The importance of water to cats

       Water is not only very important to human beings, but also very important to cats. We often say that if you don’t eat for seven days, you won’t die, but you can’t drink water for seven days. Therefore, the owner should be very clear about the amount of drinking water for cats every day. Besides, cats only need to drink ordinary water without adding any beverage ingredients.

       1. According to the analysis of scientists, the moisture content of cat’s body accounts for more than 70% of its total body weight. Therefore, a cat can live without eating for a long time, but if there is no continuous supply of drinking water, it may become sick or even die within a few days. In order to maintain the normal function of the body system, cats must excrete a considerable amount of water every day. The amount of water excreted is mainly affected by physiological and environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, wind speed, nutritional conditions and exercise amount. In order to maintain the body’s water balance, cats need to get enough water every day.

       2. Under normal circumstances, a healthy cat loses about 6% of its body weight every day on average, and more in summer and in an air-conditioned room. Therefore, cats usually have to drink water several times a day, especially when the weather is hot and exercise is heavy. But if the cat is found to be excessively thirsty and constantly drinking water, it could be a sign of a disease, such as kidney disease or diabetes. The cat with these two diseases, because of its kidney has been damaged, unable to reabsorb the water in the urine, resulting in excessive water loss. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the water supply to prevent the cat from dehydration. At the same time, it must be sent to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible to prevent the deepening of the disease

       2. Cats are very clean animals. They refuse to drink dirty water. It is wrong to keep water in large containers for several days. At ordinary times, we can observe that cats like to drink water on the tap, so it is best to use water dispensers to supply water to cats. Even if you use a bowl to hold water, you must change water sooner or later to ensure the cleanness of drinking water. Another thing to pay attention to is that the cat’s drinking water must be placed in a clean and quiet place. Do not put it near the cat litter basin or on the passage, which will cause the cat’s disgust and reduce the amount of drinking water.