Eye care of short face cats

       Some cats’ tears are easy to accumulate in the eyes, causing discoloration of the hair around them and turning into ugly “tear marks”. Host can use cotton wool, dip in eye wash liquid, wipe from inside eyelid outwards.

       Because the nasolacrimal duct of the short face cat is shorter than that of the ordinary cat, it is often troubled by tears and eye dirt. The natural short nasal cavity makes the bright eyes always have tears. After a long time, there are a lot of reddish brown substances on the cheek, leaving ugly tear marks on the beautiful face. Therefore, the daily eye care of short face cats is particularly important.

       With a small piece of clean paper towel or cotton swab, gently wipe the dirt from the cat’s eyes and face, including tears and eye dirt, to dry the skin and hair as much as possible.

       Clean the other eye and cheek with a clean tissue or cotton swab.

       Eye drops for cats don’t have to be special for pets, but eye drops for cats must be non irritating. Just drop 2 to 3 drops in one eye, not a lot. Lift up the upper and lower eyelids and let the solution fully contact the mucous membrane inside the eyes. Let the cat close its eyes and push the skin on the face with hands to keep the spilled liquid in the place with stains as far as possible. If you feel the liquid is not enough or shaken off, you can supplement it separately. At this time, try to control the cat’s eyes. Do not open the eyes to prevent the contaminated liquid from flowing back into the eyes. Then, find a clean paper towel to wipe the cat’s eyes, eye socket and face carefully.

How to deal with cat’s tears

       Tear marks are a common problem in many cats. In fact, tear marks themselves do not cause any harm to the cat’s body, but have a great impact on their external image. Especially for some white haired cats, it looks more obvious, and it will greatly reduce the cat’s image score. Therefore, we must not ignore the eye care for the cat at ordinary times, so as to prevent tear marks from affecting the appearance of the cat.

       1¡¢ Causes of tear marks

       1. Diet: diet is one of the most common reasons for the formation of tears in dogs, and it is also one of the reasons that we know the most. If you have a dog for more than three months, you will know that if you have a dog for three months, you will know. So in this case, first stop feeding salty dog food or food and give your dog more water. Try to eat light.

       2. Eye disease or inflammation: if the dog’s eyes have inflammation or other diseases, it may cause more tears, resulting in tear marks. For example, lacrimal gland inflammation: the lacrimal gland secreting tears is infected, which causes abnormal large amount of tear secretion, and the nasolacrimal duct has no time to clear so many tears, which will lead to the outflow of tears, and over time will form ugly tear marks. There is also a more simple eye problem, which is trichiasis. Trichiasis is always irritating to the cornea. This situation can make the dog’s eyes feel very uncomfortable, resulting in frequent scratching of the eyes with their forelimbs. As a result, they are often seen to have watery appearance, which can also cause very serious tear marks.

       3. Breed reason: some cats like to shed tears because of their own breed, such as exotic short hair cat and Persian cat. They all like to shed tears. Because of their special appearance, the curvature of nasolacrimal duct becomes very large, so the amount of tears discharged is limited. Even if the normal amount of tears can not be loaded, it will cause ugly tear marks or even black eye frames.

       4. Genetic disease: primary excessive tears, is a hereditary disease, tears often secrete too much, so it is easy to cause tear stains.

       2¡¢ How to deal with cat tears

       1. If you pay attention to cleaning up at ordinary times, the tear marks will not be too obvious, and it is relatively easy to clean up. Generally, you can use hot towel to wipe more.

       2. You can also use some starch and boric acid powder in half and pat it on the tear marks. The powder can absorb stains and play a bleaching role.

       3. Take a teaspoon of boric acid powder and mix it in a cup of boiling water. Buy a small container and put the makeup remover in it. Pour the solution on the makeup remover and slowly pour out the excess solution. Cover the box. Then take a piece of these cotton pads every day to bleach, remove tears, and prevent the accumulation of tear marks. Remember to change the make-up cotton once a week to prevent infection caused by bacteria.

       The stubborn stains on the cat’s face can be removed by the powder of starch and boric acid powder. First water into paste, paste carefully spread on the stain, natural air dry, dry after brushing off and then wipe clean. Be careful not to let the powder fall into the eyes.

       The causes of tear stains are related to daily diet, nursing and related diseases. Therefore, pay more attention to diet, do not feed too salty food, and clean the cat regularly. If there are eye diseases, it is better to take the cat for examination as soon as possible, so as to avoid the more and more serious tear marks and seriously affect the beauty of cats.

Common treatment of cat’s tears

       Some breeds of cats are prone to tears due to their short lacrimal glands. This will form tear marks near the cat’s eyes, which is a headache for some parents. The cute cat is affected by the tear marks. Therefore, in order to maintain the beauty of the cat’s appearance and the health of the eyes, these tears need to be cleaned every day. The following small series on the simple introduction of several ways to remove cat tears, I hope to help you. The simplest way to remove the cat’s tears is to wipe the cat’s eyes with a hot towel every day. Or you can also use some starch and boric acid powder to half mix and pat on the tear marks. These fine powder can effectively absorb the stains around Persian cat’s eyes and play a bleaching role. If the tears around the cat’s eyes are stubborn, you can use a mixture of starch and boric acid powder to clean it. First of all, use warm water to mix the powder into paste, and then carefully spread the paste on the spot of Persian cat’s eyes. Wait for natural drying. After the paste is dry, brush it off and wipe it with a towel. When cleaning the cat’s tears, do not put the powder into the cat’s eyes, because these powder particles are easy to cause eye ulcers. Of course, it is better to ask a professional veterinarian to clean the cat’s eyes with medicine to ensure that the cat’s eyes are healthy and avoid more serious aftereffects. Here are some tips: if the cat is very healthy, you should not use some drugs for the sake of the cat’s good-looking. Excessive use of drugs may cause eye damage. It is recommended not to use them if there is no inflammation! However, if there is a slight inflammation, you can try the erythromycin eye ointment, but the dosage must be less! If you are not sure how to deal with it, it is better to go to the pet hospital! When cleaning the cat’s tears, do not put the powder into the cat’s eyes, because these powder particles are easy to cause eye ulcers. Of course, when cleaning the eyes of cats with drugs, it is better to ask a professional veterinarian to clean their eyes, so as to ensure the health of cats’ eyes and avoid more serious consequences. ¡¡¡¡