What should cats do if they like to bite and catch people


       For some people, keeping a cat is a happy and sad thing. Every day, we are struck by some cute movements and expressions of cats. However, if we accidentally encounter a naughty cat, there may be a sharp weapon hidden behind their lovely back to hurt you. For this reason, as a cat owner, it is also a headache. What should we do if we are bitten and caught? Do you play? How can I see that innocent expression. Throw it away? It’s like how one’s family is willing to leave. Then use your brain to make the cat really cute!

       1. Kittens are more likely to bite

       It’s time for a cat in about two months to leave her mother. After entering the new family, they become “only children”, so cats regard people (especially human fingers or toes) as their playmates. It is the nature of kittens to be lively, mischievous and curious. Sometimes they like to gnaw with people’s fingers. On the one hand, they are playing, on the other hand, they are also grinding their teeth (cats, like human beings, need to change their teeth). People always like to tease him with their hands. The feeling of a cat’s teeth biting on his hand is funny and painless. Therefore, many parents of one-child cats have not been disciplined. To some extent, they have connived at the formation of the cat biting habit. Some people like to feed cats with food in their hands or tease cats with toys in their hands. Kittens have not yet learned to shrink their claws. They do not know how important they are. If they are not careful, they will catch people. If the owner does not stop, the cat will develop the habit of catching people. When the cat grows up, its teeth are big and sharp, and its nails are sharp. If you chew your fingers and grab your arms, you can’t eat them! At this time, it is not as easy as when you were a child. Therefore, parents can help the cat to buy some toys, such as carpet combination for grinding claws, hanging balls, moving toy mice, etc., so that the cat can play with toys until it is tired, and naturally has no spirit to catch you.

       2. Cut your nails to prevent being scratched by the cat

       If the cat at home is used to catching people and can’t change it, the best way is to cut their nails! This at least reduces the pain. Of course, some cats are very resistant to cutting their nails. This can also be a headache. As a result, they don’t cut their nails, and they have a few more! Again, you can refer to the article “tips for cats to cut their nails voluntarily” before the encyclopedia. I hope it can help you.

       3. Education starts with kittens

       Scolding method: from childhood to develop a good habit of contact with human beings, let him know that some of his behavior is not liked by the owner. When a kitten unconsciously holds your finger and gnaws, you can yell and scold or make angry sounds while playing. At the same time, you can pat him on the head immediately (the strength should be controlled well, not too heavy, otherwise he will hate you; nor too light, otherwise he will think you are playing with him), and then extend your finger to him; he will usually be vindictive Psychology bites you again, then you pat him on the head again, and then extend your fingers to him Do this four or five times until he doesn’t bite your hand hard, but gently puts your finger in his mouth. The next time you encounter him biting, you should use this method. Generally, you will get good results within a month.

       Water spray method: take advantage of the cat’s fear of water. When the cat launches an attack like you, you can use the method of spraying water to stop it. In addition, the water sprayer must be placed at a place within reach, so that it can stop in time. If such things are often repeated, the cat will be afraid to bite again.

       Partner Law: conditional friend, can consider raising two cats at the same time. Two cats can play well with each other, and they will not be lonely when their owners are not at home. Moreover, with playmates, their interest in attacking people will be greatly reduced.

       Toy Law: the cat’s teeth grinding and play needs to be taken care of, you can prepare some toys for him, such as paper ball, cat’s special toy mouse, etc., so that the kitten can vent his energy and meet his instinctive needs of biting. This can also distract their attention and reduce their aggression.

       4. Treatment after being bitten

       After being scratched by a cat, you need to clean the wound with iodine.

       When bitten by a cat, especially by a stray cat, you should go to the district level health and epidemic prevention station to vaccinate rabies vaccine within 24 hours after being bitten.