What problems should children pay attention to when raising chinchilla

       Keeping pets is actually a good thing for children, because they can learn a lot in the process of raising pets. Pet raising can not only cultivate their love, but also stimulate their sense of responsibility. These benefits are self-evident, but there is a problem that we must consider is whether the children can raise their pets well. Because the children are lack of knowledge in all aspects, keeping pets has become a big problem.

       Although pet rearing can bring happiness to children, and can even treat some diseases that cannot be solved by drugs, these are the benefits to people. But for chinchillas, if you can’t get the right and good breeding, then it’s a nightmare for them.

       Generally speaking, it is not suitable to keep pets for children who are too young. Because at this age, the amount of knowledge and common sense of children is not very rich, so it is basically impossible to keep pets well. Therefore, children before 10 years old are not very recommended to keep chinchillas.

       Many parents want their children to have pets and cultivate love. This is a very correct idea. Science has proved that people who can’t get along well with animals will have mental disorders. But love alone is not enough. Parents need to teach their children the right way to raise their pets so that their pets can grow healthily, which will give them a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Therefore, parents should spend more time to learn how to raise pets, so as to teach their children how to deal with the problems in raising properly.

       Another reason why it’s not suitable for young children to keep chinchillas is how to deal with them if they die. This is a common and serious problem. It is impossible for us to say to our children that “if we die, we will buy another one”. Such education is undoubtedly wrong. When we say this, we may not be able to predict whether children will have the concept of money = life at this time. Moreover, for their favorite pets, they still don’t know what death means and how to deal with the dead animals, resulting in fear of death. If chinchilla dies in the process of raising children, we can take the children to bury their pets and let them down with some white lies.

       If children really want to raise chinchillas, then parents should give them some help in raising them, and tell them how to raise them correctly and how to make them grow healthily. Some children are mischievous, and the attack is not heavy. If the chinchilla does not follow their will, they are likely to lose their temper and beat chinchilla. In return, the result is that chinchilla is afraid of the child or the cat bites the child.

       Therefore, if you want to let your children keep chinchillas, you should first pay attention to the age group. If the children are too young, they are not particularly suitable for raising chinchillas. In addition, parents must teach their children the correct breeding methods and should teach them to be tolerant of chinchillas. After all, pets can’t understand what we are talking about, so they can’t do things according to our wishes. Don’t use violence against chinchilla at will because of this. It will never be good to raise them. Parents need to teach them how to treat them correctly.