How can a cat keep fresh

       Cats eat a small amount of food and can’t finish eating every time. Half of the canned food is easy to dry in the refrigerator and easy to taste. What can I do? Today, I will tell you how to protect the canned cat.

       Fresh keeping of canned cat

       First of all, go and buy a tin lid. There are many on the Internet. Just cover it. And there are many different specifications, there must be one for you. So before you buy it, it’s best to keep a few jars that it usually eats, lest you buy it too big or too small. Generally, you can buy one for five or ten yuan. It is not recommended to eat canned Mimi for less than four months.

       Secondly, if you have to feed them, you can mix rice with a little can and give them to eat. Because canned cats are high energy, high protein food, just like people eat in the Spring Festival, every time you feed them directly, it may cause indigestion. And carbohydrates are good for cats, like rice.

       In addition, it should be noted that eating canned or pure meat when the kitten is less than three months old can easily cause indigestion. Because its digestive organs are very delicate, lack of a lot of digestive enzymes, so indigestion will be lax, you can feed some lactase to regulate the gastrointestinal function (it is better to keep lactase raw).

Some problems encountered by cats in winter

       Summer is over and autumn is coming. I feel that autumn in Shanghai is very short. It will be winter in a flash. So, are cat owners ready to winter their cats? Here are a few questions about cat wintering. I hope it can be helpful for you. Some of them are personal opinions, which can be corrected!

       Do cats need clothes in winter?

       Many parents will prepare a lot of clothes for cats in winter, and LZ will do the same. However, according to experience, it is a bit unreliable for cats to wear clothes. Either they will not move when they put on their clothes, or they will tear them off directly. At most, they will wear clothes just to take some beautiful pictures. So I think that if you want to dress cats for the winter That’s a little hard! It’s better to make a warm nest for it!

       What do cats eat in winter?

       1. Increase the amount of protein and fat. Like chicken breast and barbed crucian carp.

       2. Heat food. Try to eat less and more meals to keep the food fresh. In the cold winter, it is best to heat the food to a warm and palatable temperature and then feed it to the cat (about 40 degrees), which can reduce the risk of disease. ?

       3. Ensure the supply of warm water. Although the amount of drinking water for cats in winter is less than that in summer festivals, drinking water is still very important for cats. Cats love to be clean. If there is dust floating on the water surface, or even its own hair, it will not drink it. We must pay attention to the cleanness of water. ?

       Because of the cold weather in winter, the cat’s appetite will increase. At this time, it is necessary to control the feeding amount and increase the food appropriately. Don’t allow them to eat, sleep, and eat, which is not conducive to health. In winter, cats don’t like sports very much. They spend their daily life eating and sleeping. As a host, it is best to tease it to exercise for a certain period of time every day, so as to enhance the physique and prevent excessive fatness.

       How does cat frostbite do?

       If there is painful edema of the skin or subcutaneous tissue. After a few days, the pain will disappear. Although this kind of frostbite is uncomfortable, it is not serious, so it is not necessary to be afraid of it. It only needs to deal with the injury.

       If the skin and subcutaneous tissue will appear large edema, and spread to the surrounding. Sometimes even there will be blisters, blisters rupture, the formation of ulcers, resulting in wounds can not heal for a long time. Even if the cat is seriously frostbitten, the cat will be very painful and at risk of infection. It is the safest way to take some simple treatment and send them to the hospital.

       If the wound will lose consciousness due to cold and temperature loss, necrosis of the skin and subcutaneous tissue will occur, and large areas of edema will be generated around. Soon, gangrene can develop in the wound, causing slow healing and a high risk of suppurative infection. Such serious injuries are rare. However, if delayed, wound infection may even be life-threatening. Therefore, it is better to send them to the hospital immediately for emergency treatment.

       How to depilate cats?

       In winter, the hair loss of cats will be better than that in autumn, but because the time in the sun is less, it is easy to infect skin diseases. Cat parents can often use the comb to comb the dirt and scurf hidden in the skin, which can not only promote blood circulation, but also comb the cat’s discarded hair. In this way, not only can keep clean, eliminate the smell, but also can make the cat’s hair more bright, and keep the cat’s hair fluffy, do not knot, in order to really keep warm! Don’t forget to let the cat enjoy the rare sunbath in winter when there is sunshine, which is of great help to the skin and hair!

       What about cats bathing?

