Cats are afraid of water

       Many people think cats are afraid of water, so we can see that many people train cats with water guns to deal with disobedient cats. But in real life, it seems that not all cats are afraid of water, some even take the initiative to play in the water. So what is the cat’s attitude towards water?

       The impression of a cat as “afraid of water” may be caused by the owner’s behavior. For example, in order to make the cat no longer grasp the sofa, the owner may spray the cat with a water gun, and the cat may avoid it just because it does not want to be attacked, rather than afraid of water. Some owners may say that every time I take a cat to a bath, they always want to run away. Doesn’t that mean they are afraid of water? In fact, cats may just not like you to force them to accept something they don’t want to do. They don’t like to take a bath. Naturally, they always want to take the opportunity to leave when you give them a bath. Therefore, when people see cats appear in the above-mentioned behavior, they believe that cats are afraid of water.

       Cat water dispenser

       However, when almost all cats are not attacked or forced, they will take the initiative to approach the water, especially the flowing water, which is more attractive to cats. Therefore, we can see cats drinking water from tap water and playing with water by themselves. In fact, it is the cat’s psychology that people use to create water dispensers, so that they like to drink more water. In addition, with regard to the bathing of cats, if the owners start bathing cats when they are young, many cats will not reject bathing, and some cats will even enjoy bathing very much.

       Special introduction: Turkish Van Cat

       Turkish Van Cat is a special cat, they love water, like swimming, is the meow people swimming master.

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