Cat preparation

       The cat will enter the pregnancy period after estrus and copulation. The pregnancy period of a cat is about 56-71. The owner should calculate the time when the cat will give birth and prepare for the pre birth. First of all, it is best to take the cat to the pet hospital for birth examination to see if the cat’s body is suitable for birth at home or in the hospital. If it is born at home, the owner should prepare for the cat.

       Two weeks before giving birth, the female cat begins to look around her home for a place to give birth. At this time, it is necessary to prepare the birth box for the female cat, so that the female cat can be at ease. Box production is also sold on the market, but with cartons or corrugated boxes, it is more convenient and faster. First of all, the width should be more than enough for the cat to lie down. Too narrow may cause the baby cat to suffocate. The depth is better than its body. Make an opening where the cat can get in and out. Lay a little bit of foam on the top, lay more than 10 newspapers on top, then lay a thick layer of broken newspaper. The boxes should be placed in the corner of the cat’s favorite corner, or there will be a little bit dark. Choose a warm winter and cool summer place for baby growth. The litter box is ready in the due date and 2 weeks, so that the female cat has a habitual process. In order to reduce the burden of the female cat, the toilet and water basin were also moved to the delivery box.

       Carefully observe the status of the female cat every day. When the female cat is in labor, the owner should reduce the frequency of going out and check the cat’s pudenda every day. In addition, keep in touch with your doctor as you may have difficulty in labor. For the breed with long hair, the hair around the buttocks should be cut off so that the kitten sucks milk. The pubic hair should also be shaved. Be ready to take out when necessary: Several towels, sterilized scissors, gauze, toilet paper, etc. Especially in winter, if there are electric foot stoves, we should prepare more newspapers as much as possible.