Purchasing skills of Himalayan cats

       The Himalayan cat combines the softness, charm and responsiveness of the Persian cat, and the intelligence and gentleness of the Siamese cat. But most Himalayan cats are not lively cats, but they like to play and are very active. They like to interact with people. When purchasing Himalayan cats, we can observe them according to the following characteristics: 1. Head: the head is wide and round; the forehead is round; the jaw is round; the whole head is coordinated with the short and thick neck. The nose is short and flat, with plump cheeks and jaws. 2. Ears: small ears, rounded ends, not wide base of ears, wide distance between two ears, lower than the head. 3. Eyes: the eyes are large and round, slightly protruding, the distance between the two eyes is slightly wider, and the eyes are blue. 4. Body: typical short fat shape, chest depth and width, shoulder width with waist width, rib expansion to round, abdomen not up, back short and back line flat. 5. Limbs: the limbs are thick, short and straight, and the bones are strong and powerful. 6. Tail: the tail is thick and short, but in proportion to the body. When walking, it can be lowered below the back line without dragging the ground. 7. Coat: the coat is long and dense, but does not stand close to the body surface. The wool is soft as silk and full of luster. The coat is composed of upper and lower hairs. The lower fur is thin and long, covering the whole body. The back of the neck is richly feathered, forming a frill. 8. Coat color: the body hair color includes seal color, blue color, chocolate color, lilac color, white color, red color, etc.