How to take the cat out to play?

       At present, many pet cats are kept at home and do not go out at all. Many owners will think that this is not good for the cat, but when they go out, the cat will be infected with disease or unwilling to go home. In this case, how can the owner take the cat out to play?

       1¡¢ Cats are by nature free

       Cats and humans have lived for thousands of years, and their nature has changed a lot. Just like dogs and wolves, we know that dogs and wolves are distant relatives, but dogs are not equal to wolves. Does the cat need to satisfy his habits and let him go out to receive the stimulation of the environment?

       If the owner can provide a large and safe space, and can pay attention to the cat’s movement at any time, then why not let the cat slip away occasionally? But ask the owner to ask himself, can we really stare at the cat 24 hours a day? Don’t you worry about the danger of a cat sneaking out? Is it really good to let the cat run around freely?

       2¡¢ It is the owner’s responsibility to give the cat a safe and secure environment and life

       Stimulating cats is certainly the way to prevent some diseases, but it is not the only way. If the owner can be prepared to walk the cat, and can really prevent the cat from sneaking out when the owner is not paying attention, then the cat walking itself is a beautiful thing. If there is no way to really monitor the cat’s every move, then please slow down. To stimulate the cat, in addition to walking the cat, the use of a cat stick is also a good way to set up a cat stand or cat ladder at home, so that the cat can walk around the house also has the effect.

       3¡¢ The wild nature of stray cats is hard to change

       More attention should be paid to the owners who adopt stray cats. Because the cats have been wandering for a long time, they have a stronger understanding of the territory than domestic cats, and they often want to run out. The owner must pay more attention and patience, let the cat get used to the life at home, and do a good job to prevent the cat from leaving home. Sometimes the cat’s vigilance will last for months or even years. It is the biggest responsibility of the owner to protect the cat and make the cat live a healthy and safe life.