Tips for cats who don’t like drinking water

       Cats are prone to urinary system diseases, especially male cats, urethral stricture, stones and other diseases. Cats hurt themselves and their owners are sad. The main reason for cats’ illness is that they don’t like to drink water. Cats who don’t drink water really give their owners a headache~

       Water mainly depends on food

       Cats are less sensitive to thirst than dogs, and they don’t drink as often as dogs do. Moreover, the excretion of cats is high concentration of urine, kidney burden is heavy, if the cat’s food moisture content is very low, it is easy to suffer from urinary system diseases.

       When cats show signs of urinary problems, they need to be given a high water diet. However, why do we need to mend the situation rather than prepare for a rainy day? The right way is to feed the cats with high humidity canned food regularly before they have problems

       Because of the physiological properties of cats, they are more used to absorbing water from food than drinking water. For example, mice, the most common food for cats, have 70% body moisture. The moisture content of wet cat food can is about 78%, while that of dry cat food is only 5% to 10%. So before you have to flush your cat’s bladder several times a day, seriously think about tinned cats

       Drinking water is also important

       In an adult cat, water accounts for 60 to 70 percent of its weight. The long-term water shortage will have a very fatal impact on pets, leading to serious diseases and even death.

       Although wet cat food allows cats to absorb more water, it is also necessary to provide clean and fresh water in the house. It should be noted that some cats may like to drink tap water, but they are sensitive to the bleach in it, so they should buy some bottled drinking water for them. In addition, some cats like to drink in less clean places, such as toilets, mops, fish tanks and so on, which must be corrected by the owners in time.

       Here’s a tip to help your cat drink more water. That is to buy some fresh cat mint leaves, fill the water bowl with fresh water, and put the chopped cat mint leaves into the water. Then you can sit by and enjoy the craziness of cats drinking water!

       Wet cat food is good for cats, but don’t go to extremes. On the one hand, the price of wet cat food is much more expensive than that of dry food. On the other hand, if you only eat wet cat food, the cat’s teeth lack of stimulation and friction, and it is easy to get dental diseases. Dry and wet with feed, no problem.