How much is Abyssinia?

       The most impressive thing about Abyssinia cat is its thin body. I once saw two lovely Abyssinian cats in a pet store. They are very lively and lovely. Moreover, the body of Abyssinia cat is slender, the hair is close to the skin, and the big ears make people feel very smart. How much does it cost to buy such an elf like cat?

       1¡¢ Introduction to Abyssinia

       The Abyssinian cat still retains the state of the most primitive cat. With its slender body, flexible limbs, flexible eyes and compact skin, it looks more like an excellent predator. However, due to the domestication of human beings, it falls in love with living with human beings. Abyssinian cats are very homey, loyal and playful.

       As for the history of Abyssinian cats, few people can really explain it clearly, and each one is a mystery. Now people agree that an officer brought some Abyssinian cats from the country of origin to the United Kingdom, and after professional cultivation, finally bred the Abyssinian cats we see now. Although this is a very absurd statement, it gives the original A good explanation of the country of production and the country of cultivation is believed to be acceptable to all.

       2¡¢ How much is Abyssinia?

       Abyssinia cat is not very common in the domestic market, because it is not a very popular cat species. Generally speaking, the price of a purebred Abyssinian cat in China is about 6K yuan. For example, the price of a better kind of Abyssinian cat is between 8K and 10K. Moreover, it is only the price of young cats. If it is an adult cat, the price will be even higher It’s more expensive, but the situation of Abyssinian cat in China is not very ideal. People would rather spend the money to buy some British short, Siam and other breeds than to buy Abyssinian cats. It can be said that a lot of times, Abyssinian cats are in a state of price and price, which can be understood that Abyssinian cats have not been hyped by Chinese magical groups Stir fry.

       However, we can still buy Abyssinian cats in some cat houses, and there are also some cats bred by ourselves. It is much cheaper to breed our own cats. However, it is still recommended to buy the healthiest Abyssinian cat in regular cat houses.

How much is a serval cat?

       Serval cats are relatively large cats. The pattern of their fur is similar to that of leopard cats. Like leopard cats, serval cats are more expensive, and there are fewer channels to buy them. There are not many serval cats in China. Serval cat is more lively and sensible than ordinary pet cats. How much does it cost for such a pet cat?

       1¡¢ Advantages of serval

       Serval cat is a kind of wild cat in its native place. It is quite large in size. Different from ordinary cats, serval cat usually belongs to social cat category, which is relatively rare. As a pet, serval cat is more like a dog in character. The owner can slip it like a dog, or throw a ball for the cat to chase. The serval cat is lively, handsome in appearance, but not like a cat If a large number of them appear in the market, I believe they will be welcomed by everyone.

       2¡¢ Price of serval

       Many people regard serval cat as leopard cat, but there is still a big gap between them. First of all, the leopard cat’s body size is normal, and the serval cat is bigger and higher than the leopard cat. Moreover, the most characteristic feature of the serval cat is that the pattern on its ears is strip-shaped, which is not the feature of the leopard cat. The price of serval cat is also very expensive. The price of domestic imported serval cat is usually more than 300000 yuan. If the appearance is more pure, the price will be It’s higher.

       3¡¢ Where can I buy a serval cat?

       Where can I buy such an expensive serval cat? Many breeds of pets have breeding bases in China, such as cat houses and dog houses. This is a relatively professional breeding base. However, there is no such professional breeding base for serval cats in China. Therefore, most serval cats are imported from the United States or a small number of them are self bred. If you want to buy serval cats, you have to go to some large pet shops to make a reservation. Relatively speaking, the generation from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai can do so There are quite a lot of pet shops for buying serval cats.

Be careful of the trap for sale of folding eared cats

       With the popularity of the cat, many businesses began to sell it. However, many new cat friends didn’t quite understand some characteristics of the cat. Therefore, the cases that cat friends were cheated by unscrupulous merchants emerged one after another. In order to avoid being cheated, cat friends must pay attention to the following points when purchasing cats:

       1¡¢ When is the best time to buy a cat with folded ears

       Generally speaking, it is the safest to buy a 6-month-old kitten, because many ear folding cats do not fold their ears when they are young. Generally, 6-month-old cats have been identified and can be seen at a glance if their ears are not folded. Although the ears of some cats are broken when they are young, their ears may stand up slowly in the process of growing up, so if you don’t want to buy a cat with vertical ears, you’d better buy it when the cat is 6 months old.

       2¡¢ The cat with broken ears also has “string”

       Now the more popular highland fold ear cat on the market is a kind of long hair folded ear cat, but the number of highland fold ear cat is small, so the price is expensive. In order to seek high profits, some businesses will use other kinds of long hair cats to pair with folded eared cats, and sell the “string” kittens born as purebred cats at a high price. If you want to buy a pure highland fold ear cat, you’d better know who its parents are. In addition, if you have a friend who has this kind of cat, you can buy it from them. Generally, the cat bred in your own house can see the characteristics of its parents.

       3¡¢ A cat with a thick, short, stiff tail is an authentic one?

       This is a misconception that many people have come to know about the cat with folded ears. The thick and short tail of the cat with folded ears is due to the outbreak of their hereditary skeletal disease. If you observe carefully, you may find that the cat’s joints are swollen and the foot pads are thicker than other cats.

       4¡¢ The risk of low price

       The price of ordinary folding eared cats is about 1500 yuan. The folding eared cats with less quantity, better appearance and blood lineage correction may be more expensive. If some businesses sell folding eared cats at low prices, there must be something strange. Even if you don’t have Yuanfang around to give advice, you should keep your brain clear and don’t try to buy a problem cat cheaply. Therefore, it is best for a novice to buy a cat. If there is no helper, you can only read more information or ask more cat friends!

How old is a cat with broken ears to tell if it is a broken ear

       As the name suggests, folding ear cat is the cat with its ears folded down. This kind of cat has a good temper, makes people feel honest and honest, looks very cute, and can play happily with people. However, this kind of pet, which is quite popular and popular, has a lot of health risks. How old is the folded ear kitten to tell if it is a folded ear? According to relevant information, a pair of cats with folded ears cannot reproduce. Only when a cat with a broken ear matches a cat without a broken ear, it is possible to produce a cat with folded ears, and half of the newly born kittens have folded ears and half do not. It is difficult to tell whether the ears are folded or not within 3 months. Some of the ears are pulled down and some are standing. However, after 3 months, the ears may gradually stand up, and the erect ears will gradually fall down! Therefore, I advise you that if you are not sure, you should not buy a kitten, but a big one for more than half a year. At present, a typical folded ear cat in Hong Kong is about 4000-6000 yuan.