[food strategy] homemade steamed rice with chicken breast

       Cats are very picky eaters and like meat food very much. They have little demand for vegetables. If you want your cat to eat some vegetables, you must use more meat to attract it. Today, we will make a meat staple food: chicken breast steamed rice.

       Applicable PET: cat

       Material preparation:

       chicken breast





       Small half root





       Operation steps:

       1. Chop all the raw materials, and fry the prawns first and then chop them up;

       2. Put all the raw materials except shrimp together and steam them in a pot;

       3. Put the steamed ingredients into a blender and mix them with prawns to serve them to the cat!


       1. Fresh water shrimp is the best choice;

       2. When making, all raw materials can also be stirred first and then steamed.