Prevention of cat scratch disease in spring

       Spring is the season of cat’s estrus. Many lovers will be accidentally scratched by stray cats at home or outside, which makes it easier to develop cat scratch disease. However, cat scratch disease can be prevented and cured, so there is no need to be alarmed.

       Cat scratch disease is a zoonotic infectious disease, 80% of which is related to cat scratch and bite. Dog, rabbit and monkey scratch can also cause cat scratch disease. With the increasing number of cats and stray cats, the number of cat scratch disease patients is also on the rise. There are nearly 10000 cases of cat scratch disease in the world every year. The incubation period of the disease is generally 10-30 days, a few can be months or even 1-2 years. At the onset of the disease, lymphadenopathy and fever may occur.

       Cat scratch disease can be prevented and cured. There is no need to panic. If there is a history of being bitten and scratched by a cat, the disease can be diagnosed by laboratory tests. Once the disease is diagnosed and symptomatic treatment, the general recovery is good. According to reports, Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital in recent years, a total of 4 cases of cat scratch disease patients, after treatment, the patients were completely recovered. Medical experts warn that people with low immune function may suffer from serious systemic diseases, such as heart and brain complications, and very few will lead to death. He cited relevant information and said that about 10% of pet cats and 33% of stray cats carried the pathogen in their blood and spread it among cats through fleas. It is suggested that patients with chronic diseases and those with low immunity should not keep pets. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid being bitten and scratched by animals, especially in spring when animals are in estrus, so as to avoid unnecessary injury. In case of being bitten or scratched, the rabies vaccine should be injected into the hospital in time.