Cat care guide in hot weather

       It’s summer. The sun is shining in the sky, and the earth is sending out vigorous heat. A little bit of wind has also been blown away. The heat from your face makes you dizzy. We enjoy the natural sauna in the city, but it’s unbearable. People are still like this. The pets we keep don’t have many excellent sunstroke prevention skills. They are also barking at the heat of the sun, breathing these suffocating air, and nearly insane by the heat coming from all around. However, we can’t understand their words.

       In summer, cats are lazy to move. After all, they don’t have the same work and study as human beings. They have nothing to do outside to feel the heat and act as heroes. Cats are not so stupid and have no so much leisure. Although they are simple minded, they only know how to eat, drink and laza, but they still have a sensitive judgment on some basic feelings. They hide in the shade of trees and eaves at most. They squint at us and watch us sweat in the sun, laughing at human stupidity in their hearts.

       Of course, these cats are the first-class cats among the cats. They will enjoy and know what is good for them and what is bad for them. But not all cats are so smart. Some cats are so stupid that they are so excited that they start to tease their owners to take them out in the morning. If the owners refuse to take them out, they bite and scratch again and again, and finally the owners are big Angry, opened the door, said to the cat, to get out of their own. So the cat rolled out on its own, and was excited to raise a cloud of dust behind its tail. As a result, the cat came back in less than an hour. At this time, the cat’s ears were almost drooping on the ground, his mouth was drooling, his eyes were dull, his limbs were soft. As soon as the door opened, it lay on the ground directly. He raised his trembling paws, exhausted his last strength, and wrote five big words on the floor with the saliva left by it: help, I’m suffering from heatstroke!

       Some of the above jokes need not be serious, but it is undeniable that some cats really don’t know how to take care of themselves in summer. Cats don’t know how to care for themselves, and their owners don’t know. Therefore, some cats in some homes wilt in summer. If they don’t pay attention to them, they will lose their mind, have poor appetite, suffer from heatstroke, and have a high incidence of parasitic diseases. The maintenance of summer cats or very particular, whether in diet, or in daily care.

       First of all, in terms of diet, the temperature is high in summer, the air is humid, and the food is easy to deteriorate. Every time you prepare food for your cat, you should first check whether the food is still fresh. Those expired and rotten cat food must not be given to cats. In addition, the summer should give the cat to eat some light and delicious food, those more stimulating food should be absolutely prohibited. In addition, give the cat enough water every day, so that it can drink water at any time. Remember, water is a cat’s daily life must not be lacking.

       Secondly, the temperature is high in summer, the cat’s appetite will decline, so we should appropriately reduce the supply of food, so as not to cause deterioration and waste. If there is no proper control, the cat often can not finish eating, each meal has surplus food, resulting in consumption. If the cat takes too much food, it may occur dyspepsia or acute gastroenteritis.

       After feeding cats in summer, the food left over from each meal should not be placed for a long time. It should be removed from the utensils before feeding next meal and should not be reused. Especially mixed with canned foods, it is best to pour them out after they are full. Cat’s utensils should be cleaned and disinfected frequently, and it’s better to clean them once a day.

       In terms of maintenance, we must pay attention to nursing at ordinary times, so as to keep the cat clean and healthy, and prevent the harassment of parasites. As owners, we should comb the cat’s hair every day. In addition, we should brush the cat’s teeth, clean the ear canal and clean the anal glands. At the same time, we should wash the cat’s face regularly and trim the hair on the toenails and toes.

       It is worth noting that pet cats are particularly prone to heatstroke in hot summer. If the heat stroke is serious, the cat will die. Therefore, raising cats in summer needs to pay special attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling. Don’t go out with the cat when the temperature is hot and the sun is direct. If the cat is unfortunately in the Department of heat stroke, emergency measures should be taken when heatstroke occurs suddenly in the hot summer, when the cat has a significant increase in temperature, dyspnea, rapid and weak pulse, and unstable gait, it should be considered whether it is heatstroke. At this time, the cat must be quickly transferred to a ventilated, shady place, and wipe the cat’s body with cold water, put ice blocks or ice bags on the cat’s head, or use cold water enema to help cool the cat.

       When the cat appears dehydration disease: if it is slight dehydration with electrolyte imbalance phenomenon, you can supplement drinking water and nutrition to prevent and supplement. In case of severe dehydration and inability to eat, other methods should be used to provide water. Of course, it is best to send the cat to a pet hospital for injection of different body fluids to maintain moisture.

       In hot weather, try not to let the cat go out when there is nothing. It’s better to walk the cat after the heat of the earth has dissipated at night. It’s easy for the cat to stay at home, but you should also pay attention to the air conditioner when you turn on the air conditioner. Otherwise, it will take a lot of trouble for the cat to catch a cold.