Four Misunderstandings of losing weight for cats

       Usually cats will keep their own body, but for some special cases, such as the cat after sterilization, eat more, exercise less, it is easy to cause obesity. It’s hard to lose weight for these cats, but you can’t rush for success.

       Misunderstanding one, fat looking at the heart is solid, even if the disease is better than the thin cat can resist the disease.

       Correction: obese cats have poorer immunity and disease resistance. Excess fat is not body armor, but shackles. Excessive fat will not only shorten the life span of cats, but also affect the diagnosis of doctors once they get sick, which will bring a lot of trouble to the laboratory test, and even increase the risk of anesthesia in operation.

       Second, weight loss is very simple, like people eat less and move more, the host can make their own plans.

       Correct: eating more and exercising is not easy. You don’t know how much to eat less, how to eat and how long to exercise. Once the method is improper, or excessive weight loss, the cat’s body will not be able to bear or because of malnutrition and illness. Some cats will also be sad because of the sudden decrease in food, suffering from mental illness.

       Myth 3. Like human diet pills, there must be unhealthy “greasy” in the professional diet food for cats. We can make diet food for cats ourselves.

       Correction: weight loss prescription foods reduce fat and carbohydrates, the elements that cause cats to become obese, and increase protein that protects muscles and nutrients that help burn fat. The diet formula of cats on the market is more scientific and safe, and homemade food has too many risks.

       Four, eat wet food than dry food is not easy to cause obesity!

       Correction: the same weight of dry food contains more nutrients and energy than wet food, but cats generally eat more wet food than dry food, so it can not be used as the main means of weight loss.