Genetic diseases in Persian Cats

       Persian cat (Persian) is a noble cat with gentle temperament, smart and quick, understanding, less moving and quiet, and has a sharp and soft voice. She likes to be coquettish and elegant. She is born with a spoiled manner and gives people a gorgeous and noble feeling. It has always been loved by cat lovers all over the world and is the representative of long haired cats.

       Persian cat’s favorite is her round face, flat nose, short legs, small ears and big eyes, as well as that gorgeous fine hair. However, “the beauty is often ill fated”, their variety defects can be described as a long story:

       Circulation system

       Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (more common in male cats)

       Peritoneal pericardial hernia (more common in females)



       Primary seborrhea

       Facial dermatosis

       Sebaceous gland tumor (7-10 years old)


       Periocular scab

       Development defect of eyelid, sclera and retina



       Urinary tract

       Polycystic kidney (early 6-8 weeks, average age 7 years old, developed to renal failure)

       Calcium oxalate stone

       Diseases caused by ¦Á – glucosidase deficiency

       Reproductive system



       Systemic lupus erythematosus (rare)

       Extrahepatic portal circulation short circuit

       Polycystic liver (secondary to polycystic kidney)

       Blood type

       About 75% type A, 25% type B