Self made cat nutrition cream

       Generally speaking, the ingredients of nutrition cream include minerals, taurine, and vitamins. Where can I find these ingredients? I don’t know how to match the ingredients. If it’s not well done, what should I do if the cat eats it. In fact, there are cat parents do not have to worry, the following small make-up to introduce you this homemade cat nutrition cream is very simple, and the cat can also eat a certain amount of nutrition.

       1. Raw materials

       Grape sugar powder, one portion of fresh milk, one portion of cream, one piece of raw egg yolk and one piece of cod liver oil (break the capsule) if possible, adding a gamma globulin can increase resistance. After preparing the above-mentioned things, mix all the raw materials evenly and then use it. Of course, this kind of nutrition cream is different from the one bought on the market, just as everyone knows to eat pear to reduce fire, but there is still Niuhuang Jiedu pill. So this prescription is just for you to find your feelings when taking care of your cat and enjoy yourself.

       2. Tips

       Sometimes the effect of nutrition cream is extremely wonderful. Although it can’t really bring the dead back to life, it is still very helpful in many cases. Nutrition cream is suitable for cats

       (1) the coat has no luster

       (2) not long after birth

       (3) being sick

       (4) do not like to eat, malnutrition

       (5) being pregnant or having just given birth to a baby

       Although it is not a panacea for all kinds of diseases, nutrition cream can maintain the normal physiological function of cats and maintain the vitamins, protein and heat needed by cats every day. This kind of advantage can share the worries of cat lovers for the health of cats. For cat lovers, if the cat is good, the appetite will be good. The body is good, and the food is delicious.

[food strategy] homemade rice with fresh meat and vegetables

       This is a versatile vegetable rice that can be used as a snack or a staple food. We all know that compared with dogs, cats are more likely to eat meat. It is too difficult for cats to eat vegetables. Therefore, we have to work hard on the production process and add some spices that cats like. It is simply not perfect!

       Applicable PET: cat

       Material preparation:

       chicken breast

       a block

       Duck leg





       Small half root




       a few

       Cat food


       Operation steps:

       1. Remove the fat part and skin part of chicken breast and duck leg meat, wash them and put them into the meat grinder for mincing;

       2. Wash and dice the three kinds of vegetables and put them into the meat grinder. If the meat grinder is large enough, it can be ground together with the meat;

       3. Mix the minced meat and vegetables evenly together, and put them into the plate evenly and smooth them, which is easier to steam;

       4. Steam the mixed stuffing in the pan for 20 minutes. After it is cooled, it can be served directly to the cat as a snack or mixed with cat food as a staple food. Just remember to sprinkle some rosemary on it, and the cat will like it better.


       1. In the process of mincing meat food, there are usually some unbroken tendons that can be picked out and thrown away at any time;

       2. Stir the steamed meat stuffing, otherwise it will stick to the plate easily.