How to choose jinjila cat

       Jinjila is gentle and noble. She is considerate when she is gentle and full of spirituality when she acts. She is like a princess in the royal family. She is very likable, let alone her lovely appearance. How to choose a healthy and beautiful chinchilla cat? We can choose from the following four points. 1. The eye type eyes should be green or blue-green. The full eye shape means that the eye shape must be round. This kind of cat’s appearance is very sweet, and the quality is also very good. It is worth noting that the eye type of apricot kernel eye greatly reduces the quality of cats and cats. 2. Nose nose line and lip line are also black. Nose is brick red, the length of nose is an important standard to judge the quality of jinjila. 3. It should be noted that the face of a cat with good quality should be flat when viewed from the side. If the nose is protruding like a domestic cat and has an obvious high nose bridge, then it is not much of a “quality” and it can be regarded as a pet level at most. 4. All claw pads of jinjila must be black. For example, the color of the body is not uniform, such as with some non acquired factors of color miscellaneous hair is not.