Are Siamese cats smart?

       Siamese cat is a representative breed of short hair cat. Siamese cat originated from Thailand and is a noble who stays at home. Now it can be said that it is a big name in the cat industry, the audience is hot, so popular cat, then it is smart? Is it easy to train? Let’s have a look at it with the editor.

       Siamese cats are very clever. They can quickly learn somersaults and tosses. It is strong and active, witty and flexible, curious and understanding. Siamese cats like to walk with people and can walk with their belts. It needs the master’s constant caress and care, loyal to the master, deep feelings, if forced to separate from the master, may die of depression. The call of Siamese cat is unique. It seems to be talking with people or crying with children, and the sound is very loud. Combined with the above characteristics, Siamese cat is known as “cat like a dog”.

       Known as the “Prince of cats”, Siamese cats are probably the most extroverted cats. But its temperament is unpredictable, strong personality and curiosity. It is very sensitive and emotional, like to be accompanied, do not like loneliness, can not tolerate indifference. If it is treated coldly, it will become depressed. It’s not quiet. If you’re looking for a straight cat, Siamese is your best choice. It is a “big mouth”, often hoarse and loud harassment of the host, followed the host everywhere, hoping to get attention. Siamese cats are sensitive to the cold and like comfortable apartment life. Its feelings are very specific, with a strong possessive desire, emotional disclosure, and even jealousy. He likes to socialize and play with children, but he doesn’t like to be with other cats.

       Although a cat is not as easy to train as a dog, it doesn’t mean that it is not smart. It just has its own world and doesn’t want to follow other people’s steps. In fact, it is very smart, and raising it is a very happy thing.