Is the cat sleeping because of illness?

       It is not difficult for owners to find that cats are either sleeping or sleepy most of the time every day. Why? Is it because the cat is sick? There must be some special reason why cats are so sleepy. Let’s talk about it today.

       1¡¢ Cats sleep for a long time

       Every animal has a fixed time of sleep. For example, cattle, horses and elephants sleep about 3 hours a day, chimpanzees 9 hours, wolves 13 hours, lions 10-15 hours, and cats 14 hours. However, this is the sleeping time of cats living in the wild. If it is a domestic cat, it will sleep more.

       Cats raised by humans have more free time than wild cats because they don’t need to spend their time looking for food. According to the habit principle of “go to bed when you have nothing to do”, sleep time increases. Domestic cats sleep nearly 20 hours a day. When you get older, you sleep more. It can even be said that the cat was born to sleep, in order not to starve to death, get up from time to time to eat a meal. So it’s normal for cats to sleep.

       2¡¢ Is the cat really asleep?

       Pay attention to observe the sleeping cat and you will find that when the cat sleeps, as long as there is a slight sound, the cat will wake up. This is because the cat’s sleep is divided into shallow sleep and deep sleep. Most of the time, the cat is in a shallow sleep state. On the surface, the cat is asleep. In fact, they still maintain a high degree of vigilance. Cats do not get enough rest when they are in a light sleep, which is equivalent to a person’s nap. Cats can only be in a deep sleep state when they are really relaxed. Cats in deep sleep will generally take a very comfortable posture, such as lying on their back in a twist like pattern, while cats tend to lie prone when they are in shallow sleep. Cat’s sleep is light sleep – deep sleep – light sleep in turn, and the light sleep time is very long, so the real time to get rest and relax is not particularly much, and the real sleep time is only 5 or 6 hours every day.

       3¡¢ The nature of sleeping in the daytime and coming out at night

       I believe that all parents who have cats feel the same way. That is, every morning, when all the people are still asleep, the cat has already got up. And, often late at night, when people are sleeping, cats are mentally active. The cat itself is a natural hunter, and the night is a good time for prey to come out and look for food. And at night, the general light is very dark, but for cats, such lighting conditions are enough, they can clearly observe changes in the environment, to hunt. For cats, they have “Hunter” blood on their bodies, and their primitive instinct makes them most awake in the early hours of the morning, and other moments are always “confused” similar to sleeping. And this, even for cats, is hard to change.

       4¡¢ Cats sleeping and sick

       We have analyzed the reasons why cats sleep. Now we know that cats sleep for a long time. However, many owners encounter the situation that cats are very active, but they are sleepy recently. Is this because the cat is sick? In fact, this can not be generalized. Cats will change the length of sleep because of seasonal changes. For example, when the weather is hot in summer, cats will become more sleepy. This is just a regulation of the body. The owner does not have to worry too much. However, if the cat is not only sleepy, but also accompanied by other symptoms, such as disordered fur, diarrhea, fever, runny nose and other symptoms, it shows that the cat is sick Lead to depression, and then you have to see a doctor.

       In fact, we can regard the sleeping condition of a cat as a cat language. If the cat is relaxed when sleeping at home, it means that the home has brought it enough security. If the cat has been taking a rest in a defensive state, it shows that he does not trust the living environment. Then the owner should consider preparing a safe corner for the cat to make it have enough Enough space to rest.