What pets are suitable for empty nesters

       There have been many children who have left their hometown and left their parents to work. As a result, there are more and more empty nesters. If it is in the countryside, you can also visit the door, but in the city, the people who live in the opposite door do not know each other. The old people at home alone will be very lonely. If they are lonely for a long time, they will have physical and mental diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, depression and so on. Therefore, we must pay attention to that the elderly can keep pets to relieve their loneliness. We will introduce several pets raised by the elderly.

       What kind of pet is suitable for empty nesters

       1. Bomei

       Small size, intelligent and alert personality, so it can be used as a guard guard guard dog as well as a companion dog, but it has no threatening attack power. Because of its small size, the amount of activity required is not very large, suitable for indoor breeding.

       The hair color of Bomei is bright, mostly brown, but also pure white. It needs to be combed frequently because of its long hair.

       2. Chihuahua

       Small breed, elegant, alert, quick action, with a symmetrical body and petite body widely loved by people. Although the dog is small in size, it is not timid to other dogs. It is very brave and can defend itself in front of the big dog. It has exclusive heart to its owner and repels foreign dogs of the same kind.

       3. Persian cat (details)

       Talented, gentle, responsive and understanding. Temperament belongs to the external static and internal dynamic, the surface is quiet and lazy, but it hides the inner joy, anger and sadness, and is eager to get the love of the master. Set pet’s excellent temperament in a body, elegant behavior, quiet and lovely, optimistic, honest to people, easy to communicate.

       Persian cat according to its appearance and bloodline, the price in the hundreds to tens of thousands, generally as a domestic pet to choose healthy products can be.

       4. Beijing Bus

       He is not aggressive, but he has a strong character, full of courage and pride. He has a strong personality and steel will. He is a stubborn heroine. He is very friendly to his family and children, clever and quiet, and has delicate feelings.

       Jingba is a unique breed in China. Because of its natural facial features, the owner needs to wipe the hair around the eyes with warm water to keep it clean.

       Empty nest elderly people should go out for a walk more to relieve their loneliness. They can find some things to do so that they don’t feel lonely. Their children should accompany the old people more and not make them too lonely. They should not only pay attention to the material life of the elderly, but also pay attention to their psychological activities. The elderly should eliminate loneliness by themselves.

What’s the use of a dog’s beard

       We know that there are many functions of a cat’s beard, which can not only have the effect of perception, but also have the effect of measurement. Then the dog also has a beard, but what’s the use of a dog’s beard? Is it as important as a cat. In fact, the function of beard is just like radar. It is not only a kind of decoration, but also a special sensory organ for dogs and cats. There are very thin nerves at the root of the beard, which can be felt by touching the object slightly.

       There are many nerves in the root of a dog’s beard. Whatever touches the beard, it can cause a sensitive reaction. When the dog is walking in the dark or narrow road, he will slightly twitch his beard to detect the width of the road, so as to facilitate accurate and free movement. The moustache is proportional to the length of the dog’s body. In addition, the beard can help the dog to find the target and has the function of smell.

       Dogs in the normal growth process, its beard is also according to the growth proportion of the body at the same time. Therefore, in daily life, do not always want to pull out the dog’s beard, do not always play with the dog’s beard because of curiosity. For dogs, the beard is one of the most important wonders of the body, without which the dog’s daily life will be seriously affected.

       It can be seen that the dog’s beard and cat have a special role, so we can’t just remove the dog’s beard just because it’s fun, otherwise it will have a great impact on their life.