How to handle the certificate of pedigree

       For a cat, the pedigree certificate is its Hukou book. It is a record of the cat’s health status, training results and so on. We can judge the pedigree of the cat and improve its breeding according to the records in the pedigree book. So, how should the pedigree certificate of a cat be handled?

       The pedigree certificate of a cat is issued to breeders by regular and legal Cat Clubs and associations to confirm the true legal identity of a certain cat they breed. As purebred cats with pedigree certificates or their children, their value is higher than other pets without pedigree certificates. Because of the value problem, pet shops or breeding farms will take good care of them, so it is relatively safe to buy such pets. At present, there are two sound institutions in China and internationally recognized associations. One is CKU cooperated by FCI, and the other is ngkc cooperated by AKC, and issues blood certificate.

       The pedigree certificates vary from place to place in the world, but the experience includes the following: cat’s name, breed, gender, date of birth, coat color and other characteristics, breeder and breeder’s Kennel, details of the dog’s four generations of lineal relatives, records of registration number, tattoo number, DNA number, hip joint number and implantation chip, competition record and transfer record, SV’s The pedigree certificate also has a record of training level.