Does the cloth cat need to slide

       There are plenty of dog walkers on the street, but a few cat walking books are rare. First, because the puppet cat (details) is quiet, it is easy to be frightened when going out. Moreover, unlike dogs, cats can easily climb high objects, so it is difficult to catch them. And puppet cat itself does not need too much exercise, so the situation of cat walking is relatively rare.

       1¡¢ What are the benefits of walking a cat

       1. Generally, cats are sensitive, so they are easy to be frightened when hearing some sounds or sudden appearance of foreign bodies. It is helpful to exercise the courage of cats to go out properly. Some cats have behavioral problems, such as anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder, due to lack of contact with the outside world.

       2. Improve the physical fitness of cats

       Although the cat’s own exercise demand is not very high, but appropriate exercise certainly has no harm, often walk can let the cat get good exercise, thus improving the cat’s physical fitness, better resistance to disease.

       2¡¢ Tips for cat walking

       1. Be sure to select the proper traction rope

       There is a big difference between taking a dog and taking a cat out. First of all, you must pay attention to the traction rope. Collars are obviously not suitable for cats. Cats are much more flexible than dogs. They can easily drill their heads out. If the collar is too tight, the cat will feel uncomfortable. So it’s best to choose the strap type traction rope, there should be special cat.

       2. Wear vest

       As for the wearing method of cat’s vest, first take out the vest and let the cat contact it to get familiar with the vest, then let the cat wear it for a period of time, and then tie the traction rope when it can walk freely, and take it out after the cat is really familiar with it. The condition of wearing vest should be adjusted according to the individual condition of the cat. Each cat has different adjustment time for the vest. Reward it after each step is completed, so as to make the cat have a good impression on walking. When walking, the cat’s pace should be given priority to.

       3. Reward appropriately

       Reward can make the cat more receptive to strange things, so when the cat completes a step, it should be rewarded in time. Whether it is with snacks, praise or massage, it can improve the cat’s acceptance, and then it can be more smoothly taken out for a walk.

       4. Try not to choose too noisy places

       Although it is one of the purposes for us to take a cat out, we should not choose a place where the cat is too noisy. This should also be a gradual process. Otherwise, once the cat runs away, it will be easy to find it back.

       5. Don’t leave the cat alone

       Don’t leave the cat alone in a place. In case the cat is frightened by foreign objects and entangled by the traction rope in a panic, it is likely that the traction rope is too tightly wound, which may cause suffocation.

       Although Muppets are gentle and quiet, it is good for them to go out properly. Walking a cat requires a process of adaptation. At the beginning, try to choose a quiet place. If you find dogs close, you’d better take them away. Wait until the cat gets used to it, and then slowly contact people or animals who make a living.