How to place the cat’s nest correctly

       In winter, a warm and comfortable cat’s nest is what every cat expects. But how can the owner understand the cat’s mind if he can’t express it in words? Here’s how to position the cat’s nest correctly.

       The cat’s nest should be placed in a quiet, dry and unobtrusive place in the room. Cat nest is best to be able to shine to the sun, should not be placed in a cold and humid place. In addition, the cat’s nest should be higher than the ground, which can not only keep clean and dry, but also make good ventilation and keep a cooler environment. Don’t settle down in damp and dark places. Cats who can’t see the sun are worried about their health. However, mites and fleas like to breed in such places. No one wants the cat’s resting place to become a hotbed of parasites.

       Cats are vulnerable to insecurity. Thundering weather or sudden loud noise can also frighten them. In addition to considering the dry place, the cat nest should be placed relatively close to the owner, so that the cat can wait for the owner’s communication and comfort.