How to repel mosquitoes in summer

       Although summer is about to pass, there are more mosquitoes. Having mosquitoes at home is a very uncomfortable thing. In fact, mosquitoes seldom bite dogs, because dogs have thick skin, but we can’t stand it.

       How to kill mosquitoes is harmless to dogs? This may also be a headache for you. Let me tell you my experience of killing mosquitoes in my house. It should be useful for friends who have dogs at home.

       Electric fly swatter: electric mosquito repellent incense swatter can easily kill mosquitoes when they fly. And will stick the body of the mosquito on the racket, not easy to fall on the ground to be eaten by curious dogs, which avoids a way of disease caused by dogs eating mosquitoes.

       Unscented electric mosquito Perfume: there are dogs and cats in the family for many years. Every summer my family uses small bottles to smell mosquitoes with tasteless electric mosquito repellent incense. It turns out that there is no harm to the dog at all. There is no sneezing and other sensitive conditions, and there is no dog discomfort.

       It’s quite simple to say, for example, when you sit down to watch TV or use a computer, you put an electric mosquito perfume on your feet, then you can use an electric fly fix to kill mosquitoes when you see a mosquitoes flying around.

       The following is my personal opinion that it is not appropriate to kill mosquitoes when there are dogs at home

       Spraying insecticides: Although many of the insecticides used to kill mosquitoes are said to be harmless to humans and animals, I personally feel uneasy. On the one hand, even people can smell the pungent smell after spraying the insecticide. On the other hand, it is not sure whether the insecticide sprayed on the dog’s small body is too thick, and whether the pesticide falling on the ground will be licked by the dog is not sure. In short, I don’t think it is appropriate.

       Disc like mosquito repellent incense: the disc-shaped mosquito repellent incense that needs to be ignited with a match will produce a lot of smoke. This kind of smoke is undoubtedly a strong stimulus to the sensitive dog, which will cause the dog to sneeze and shed tears, and the ignited incense head is easy to burn the dog.

       Electric mosquito repellent incense piece: I’m not sure whether it will really cause physical harm to dogs. I just think that the base of mosquito repellent incense piece is too easy to cause dogs to smell it curiously, and the mosquito repellent incense piece is exposed to the outside, how can it be unsafe.