Common misunderstandings of dog weight loss

       Many dog owners feel that their dogs are obese and need to help them lose weight. But in fact, in the process of losing weight, our host often makes some mistakes. Today, I’d like to help you correct these areas, so that dogs can lose weight to achieve a better effect.

       Misunderstanding 1

       Make your own weight loss plan


       Unless the owner has a good understanding of the dog’s physical condition, it will not only have a bad effect, but also be dangerous. Unscientific diet will damage the health of the dog, and excessive exercise may cause arthritis and heart disease.

       Misunderstanding 2

       Obesity prescription food can’t reduce weight healthily


       Prescription diet for obesity is not a drug, but a healthy diet. Compared with ordinary dog food, obesity prescription food is a low calorie and high protein dog food for fat dogs. It contains selected high-quality protein to ensure the palatability of the prescription food, and can provide enough satiety for the dog in the process of weight loss. More importantly, it will not cause muscle loss during the weight loss period, and can help the dog to lose weight healthily.

       Misunderstanding 3

       Dogs should eat more vegetarian diet to lose weight, can’t eat meat.


       Fat diet is not only very important for dogs, but also can’t eat fat. Excessive cellulose will not only increase the intestinal burden of dogs, but also cause intestinal bacterial overgrowth, resulting in constipation, diarrhea and other intestinal abnormalities. Therefore, it is very necessary for the dog to lose weight healthily and feed the prescription food for the dog according to the doctor’s advice.

       Misunderstanding 4

       Dog owners don’t need to be involved in a lot


       It is a challenging task to successfully reduce the weight of dogs and cats. In the whole process of losing weight, it is very important for pet owners to manage and control animals. Only according to the actual needs of animals, strict control of animal intake, increase the amount of exercise, and do a good job in monitoring the condition of pets, can we achieve the desired results.