded in the toilet, usually do not need too much cleaning. However, pine cat litter will become powder after absorbing urine. When the whole basin is almost powdery, it can be completely discarded and has a long service life. Basically, pine litter is not smelly, but the smell of wood is certain. If you don’t like pine wood or other wood chips, the owner should consider whether to buy it. The price is slightly higher than coagulated cat litter and crystal wool sand.

       1. Advantages:

       (1) good water absorption effect.

       (2) less odor.

       (3) low wear rate and long service life.

       (4) it is easy to use. It can be discarded or flushed into the toilet after being powdered.

       (5) it is said that it can reduce the incidence of lower urinary tract syndrome in Fus cats.

       2. Disadvantages:

       (1) sawdust is susceptible to moisture and fleas.

       (2) some cats don’t like the smell of wood, can’t adapt to the touch, and even refuse to use it.

       (3) the price is slightly more expensive than condensed cat litter.

       (4) sawdust powder is easy to be taken out of the basin and pollute the home.

       3. Environmental protection

       There is no need to cut down trees in order to make pine litter when other kinds of litter are available. Therefore, when purchasing, be sure to choose the pine litter that is environmental protection remanufactured.

Types, advantages and disadvantages of cat litter

       Cat litter is used by almost all cat owners in the city. Nowadays, the common cat litter varieties are coagulated sand, wood sand, crystal sand, etc. Among them, the price of different kinds of cat litter is different, and the effect of its use is also obvious difference.

       Cat litter is one of the necessary products for cat owners. It is mainly used in cat toilets to achieve deodorization and condensation. Among many kinds of cat litter, bentonite sand is famous for its low price. This kind of cat litter also has good condensation power and deodorization function. Bentonite ore also accounts for 80% of the international market, and is welcomed and pursued by cat owners.

       In addition, clay cat litter is also widely used. Its advantage is that after the cat excretes urine, it solidifies into a lump of soil. When the cat litter coagulates, it is easier to clean, keep the environment free of dust and odor, and protect the environment clean and healthy.

       Secondly, silica gel cat litter is also widely used. The basic component of silica gel is silica, which is similar to the desiccant used in daily life. But the price of this kind of cat litter is not very cheap, but it is very convenient to use, and has strong ability of absorbing water and removing peculiar smell. It is also convenient and sanitary after use and easy to clean up.

       Finally, there is a kind of female cat litter, which is made of wood, and can be divided into non setting type and non setting type. The main advantage of this kind of cat litter is that it is environmentally friendly and natural. It has a natural wood flavor and can be decomposed. It can be burned after being used by cats. Therefore, it is convenient to clean up and its price is relatively moderate, so it is widely used.

How to have peculiar smell at home

       Pet cats are very popular in big cities. The appearance of cats makes people feel very quiet. Besides, cats don’t have to take a bath or go out for a walk. They are very simple and convenient to raise. This is the reason why many people choose pet cats. But the problem is that there will be peculiar smell in the house when cats are kept. Of course, this problem will occur in the case of improper handling. Especially in summer, when it comes to that kind of hot and humid weather, this phenomenon will be more obvious. So when encountering such a problem, how to deal with it correctly is very important. The following is mainly for the treatment of peculiar smell in cats, to see if it can help you. In fact, there are several common main reasons for this kind of trouble. You know, only in this way can we find the right remedy for the problem, and we can get twice the result with half the effort. Here’s my opinion. There are only two kinds of situations that can cause peculiar smell at home: improper treatment of the cat’s feces, and the cat’s own body. Let’s see it one by one!! One, the cat’s feces are not handled properly. Here you should know the benefits of training cats to defecate in the litter basin. If the kittens defecate at home at will, it will be a stink bomb. In order to avoid these problems, you should do the following: 1. Train the kitten to learn how to use the litter basin to avoid the habit of the kittens to urinate disorderly from the source. I will not repeat the specific training methods for pet cats here. There are a lot of relevant information on the Internet ~ 2. Choose the appropriate litter Bentonite cat litter is the most commonly used cat litter for cat families. The air humidity is high in summer. Therefore, when choosing bentonite litter, we must pay attention to choose the cat litter with larger particles. The bentonite cat litter with larger particle size has better water absorption effect and agglomeration effect, and it is not easy to disperse. Small particles of bentonite cat litter are easily broken into powder in hot and humid weather. 3. Clean up the cat excrement in time and replace all the litter regularly. In summer, if there is no peculiar smell at home, it is necessary to clean the litter basin frequently, especially for families with many cats. It is necessary to clean the litter basin twice or three times a day. Not only to clean up in time every day, but also to completely replace the litter in the litter basin at least once a week. At the same time, disinfect the litter basin with disinfectant. It’s not only cleaner, it’s not just keeping the litter dry. 4. Replace the closed toilet. If you can’t clean the litter basin in time for many times a day, you can replace the cat litter basin with a sealed Cat Toilet, which can effectively block the odor in the toilet. 5. Use deodorant powder to sprinkle the deodorant powder for cats on the litter, which can effectively remove the odor of cat poop. 6. The diet of cats in summer should be light, and the diet of cats should be as light as possible. Some vegetables, such as lettuce, cucumber and corn, can be added to the cat’s food, which can promote the movement of the cat’s intestines and stomach and reduce the odor of the cat’s stool. Second, the cat itself has a bad smell, which is mainly due to the cat’s skin disease or the owner’s usual cleaning work is not in place. Therefore, we usually give the kitten regular insect repellent bath, often to comb its hair, the sanitary environment in the home should also be done well, maintain indoor ventilation, this can fundamentally reduce the risk of cat disease, of course, this odor caused by body odor can be cut off from the source!!