       Many cat parents are worried about the cat’s cold and don’t take a bath for the whole winter. In fact, helping the cat bathe in winter can promote blood circulation and boost the cat’s energy. It’s better to take a bath once a month or a month and a half. When taking a bath, you can choose to use warm water when the temperature is higher, and choose mild hair washing essence. After washing with warm water, dry it with hot air immediately to avoid cold wind and cold.

       Finally, it is suggested to ensure the common health of human and cat in winter

       It’s cold outside in winter, so many parents are used to closing the doors and windows tightly to keep warm. It’s fine. But you must open the window at intervals to change the air in the room. This is not only good for the cat, but also good for your own health!

       And winter comes, cats and you sleep together is easy to endanger your health! In winter, the bed temperature is appropriate, not ventilated, will create a good living environment for bacteria. When you feel intimate with cats and cats, bacteria can come to your bedding, your underwear, and even your skin, causing harm to you. And the cat in the oxygen deficient environment (quilt) sleep, is also very harmful to itself.

       I hope it will be helpful to all cat owners! I hope every cat can be healthy in winter. If you can help the stray cats outside, please extend your friendly hand!

How to help overweight cats lose weight

       The cat is chubby and round, and can’t help pinching it. It’s super cute. In this reminder, cat owners must not feed their pet cats too fat. People are too fat is a disease, cat overweight is also the same, for overweight cats, the appropriate help to reduce weight loss.

       To lose weight and control the weight of the cat, we must first make a detailed diet plan for the cat. It mainly reduces the fat and calorie intake of cats. Therefore, the food prepared for cats should be light, reduce the amount of meat food, prepare more dry food, fresh vegetables and other food, or buy some low calorie pet food. At the same time, the large meals of cats should be appropriately reduced. In the initial stage of cat weight loss, due to the change of diet and habits, the pet cat will feel hungry, but the owner must not change the designated plan in the middle of the way, otherwise the cat’s weight loss will be wasted. When formulating diet for cats, we should reasonably change the food that cats are used to eating. At the same time, we should ensure the nutrition of food, so as to meet the nutritional needs of the body for vitamins and minerals during the period of weight loss. After the successful weight loss of the pet cat, the owner should also prevent the cat from shooting. Therefore, after the successful weight loss of the cat, the breeder should continue the weight loss plan for a period of time, strengthen and consolidate the weight loss achievements of the cat, and effectively control the weight of the cat. At the same time, after the weight loss period, the breeder should also ensure that the cat has a healthy and normal diet to avoid the symptoms of obesity in pet cats.

Show you the secret of cat tongue

       The word “cat tongue” is often used in Japanese to describe a person who is afraid of eating hot food or hot soup. I find it very interesting. Why use “tongue”? Maybe it’s because cats really can’t eat very hot food, “cat tongue” of course is afraid of scalding!

       But it can’t be blamed on cats, because except humans, probably no other animal would like to drink food with hot tongue, such as hot pot, freshly fried food Something like that! For them, it’s not normal. It’s torture. Especially for cats, which are hunting cats, the most suitable food temperature is actually the body temperature of ordinary small animals, which is about the same as the cat’s own temperature, about 35 degrees. For them, it is the most natural food temperature and the temperature that can stimulate the cat’s appetite.

       Therefore, if you want to cook your own food for the cat, or when you want to heat the remaining canned ice up cat, it is best to cool it to the temperature similar to that of ordinary animals, and then give them to eat. The cat may be more appreciative, and it is better for the cat’s body.

       Why is it good for cats? This is because if cats often eat overheated food (or salty food or heavy taste food), the tongue taste will gradually become dull and insensitive, and then they will not like light diet, and their taste perception of food will also decline. This can also be seen from the old cat, whose taste is gradually dull. Sometimes cat likes to drink my hot water. I can’t stop him. He drinks with relish. Obviously, I think the water is too hot for the cat, and his tongue doesn’t feel too much. He only thinks that the hot water is very stimulating and tastes good to drink.

       “Cat’s tongue” is afraid of being scalded, which means that the cat’s tongue is healthy and can distinguish the food it needs. Like humans who are addicted to spicy dishes and chili peppers, they feel that ordinary food is tasteless. In fact, it is very bad. For cats who live by instinct, it is even worse that their tongue is dull at a young age. Therefore, “cat tongue” also needs the attention of the owner in order to maintain the sensitivity of “cat tongue”!