Can you shave cats in summer?

       In the warm season, cats no longer need thick winter fur to help keep out the cold, so the momentum of hair loss will be particularly fierce, and the situation of spitting hair balls will be more frequent. In order to solve these problems, can I shave my cat?

       The simple answer is that most pet experts don’t recommend shaving your pet – whether it’s a cat or a dog.

       1. Shaving for fear that the cat is too hot? It’s a silly idea to be loved.

       Cats have an inborn body temperature regulating mechanism – thicker fur in winter helps keep out the cold, and thinner fur helps to dissipate heat in summer; and they are smaller and easier to dissipate heat; they are also very easy and good at finding places to shade themselves from the heat. Therefore, it is obviously too much to worry about if the cat is too hot to shave. Of course, there are also some ways to help your cat resist the heat, see the end of the article.

       2. Shaving because the cat spits hair balls badly? Try combing more often and increasing your dietary fiber intake.

       Cats love to be clean and often take care of themselves by licking their fur, so it is inevitable that they will eat a lot of hair and cause the hair ball to vomit. The owner who loves the cat’s frequent spitting and has the idea of shaving can buy a cat’s special comb or brush, frequently comb the hair, clean up the hair that has fallen off, reduce the amount of hair that the cat eats into the stomach, so as to reduce the frequency of hair spitting ball.

       In addition, it can also increase the intake of dietary fiber and help the cat excrete fur balls from the feces. It’s also a good way to feed cat grass, cat grass ingot, Huamao cream, or make snacks for cats with high dietary fiber content.

       3. Because there are too many cats at home? Try hair gluers and dry cleaning brushes.

       If you often groom your cat’s fur, the scene of cats flying in the house should be much less. In addition, the hair bonder can stick the cat’s hair off the clothes, and the clothes dry cleaning brush is very effective in removing the hair from the cat’s nest mat.

       4. If you still decide to shave your cat for a variety of reasons, you should identify the following risks in advance:

       –Shaving your cat may be more challenging than bathing your cat. You may get scratched or bitten by the cat;

       –When shaving, the razor may hurt the cat and cause skin damage;

       –After shaving, cats may have negative emotions, such as not caring for people, not eating, and feeling depressed.

       –After shaving, cats may be more susceptible to bacterial infections and skin diseases.

       –After shaving, it may take a very long time to grow new hair, and the quality of new hair may be very poor;

       5. On the basis of clarifying the above risks, I still plan to shave. I give you some suggestions:

       –You can ask a professional pet beautician to shave your cat to reduce the risk of injury to you and your cat;

       –When shaving, leave enough space between the razor and the skin to avoid damaging the cat’s skin, especially the parts near the reproductive organs and the connection between the inner side of the front and rear limbs and the chest and abdomen;

       –Don’t shave the hair short. On the one hand, it can keep warm, on the other hand, it can prevent the irregular growth of hair;

       –Pay attention to the temperature of the razor. If the blade is too hot, stop immediately and wait for the blade to cool down;

       –Enhance nutrition, improve the cat’s immunity, strong immunity can resist the invasion of bacteria, not easy to get sick;

       –Keep the home environment clean. The floor, furniture and litter should be cleaned regularly to keep a dry and clean environment, eliminate bacteria breeding and prevent cat skin diseases;

       –You can buy some pet hair products to promote the rebirth of cat fur. For details, please refer to my other article “how to make pets have healthy fur?”? How to choose beautiful wool products? “

       –Caress and praise your cat, and give some snacks or game rewards to avoid or pacify its negative emotions;

       –If you have the habit of walking cats, you should do a good job of expelling insects and fleas in advance, and choose to go out at night.

       6. If you want to do something for your cat to cool down, here are some practical ways to do it

       –Supply sufficient, fresh and clean drinking water at all times;

       –Comb your hair frequently to help your cat clean the hair that it is ready to take off;

       –Cats who live indoors for a long time do not have to worry about the coming of heat, but they should keep the room well ventilated;

       –When the temperature is too high and the sun is scorching, we should avoid going out. It is better to walk the cat at night;

       –There are ice mats and cool mats on the market. If you think it’s necessary, you may as well give the cat one;

       –Diet, increase vitamin C and vitamin E and other antioxidant substances intake, can help cats resist heat stress. The effect of protein on body heat gain is higher than that of fat, so we can choose the main grain with lower protein content and higher fat content.

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