Furniture Defense War: training cats not to grab furniture

       Many parents feel that the cat grabs furniture is a headache. They change lots of sofas and benches. The cat’s bad habit of grabbing furniture is always unchanged. What should we do? Why does a cat grab furniture? When a cat grasps an object, it always likes to scratch in the same place or the same part. This is because there are abundant glands on the cat’s feet, which can secrete viscous and flavorful liquid. During the process of scratching, the liquid adheres to the surface of the object being caught. The smell of the mucus will attract the cat to the same place again.

       In addition, after the cat wakes up, stretches, often occurs pickpocketing behavior. According to these habitual movements of cats, corresponding measures can be taken for training.

       Before training, a wooden post should be prepared, which is 70 cm long and 20 cm thick. It should be upright and fixed near the cat’s nest to facilitate the cat to scratch. The wood column should be solid in texture.

       Training should start with kittens. During the training, the kitten is brought to the wooden post, and the cat’s two front legs are grasped with both hands, and placed on the wooden post to simulate the cat’s scratching action, so that the secretion from the glands on the cat’s feet can be painted on the wooden post.

       After a lot of training, coupled with the smell of secretion, the cat will go to the wooden pole to scratch. Develop such a habit, it will not go to the furniture to scratch, so as to protect the furniture neat, beautiful.

       For cats who have developed the habit of picking furniture, when training, they should first cover the outside of the scratched parts with plastic boards, boards, etc., and then place a solid wooden column or board in the appropriate position in front of the picking parts. You can use the same method to train cats to scratch on wooden columns or boards. After the cats get used to it, move the wooden pillars or boards slowly until you have a place in your mind ¡£ The distance of moving the board each time should not be too large, 5-10 cm is appropriate, and should not be done too quickly.