Show you the secret of cat tongue

       The word “cat tongue” is often used in Japanese to describe a person who is afraid of eating hot food or hot soup. I find it very interesting. Why use “tongue”? Maybe it’s because cats really can’t eat very hot food, “cat tongue” of course is afraid of scalding!

       But it can’t be blamed on cats, because except humans, probably no other animal would like to drink food with hot tongue, such as hot pot, freshly fried food Something like that! For them, it’s not normal. It’s torture. Especially for cats, which are hunting cats, the most suitable food temperature is actually the body temperature of ordinary small animals, which is about the same as the cat’s own temperature, about 35 degrees. For them, it is the most natural food temperature and the temperature that can stimulate the cat’s appetite.

       Therefore, if you want to cook your own food for the cat, or when you want to heat the remaining canned ice up cat, it is best to cool it to the temperature similar to that of ordinary animals, and then give them to eat. The cat may be more appreciative, and it is better for the cat’s body.

       Why is it good for cats? This is because if cats often eat overheated food (or salty food or heavy taste food), the tongue taste will gradually become dull and insensitive, and then they will not like light diet, and their taste perception of food will also decline. This can also be seen from the old cat, whose taste is gradually dull. Sometimes cat likes to drink my hot water. I can’t stop him. He drinks with relish. Obviously, I think the water is too hot for the cat, and his tongue doesn’t feel too much. He only thinks that the hot water is very stimulating and tastes good to drink.

       “Cat’s tongue” is afraid of being scalded, which means that the cat’s tongue is healthy and can distinguish the food it needs. Like humans who are addicted to spicy dishes and chili peppers, they feel that ordinary food is tasteless. In fact, it is very bad. For cats who live by instinct, it is even worse that their tongue is dull at a young age. Therefore, “cat tongue” also needs the attention of the owner in order to maintain the sensitivity of “cat tongue”!