How to nurse cats after operation

       In the cat’s life, it is inevitable to have to go to the pet hospital for surgery due to some special circumstances. Although the medical technology is developed and the success rate of the operation is high, the postoperative pain of the cat’s wound can not be completely avoided, because the use of analgesic drugs and injections is not conducive to the health of the cat, and many cats are difficult to serve after surgery, so what should be done at this time ? How to nurse the cat after operation?

       1. After the operation, observe the cat’s mental state throughout the whole process. When the cat is conscious, gently touch it to give it a sense of security. Be sure to feed any food and water within 8 hours after surgery.

       2. The cats that can be taken home for nursing after minor operation should be taken back after the cat is fully awake with the consent of the doctor, so as to avoid adverse reactions of the cat after operation and the emergency hospital can not be found on the way.

       3. Rest and isolate from other sick cats. It should be placed in a cage of appropriate size and covered with a safe and comfortable cushion. Try not to make the cat too excited. If the cat’s mood changes greatly, a small amount of sedative can be given, because the cat can feel the pain of the wound after the operation. Record the cat’s stool, urine, appetite every day.

       4. Before the wound is completely healed after operation, it is necessary to wear Elizabethan ring on the cat, because the wound is in the recovery period. During the recovery period, the wound will itch and scab. At this time, the cat will scratch the wound and lick the wound, which will eventually cause wound infection of the cat, which can seriously threaten life.

       5. In the morning and evening, clean the wound, apply medicine, change gauze, and measure the temperature of the cat to see whether the wound is red or swollen, whether the suture is broken, whether there is exudate in the operation Department, etc. if there are several problems above, consult the doctor in time.

       6. Don’t take a bath after operation. In some cases, you can take a bath when the wound returns to normal after 10 days of operation. Consult your doctor for specific advice.

       7. Since most cats are picky after surgery, it is recommended to feed some delicious food. Of course, the nutrition must be comprehensive. The food containing high protein and vitamin is the best, which can accelerate wound healing.

       8. The suture can be removed when the wound is completely recovered within 7-10 days after the operation, and the medicine should be continued to be applied after the removal, and the Elizabethan circle should be worn for consolidation for several days.