What cat hates the smell of orange peel so much?

       Many people put some orange peel on the bed in order not to let the cat go to bed. The cat hates the smell of orange peel, and the smell on the bed has its own dislike. As time goes by, it will not jump into bed again. So why do cats hate the smell of orange peel so much?

       1¡¢ Cats hate the smell of orange peel

       Cats hate the smell of orange peel because of its pungent smell. Cats have a much more sensitive sense of smell than human beings, so they also hate some pungent odors, such as peppermint, ginger, orange peel, vinegar, toothpaste, medicinal oil, etc. If some cats accidentally smell the orange peel, they will immediately recoil like an electric shock and wrinkle their nose and mouth, showing disgust, and even retch. Some cats also expressed the same aversion to the smell of freshly rubbed oil on feline.

       2¡¢ What do cats hate

       Under normal circumstances, cats can not accept many tastes, we are familiar with, such as the pungent smell (essence, perfume, orange flavor, etc.), these tastes are not easy to accept cats; in addition, lemon or orange smell is also dislike cats. Because of this, many parents choose to spray some lemon flavored perfume or air freshener on the surface of furniture to prevent cats from getting close to potting and scratching furniture, thus preventing cats from breaking away from furniture and potted plants.

       Note that there are other flavors that cats dislike, such as pesticides, strong perfume, camphor, iron love, antiperspirant, and mint flavor. Of course, if parents really want to know their cats’ preference for smell, they might as well conduct some tests, such as smelling some smell to the cat to see whether it can accept or like it.

       There are many kinds of cats. Although many cats have similar preferences for smell, different cats have different preferences for smell. For example, some cats may accept the taste of oranges, while others may not. That’s the difference between cats. As a host, you can do some simple tests to know how your cat likes to smell.

       3¡¢ Besides the pungent smell, what else does a cat hate?

       1. Noise: because the hearing of a cat is much more sensitive than that of a human being and several times more sensitive than that of a dog, any slight wind and grass movement can’t escape the cat’s ears. The hair dryer is close to the body and makes a huge noise that the cat can’t bear. It’s a kind of abuse to the cat. Cats hate being scared, too. Sudden movements, too much force when opening and closing doors, the sound of doorbells and the noise of friends who come to visit suddenly, the noise of children, and the sound of firecrackers during the Chinese new year will make the cat frightened, causing the cat to stand up suddenly, its hair stand up, escape and hide, and even be nervous.

       2. Being watched: people who have never owned a cat or don’t like cats may have had such an experience: when they visit a family with a cat, they are surprised to find that cats like to sit on their legs instead. Because they are not cold to cats, they have no eye contact with them, so the cat dares to approach them. However, those friends who like cats and stare at them friendly when they see them, they scare the cat away. Even cats who are very familiar with their owners don’t like to be watched. Although cats live with us and are used to our eyes, direct and positive gaze can also make them feel uneasy. They usually turn their faces away and look away to ease the tension, or close their eyes and say to themselves, “if I can’t see you, then you can’t see me…” (cat’s typical ostrich logic) so when you’re confronted with an unfamiliar cat, make sure you fill your face with bright smiles, squint or blink and look away.

       Cats sometimes make people feel nervous. In fact, this is also its lovely place. Cats will suddenly make a very funny expression. The owner may as well take some pungent smell items to tease the cat, which may have a very interesting effect.