What colors do cats have in their eyes

       Different breeds of cats have different eyes. In fact, there are not many colors of cat eyes. Generally, they are yellow, blue, amber, purple steel, green and light brown. Some of them are different in color. The reason for the difference in the color of cat’s eyes is that different species of cats, or cats of different individuals in the same breed, have different ability to absorb and store pigment. Different pigments are deposited on the retina of all kinds of cats, which makes their retinas have different colors. The color of cat’s eye we see is actually to directly see the cat’s eye through the transparent cornea These colors on the omentum. In cats of different breeds or individuals, the deposition of pigment in the retina is related to the deposition of pigment in the hair follicle. Therefore, there is a certain correlation between the color of cat’s eyes and the color of cat’s fur. For example, flower cats definitely don’t have blue eyes. Black cats have green eyes, while white cats with long hair have blue eyes, sometimes with different colors. We don’t know the actual effect of the color of cat’s eye on the cat itself. However, when people evaluate the color of cat’s eye, the clearer and more transparent the cat’s eye is, the purer the color is, the deeper the color is and the more precious stones are felt. In addition, the color of cat’s eye is one of the important basis to identify purebred cats. Some purebred cats have fixed eye color. For example, pure Siamese and Himalayan cats must have blue eyes. If the appearance of the whole cat is the same as that of a purebred cat, but the color of its eyes does not match the eye color of the purebred cat, it means that the cat has mixed blood of other breeds.