Detailed information about Siamese cats

       Siamese cats are native to Thailand (hence Siam). More than 200 years ago, this precious cat was raised only in Thailand’s royal palaces and monasteries. It is a noble who stays at home. When the British Consul in Bangkok left office in 1884, he brought the Siamese cat, one of the gifts of the kingdom of Thailand, back to England. It was immediately valued by many cat lovers in Britain. The following year, the cat appeared at the Crystal Palace cat exhibition outside London, causing a shock. In 1920, it was introduced to the United States, and later spread all over the world. It was welcomed by cat lovers all over the world. According to relevant records, the history of keeping Siamese cats in the Royal Palace of Thailand can be traced back to the period of King Rama v. since then, Siamese cats have settled down in the palace, and people in the court have raised them as carefully as princes and princesses. They are so Jeweled that even the bowls for drinking and eating are gold or silver. They live in luxurious rooms equipped with air conditioning, and three meals a day are cooked by a special cook. Even when Thailand is in financial crisis and the economy is in a serious downturn, Siamese cats in the court still live a happy and carefree life. It is said that in Thailand a long time ago, there were countless ancient artifacts in ancient mysterious temples. These mysterious treasures are guarded by two cats day and night, and no one can get close to them except the priest and the king. Only when the cat’s wife gave birth did they leave the temple for a day, so as not to stain the sanctity of the artifact. The treasure was kept safe until one day, when the cat husband took care of his soon to be born wife, the strange spirit stole the precious artifact. The king sent many people who thought they were qualified to go to the jungle to look for the treasure, but in the end, these people lost after exposing their bad habits. The priest recommended the temple keeper cat to complete this arduous task. The cat couple lived up to the expectations and found the artifact goblet in the rapidly changing spirit forest. Later, in order to honor their achievements and preserve the only noble lineage recognized by the elves in the world, they were closely guarded to keep their bloodlines pure. Cats guard their slim body, beautiful appearance and their high status, so that only members of the royal family can own it. Ordinary people can enjoy the privilege of living with them when they are granted the title of nobility or promoted to nobility. They are the Siamese cats known as the mysterious forbidden treasure. Siamese cats are native to Thailand, weighing between 2.5 and 5.5 kg. Their sexual maturity is early, and female cats have their first estrus at 5 months. Estrus frequency is once every two weeks, autumn and winter as usual, non-stop. Siamese cats are more productive than other domestic cats. Siamese cats are highly reproductive, with two births per year, five to six kittens per litter. About its character, this ancient, perhaps oldest cat species, is more able to communicate with people than any other cat. The voice of Siam is very famous. They are a very typical “relatives” of the cat, they like to lie on your legs, lying on your bed, squatting on your table – and like to stay in your heart! Siamese cats are the most extroverted of domestic cats. They are vigorous and active, witty, curious and understanding. Siamese cats like to keep company with people. They can be tied by belts. They need constant caress and care from their owners. They are loyal to their owners and have deep feelings with their owners. If they are forced to separate from their owners, they may die of depression. Siamese cats are very clever. They can quickly learn somersaults and tosses. The call of Siamese cat is unique. It seems to be talking with people or crying with children, and the sound is very loud. Because of the above characteristics, Siamese cats are called “cats like dogs”. Siamese cat is not a threat to children, but also can be a companion for the elderly. It is an ideal pet for human beings. About its standard summary: the ideal Siamese cat should be a medium-sized, slim and elegant cat, it should be slender, dexterous, but very strong. Male cats may be relatively large. A long wedge-shaped head. Size is proportional to the body. The whole wedge is radiated from the nose to the ear tip in a straight line, forming a triangle. There is no fracture in the beard. The distance between two eyes is not less than one eye wide. When the beard is smoothed back by hand, it shows the true skeleton structure. Adult male cats are allowed to have cheek meat. Skull: smooth. From the side, there is a long straight line from the top of the head to the tip of the nose. There was no protrusion between the eyes and no depression in the nose. Ears: the ears are quite large, pointed and wide at the base; extend along the wedge-shaped edges. Eyes: Apricot shaped. medium-sized. It is neither protruding nor sunken. Tilt harmoniously toward nose and ears along wedge-shaped edges. No eye contact. Nose: long and straight. It’s the extension of the forehead, without interruption. Snout: slender, wedge-shaped. Chin and jaw: medium size. The tip of the chin is horizontal and vertical to the tip of the nose. It is neither shrunken nor too strong. Body: medium size. Beautiful, slender and slim. Unique combination of fine bones and strong muscles. The shoulders and hips are as smooth as the tubular body. The hips will never be wider than the shoulders. Keep your abdomen tight. Neck: long and thin. Legs: long and slender. The hind legs are longer than the front legs. In proportion to the body. Claws: graceful, small, oval. Toes: 5 forepaws, 4 hind claws. Tail: long, thin, with a slender tip. Fur: short hair, fine texture, bright. Close to your body. Health status: excellent physical health. The eyes are clean and bright. Muscular, strong and dexterous. It’s neither bloated nor bony. There should be no obesity. Color: the body is symmetrical, and the color of chest and abdomen is allowed to fade. Because the color of Siamese body will become darker with age, the color of old Siamese cat is darker, but the body color must form a clear contrast with the key color parts. Key color parts: face, ears, legs, feet and tail are dark and well-defined. The color is the same. The face color covers the entire face, including a beard pad and extends to the ears. The color of the face should not exceed the top of the head. The hair of key color parts shall not have hemp lines or white hairs. Points to be deducted: wrong color of nose meat or claw pad (for example, lack of color or spots). The body is loose. In normal lifting, there are protuberances in the cartilage of sternum. Disqualification: any symptom of illness or poor health. Weak hind legs. Because of the abnormal structure or obstruction of the nose, you have to breathe by mouth. Thin and weak. Visible kinks. The eyes are not blue. White toes or feet. Wrong number of toes. Malocclusion results in protrusion of the upper or lower jaw. Long hair. Siam allowed to cross: none.