Is it the cat’s responsibility to have a bad smell in a cat family?

       Families with cats may encounter the phenomenon of indoor odor. If there is a family gathering, it will make the owner very embarrassed. There is a certain relationship between the odor in the room and the cat, but the responsibility is not entirely on the cat. The owner should think about whether the cat has not been bathed regularly, changed the cat litter, or did not open windows for ventilation. These are the reasons for the family odor.

       I. bath cats regularly

       Cats have their own ability and habits to clean their bodies. Therefore, for healthy cats, as long as the living environment is not dirty, the cat’s body is often very clean, and there is no smell, so there is no need to give the cat a bath. Some captive cats often have a great decline in self purification ability, and some sick cats are also easy to be lazy about cleaning themselves. Therefore, these cats are easy to get dirty and smelly, so they can be bathed to eliminate the source of odor. You can use pet shampoo to bathe cats.

       2. Disinfect the cat’s nest

       There are many families will give the cat a professional warm cat nest. Because the cat nest material is not resistant to dirt and other factors, if the cat’s nest is not cleaned for a long time, it will also produce odor. Therefore, in order to eliminate the odor source, it is necessary to clean and clean the cat’s nest regularly. In wet weather, the cat’s nest should be exposed to the sun to remove the damp and musty smell.

       3. Training cats

       Usually to the cat more training, cultivate good habits of life, is also a good way to eliminate odor. The odor source of cat family often comes from the cat’s feces and urine. Therefore, we should cultivate the cat’s good habit of not urinating anywhere. Cats are not allowed to sleep around. They should sleep in a designated place or special cat’s nest. If possible, give the cat a small room alone. Try to avoid people and cats living in the same room. When feeding the cat, do not allow the cat to pick up food and throw it everywhere to prevent the food from rotting in the corner.

       Attention, cat bad breath

       When a cat has bad breath or farts all the time, it will bring bad smell to the family. If the cat is not born with bad breath, it is likely to have oral disease, or it may be due to improper feeding. The cat always farts may be due to gastrointestinal diseases, or improper intake of food. Therefore, if you find that your cat has bad breath or is always farting, you should first check whether your feeding is proper. After eliminating the cause of food, take your cat to see a pet doctor.

       Environment is very important

       The environment in which cats live must be kept dry and not humid, otherwise, the cat’s fur is easy to produce a special bad smell of mildew. You can put the cat’s nest in a dry room. If the cat’s room becomes wet, desiccant and air dryer can be used to dehumidify the room. Note that the desiccant should not be touched by the cat.

       6. The cat should excrete in a fixed place

       To make the cat in a fixed place to defecate, timely remove the excreta in the litter basin, keep the litter basin clean, and wash the toilet shared by people and cats frequently.

       7. Pay attention to the health of cats

       We should pay attention to whether the cat’s ears, mouth and eyes have pathological changes or are infected by parasites. It is also one of the important reasons for bad smell at home that cats have bad smell of ears, bad breath or bad eyes. Therefore, we should do a good job on the cat’s ears, mouth and eyes health care work, find problems in a timely manner. At last, it is necessary to clean the floor and keep the room clean.

       There is no need to worry about the smell of the cat in the family.

       Temporary solutions can also be used for temporary odor caused by cats. Indoor pineapple, mango and other aromatic fruits, aromatherapy, air fresheners and air purifiers are good ways to remove odors.

       As long as the owners insist on the above seven points, raising cats will no longer need to worry about the smell of the family. We must frequently open windows and ventilate to keep the cat’s litter clean. In the long run, it will not only benefit the health of cats, but also enable us to live in a healthy environment. Why not?

The reason why cats have bad smell

       Some owners have reported that their cats always have a bad smell. In fact, this is the common feeling of many owners of cats. There are many reasons for the peculiar smell on cats. We should find out and solve them. If the smell is large, we should check whether it is caused by skin diseases or ear diseases.

       I. the cat has a smell

       I haven’t touched a pet cat for a period of time. When I’m close to picking up the cat, the owner will smell the thick smell on the cat. However, what are the causes of the diseases of the cat, such as the bad smell of the cat’s body, the bad smell of the body, the body of the cat, and so on.

       When the cat defecates or the body is stained with feces, it will also emit peculiar smell. When the owners smell the smell of the cat, we must take timely and effective treatment. Give the cat a bath and wash it all over. At the same time, the cat’s eyes, ears and various parts of the body are carefully examined to see if there are bacterial infections, or symptoms of purulent skin spots. If the cat’s body has abnormal disease, we must send the cat to a professional pet hospital for diagnosis and treatment, and return the pet cat to a healthy body to eliminate the unpleasant smell.

       Cat bath

       1. The water temperature should be slightly hot

       If that’s the case, it’s strange that the cat doesn’t jump into the water and jump for a long time. I believe this at first, and I think it’s very reasonable! The temperature of a cat is higher than that of a human being. But in practice, I find that the water temperature is a little too hot for human hands, and the cat will be crazy The water temperature should not be too high, and the cat’s comfort shall prevail!

       2. Degrease the cat before washing it

       If a parent washes the cat with a shampoo with strong deoiling power, it will not be long before you find that cat skin becomes more prone to oil! Why? Because most of the powerful deoiling shampoos are alkaline, every time you use it, it will take away the normal oil secreted from cat skin, which is for hair root and skin Protective. Each bath has removed the natural protective layer, as the skin naturally secretes oil, isn’t it counterproductive?

       3. Use detergent

       As I said in the last article, detergent is used to wash pots and pans after all. It is not specially designed for animals. Even though it claims no harm to human skin or even has protective effect, what can be proved to be that it is not harmful to the skin of a baby’s cat? This kind of damage will accumulate and precipitate, and we will have no idea what the consequences will be in a few years Tao, for safety’s sake, it’s better not to use detergent!

       4. Use shampoo

       No one kind of human shampoo can be used directly for cats or cats, or go back to skin problems. No matter how good people use shampoo, the problems are caused by human hair. But human hair and cat hair are different from each other in texture and structure. Why do we say that human shampoo will have a good effect on cats? Maybe it’s good to use it occasionally, but we can’t predict what will happen if we use it for a long time. Pet shampoos are specially designed for them. Skin and hair quality have been considered in advance. Although pet shampoos are more expensive than human shampoos, cats and cats are not supposed to wash their hair every day. How much more money can they spend?

       There is a certain relationship between the smell of cats and bathing, but frequent bathing is not good for the health of cats, and it is easy to produce skin diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to control the time of bathing cats. Generally, it is enough to wash twice a month.